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General Information
Species Spriggasapien
Home World Miryks Solesor
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Fire Absorption
Heat Storms
Enhanced Condition
Alien Number 5
First Appearance Jailbreak

Hellfire is the Gammatrix's DNA sample of a Spriggasapien from the planet Miryks Solesor, part of the Miryks System.


Hellfire has the general appearance of a humanoid figure. His body is a deep orange color with a mixture of yellow and deep red. His face has a skull-like appearance to it with hallowed eyes and lines around his mouth (similar to OV Lodestar). The top of his head slicks backwards and curves forwards, dividing into three spikes. A black, obsidan coating covers most of his chest with shoulder pads connecting to his chest. The pads had spiked flames on them. He has numerous layers of obsidan lining his arm, resembling a sort of wrapping around his arms with rings of fire laced randomly on them. He has a pattern of obsidan-fire-obsidan on his fingers. He has obsidan plates on his hips and shins, though his knees are free of them.

The Gammatrix symbol is located on his chest. 

Powers & Abilities

Hellfire's powers include the following:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Absorption
  • Heat Storms
    • Due to the intensity of his bodily temperature, Hellfire can produce a cloud of steam mixed in with plasma that burns anything near him.
  • Enhanced Condition
  • Flight
    • He can propel himself and fly, to a degree.


He has weakness to extreme cold/ice conditions.


Mig X


  • The species, Spriggasapien, is a reference to the Spriggrans from the Elder Scrolls franchise.
  • The home world, Sole (Latin) - sun and Sor - a made up term.


  • He has some similar qualities to that of Ghost Rider.
  • He speaks with an Australian accent.
  • The image above was created by CaT.
  • Interestingly, Hellfire is the only alien not featured in Project Deca.
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