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Heat Goop is the Fusamatrix's DNA sample of a Pyronite-Polymorph hybrid. He is a combination of Heatblast and Goop.


Heat Goop has Goop's body with Heatblast's head color and pattern.

Powers and Abilities

Heat Goop can throw fireballs and breathe fire. He can also absorb fire and heat making him able to stop a fire just as quickly as he can start one.

Being made of fire, Heat Goop is immune to heat.

Heat Goop can easily reignite himself.

Heat Goop can shapeshift his body into any shape.

Heat Goop can throw a huge blob of goo at the enemy, and then a fireball, resulting in a massive explosion. The tactic is known as "Snot Shot".


Heat Goop possesses an Anti-Gravity Projector which keeps him in his current shape and move freely without becoming a puddle. It also allows him to fly and levitate.


If Heat Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector gets more than two feet away from him, he is reduced to a puddle.

Heat Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector can be deactivated.

If Heat Goop is hit by water or another extinguisher, he gets put out, but he can reignite himself. However, if a constant stream of water hits him, he is unable to reignite.


Credit for the picture go to Turu17.

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