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1/2 Pyronite
1/2 Ectonurite


Dark flames
Ability Generate
Manipulate and Project Intense Heat
Fire from his body
Dark flame mystic chain
Dark Speed
Dark flame weapons
Shield of death
Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed


Darko (Biological Father)
Sandra Tennyson (Mother)
Ben Tennyson (Alter Ego/Possible Trueself)
James Tennyson (Trueself)

First Appearance



Evil (Darko's Command)
Neutral (Heatfreak's control with Ultimatrix/Omnitrix)
Good (Ben's control without Ultimatrix/Omnitrix)

Heatfreak is Ben's Anti-form. If he loses control of his mind, Heatfreak would take control. This can cause Heatfreak to go on a rampage. He is Half-Pyronite and slightly less than Half-Ectonurite. He is a dark magma-based life form whose body is composed of purple rocks with Dark purple lava inside. His face resembles an upside-down skull.


He is a dark side of Ben. This form has control over Ben's body whenever he loses his mind.

Powers and Abilities

His powers are shooting Dark flames, intangibility and invisibility. His abilities are generate, manipulate and project intense heat and fire from his body. He has a dark flame mystic chain, dark speed, Dark flame weapons (Such as Guns, Shotgun, RPG, Giant sword & etc) & the Shield of death. His face may also prove scary to his foes. This form is nearly unstoppable. He is incredibly strong and fast, and he is as of yet unbeaten.


If Ben becomes concious again, this form will lose control and disappear.


Ben 10: Reloaded

  • Heatfreak (first appearance)

Ben 10: R-Evolve

  • Heatfreak Reborn Part 1 (First re-appearance)
  • Heatfreak Reborn Part 2

Ben 10: Voltex

  • Meet the iCarly (First re-appearance; true back time by Sean)
  • World will never met
  • The Dark truth
  • The New Ben
  • The other Eon (Used by James)
  • Request the world (First time Ben can control himself)

Ben 10: Ultimate Voltex

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