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General Information
Species Ignisite
Home World Callore
Body Humanoid Armored Fire
Alternate Counterparts Heatjet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Control
First Appearance Welcome to The Void

Heatjet is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

His evolved form is Ultimate Heatjet

You may be looking for the Heatjet from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Heatjet's abilities include:

  • Fire Control
  • Heat Control
  • Limited Flight


Heatjet is a humanoid alien that has the appearance of an anthropomorphic flame. He has a somewhat armored appearance, and has fire coming off of the top of his head.


Heatjet's powers are negated by any water, ice, or cold energy that is stronger than his power. It is also difficult to use him in a populated area without accidentally burning something (or someone, for that matter).

Planet and Species Information

Heatjet is an Ignisite from the planet Callore. Callore is a planet covered in many different enviroments, though the planet is consistently hotter than most planets inside a so-called 'safe zone', as the planet itself is covered in a thick layer of clouds that trap heat somewhat similarly to Venus's condition, albeit at a smaller scale.

The Ignisites, oddly enough, prefer to live in the swamps and marshes of the planet, building villages made out of wood. This is presumably done so the wood is wet enough to not burn easily, but modern technology seems to make that point somewhat moot anyways, so it's more likely that it's more of a traditional thing.



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