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This is an episode of the series Speed 10,a series created by Mutantking.

He did it! is the first episode of the series Speed 10.

It was an ordinary day on the planet Kinet and a teenage kineceleran named speed was enjoying his vacation.

Speed's mom:Do your chores!


5 minutes later....

Speed:Mom! I finished my chores!

Speed's mom:Now you can go and play!

Somewhere on the planet Encephalonus IV....

Argon:I must send the device to someone with speed,agility......and balls on their feet!

Argon:Computer,target the device to the planet Kinet!

Computer:Done sir!

Argon:Launch in 5..4..3..2..1!

Computer:Launch is a success.


Back to Kinet....

Speed:Now to go to the forest!

The pod in which the device is in is shown plummeting in to the landscape below..

Speed:That's a beautiful shooting star....and it's heading for me!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

The pod bounces on the ground as Speed dodges it....

Speed:Coool! 'picks it up'

Speed:I like the badge.I wonder what it is....'twists badge'

Speed:It's a pop up badge!'presses it down'

Four Arms:I am a four armed red alien with super strength!Wait,I really am one! Cool!'transforms back'

Speed:I'll call it the Blasttrix!



  • Speed
  • Speed's mom
  • Argon

Aliens used:[]

  • Fourarms



Speed 10 as four arms