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Heart Freeze is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cryocardian from the planet Frion. He is a free use alien.


Heart Freeze has a pale blue and beige body with green shorts and gloves. He has four long eyes and white teeth. On his chest, he has an open spot used to become able to expel ice. It can close to show the Omnitrix symbol on it. On his head, he has skin that resembles hair.

Powers and Abilities

Heart Freeze can open his chest and release an ice beam from it. This is possible due to him having extremely cold blood, which (as his name suggests) freezes his heart. He can also close his chest and open it by surprise.

He also can resist very low temperatures, being able to move in Antarctic temperatures.

Heart Freeze's teeth are sharp and can bite through ice or snow.


Heart Freeze needs time to recharge his ice beams or blasts, and he needs to close his chest to freeze the blood.

Heart Freeze is preyed by Gornilla species.


If Heart Freeze is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Heart Freeze is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Heart Freeze references his main ability, to "freeze hearts".


  • Heart Freeze as a concept was suggested by a "super move" Evfnye.misx70's brother invented.
  • When Heart Freeze uses his ice ability, he can't time out or interact with the Omnitrix, as the Omnitrix symbol is temporarily frozen.
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