Helen Wheels
General Information
Species Human/Kineceleran Hybrid
Home World Earth (No Ben Timeline)
Residence Mad Ben's Universe
Age 16
Affiliations None
Occupations Hero
Former Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Recovery
Wall and Water Running
Prehensile Tail
Computer Smarts.
Equipment None
Relatives Pierce Wheels (Adoptive Brother, No Ben Timeline)
Aliases None
Voice Actor Juliet Landau
First Appearance [[The Interrogation]]

Helen Wheels is a hero in Yellow. She first appeared in The Interrogation. She is a half Human, half Kineceleran hybrid from the planet Earth.


Helen has her Alien Force appearance, but her outfit is dark green. He also has two lines on her tail.


Helen is smart, brave and kind. In her timeline, she is also a little more rebellious and rational with decisions. Sometimes she's timid, scared or shy but that hardly happens.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Kinecelerans, Helen has super speed, water running, enhanced agility, jumping, reflexes, and recovery and she's very smart with technology.


Like Yellow, Helen has a fear of being alone.


All that's known from Helen's past is from what she said happened in her timeline in the episode The Interrogation. She explained that in her timeline, Ben died in the Null Void and Kevin 11 killed Vilgax. He then retrieved the Omnitrix for himself and ruled over the universe. Helen tried to rebel against him, but was banished to Mad Ben's dimension.

After that, she was forced to work for The Fiery Trio: Inferno, Ember and Flames. She did their dirty work of running far away to cause chaos and be their "getaway driver." Once though, she was captured by Yellow and his gang, where Helen talked about her past and Vilgax's plan to rule over the Omniverse. After that, she was let go free and she agreed to help Yellow take down Vilgax.


Before being captured, Helen had her adoptive brother, Pierce Wheels and her friend Manny who was a hybrid of a Human and Tetramand. After being kidnapped, she formed a small friendship with Ember from the Fiery Trio, Yellow, Zombozo and Argit.


  • Pierce Wheels (No Ben Timeline)


Love Interests

  • None (Yet)


  • None


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