Heatblast, Swampfire, NRG is a game made by Ultimatehero based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. It can be played on chat.


It is mainly played with two people, but can be played with more. Everybody except for one person types the name of a playable alien, but does not send it. When the person not playing says, "Shoot," everybody presses enter. The person that beats other players win, if it is a tie, the people that chose right aliens all win.


  • Tournament: At least 5 people. If one person loses, they are out of the game. It continues until it is down to 2 people, those people play, and the winner is champion of the tournament.
  • Knockout: 2-3 people. It is played normally, except when you use an alien, only the person that used it first can use it again.

Playable Aliens

  • Heatblast: Beats all ice and strength aliens, all water aliens beat him
  • Swampfire: Beats ice, strength, and water aliens, any other aliens beat him
  • NRG: Beats water aliens, all aliens beat him
  • Arcticguana: Beats water aliens, all other aliens beat him
  • Big Chill: Beats electric and water aliens, all other aliens beat him
  • Ghostfreak: Beats electric aliens, all other aliens beat him
  • Buzzshock: Beats all aliens except ghost aliens
  • AmpFibian: Beats all aliens except ghost and strength aliens
  • Nanomech: Beats Grey Matter
  • Grey Matter: Beats Rath
  • Atomiquark: Beats all small aliens and Rath, all other aliens beat him
  • Four Arms: Beats small aliens and water aliens, other aliens beat him
  • Rath: Beats all aliens except Grey Matter, Atomiquark, Swampfire, and ghost aliens
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