General Information

1/2 Pyronite
1/2 Unknown


Fiery Pteranodon

Other Info

Cryo Immunity
Cryokinesis (cold virus)
Pyrokinetic Energy Beams
Pyrokinetic Energy Whips
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed (via Propulsion)
Enhanced Strength
Flight (via Propulsion)
Internal Solar Power
Limited Terrakinesis
Propulsion Blast
Pyro Immunity
Retractable Wings
Space Survivability


Extinguished Fire
Useless in Space

First Appearance:

MvT Chapter 14: Omni-Kickstart (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

Heatblastrodactyl is a fusion between Heatblast and Astrodactyl. He is a free use fusion made by Alan.


Heatblastrodactyl has the overall build of Astrodactyl, with his body being composed of Heatblast's flames and rock. He has Heatblast's eyes and feet, and his fingers are shaped more like Heatblast's. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest.


  • Heatblastrodactyl has an enhanced version of Astrodactyl's inner stellar power, made more powerful by Heatblast's fire. This is now referred to as inner solar power, his energy blasts and whips now having pyrokinetic aspects to them.


  • Heatblastrodactyl's flames can be extinguished.
  • Although he can survive in space, Heatblastrodactyl is essentially useless while in the void, as his flames will be put out and he cannot access his powers.


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Multiverse vs. Tennyson


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


  • Heatblastrodactyl was made specifically for the pun of his name.
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