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This Crossover is no-longer Canon as Hean 10 is being rebooted and A-Nine has been canceled.



Hean-Nine: Worlds Collide! is a crossover of the shows A-Nine and Hean 10


After A-Nine blasts Veegoe to a parallel universe at the end of Season 1 (I'LL WRITE IT LATER OK?! SO JUST KEEP YOUR UNDERWEAR ON YA MONSTERS! XD), he soon realizes that Veegoe has freed himself from being trapped under the deep deep grounds at Hean's world and he plans to destroy A-Nine, Hean, and his entire world. Now, A-Nine and Hean must team up to defeat the invincible Veegoe and save the world before it is too late! It's double the action! Double the aliens! Double the heroes!

Fans List[]

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Aliens Used by A-Nine[]

Aliens Used by Hean[]


  • SubZero, the creator of A-Nine confirmed that Kanker will have a changed of heart at the end of the movie.
  • SubZero said that Veegoe will be saying "A-NINE!" a lot.
  • The movie takes place in Hean's universe.
  • Veegoe is the main villain in this movie.
  • It is hinted that Veegoe will kill 2 people.
  • Some Events will Happen in this crossover that will affect the Hean 10 Universe and the show itself.