General Information
Home World Cordovan
Body Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Teeth
Underwater Breathing
Buzzsaw Jaw
Enhanced Speed(underwater)
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Strength

Helicopri are the natural predator of Ommatidias, native to the planet Cordovan.


Helicopri are a blue shark-like alien species with crimson stripes all over their bodies. Their back and tail fins are dark blue with cherry-colored tips. Their underbellies are white. The unique aspect of their physiology is their underjaw having the shape of a circular saw. They have a set of gills on each side of their necks.

Powers and Abilities

They have very sharp teeth that can easily bite through Ommatidia's shells.

Similar to Earth's sharks they can feel the smell of blood from kilometers away.


They can't survive outside the water for periods of time.

Their noses are very sensible.


Helicoprus is the corruption of the word "Helicoprion" the ancient creature is based on.


  • Weirdly is based on Helicoprion (which lived in Early Permian, not in Ordovician).
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