Heavy Metal
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing sound blasts
Heavy Metal is an alien from the series Ben 10: Multi Trixes.


Heavy Metal is basically able to fire extremely low sound blasts that can shatter even the toughest of metals and even push items back like enemies or projectiles. He also has very dense and durable armor that are made of the second most dense metal next to taidenite. He is also blind but instead he can make a mental picture of the area he is around by sensing even the smallest of vibrations. His armor can also reflect laser beams, light beams,exc. He can also create shock waves by pounding the ground at a fast speed.


Heavy Metal is particually slow and very heavy due to his armor. He can also sometimes over stress his vocal cords sometimes when he over uses his supersonic abilities. Also due to his reflective armor it can also be dangerous to be around him because if he is struck by a light beam or exc. it will be reflected onto another object like a building or a civilian. He can also become very confused if constant vibrations appear all around him since he sees by sensing vibrations.


Idea credits go to Lumin8. He made it for an old series of his that was cancelled, but donated it to me before it was cancelled.

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