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Heatrot is a fusion alien that appears in Earth-68. It is the fusion of Heatblast and Gutrot.

General Information
Species 1/2 Pyronite
1/2 Gutrot's Species
Home World None
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gas Production
Scorching Gas Manipulation
First Appearance Resonate Spirit


Heatrot has Gutrot’s body shape, his body becoming rocky from Heatblast. He has gas chamber windows on his stomach, as well as circling around his wrists, fires burning inside. His head has the gas mask and a clear helmet that has the head fire in it. He has several nozzles over his body, including on the palms of his hand.

Powers and Abilities

Heatrot can produce and release scorching hot gas from the nozzles on his body, to burn his opponents.

Dimension 763 (Omnimania)


  • His name is a combination of Heat and Rot.
  • Heatrot can't be accessed by regular Omnitrices, only accessible by those with fusion capabilities.