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Healding (formerly Abstallion) is the Hidden Universe's DNA sample of a Caballus Stallius from an unknown planet.

Powers and Abilities

Healding possesses the ability to heal people as well as revive them if within a short window (~10 minutes) after their death.

Back in Action: Alien Universe

In Ben 10: Alien Universe Unleashed, Super Ben debuted Healding (as Abstallion) where he was an accidental transformation resulting from picking Benwolf. (The Omnitrix was seemingly aware of the coming need for revival and thus gave this transformation; this is due to Ben using Future Ben's Omnitrix)

In Maximum Slumber, his power set, which was already known to be healing, would also be revealed to include revival, enraging Ben as neither Paradox nor Azmuth informed him in the window he could've revived Julie in Alien Universe Unleashed.


Back in Action: Alien Universe


Healding a portmeanteau of "heal" and "gelding," and thus pronounced like "helding" (not heal ding).


  • His species is native to another galaxy that has yet to be explored by the Plumbers. Because of that, it is unlikely others will appear in the series.
Created by COLOR
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