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He's Everything You Want
E-10 Ep 11 - He's Everything You Want
General Information
Original broadcast February 8, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 11
Overall episode number 11
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & Runny Relic
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Previous episode The Tenth Alien (Horizons)
Next episode Livin' the Dream

He's Everything You Want is the eleventh episode of E-10: Horizons.


A new student arrives at the Horizon Arts Campus, and as he slowly starts to take away the things Ethan cares most, it leads him to investigate who he really is.


Antic Battle - Episode 11

[From the ground level, we see a figure taking fast steps on the ground. We zoom up to a masculine figure, with a jacket wrapped around him, as he ran down the sidewalk, taking deep breaths. The figure was revealed to be Ethan.]

Ethan: Oh man. Can’t believe I’m going to be late, again! Stupid XLR8, I should’ve just let the police handle those robbers. If only this stupid watch didn’t time out so soon, I wouldn’t have to be running 30 blocks to get to class! Whatever, I can still get there in time!

[Ethan took a deep breath and screamed as he increased his speed. As he ran faster, dust appeared behind his feet and clouded the screen. Soon, Ethan ran past the Horizons sign as he took deep breaths. Ethan saw the buildings in front of him and smiled, which encouraged him to increase his speed.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I’m going to make it! I’m going to make it! I-

[Ethan tripped over one of the cracks on the sidewalk and he went flying over to the ground. He bounced over a couple times until he finally stopped.]

Ethan: Ugh…

[A foot stepped near Ethan’s head.]

Terence: About time you made it.

A Road The Heart Brings (Short Ep 11)

[The song shifted. Ethan looked up and saw Alice, Nikki and Terence standing before him.]

Alice: We were hoping you weren’t going to start the new semester without us.

[Alice gave Ethan her hand. Ethan grabbed it and she helped him up.]

Nikki: So, you ready for the new semester?

[Ethan took a deep breath and smiled with a confident look on his face.]

Ethan: Yeah.


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Rise to the Challenge!

[We shifted to the cafeteria to where people in the background were either buying their lunches or sitting in areas talking amongst themselves. Ethan, Terence, Alice and Nikki were sitting inside a small booth. On the table were scattered pieces of papers, which were their schedules. Alice placed her fingers on Ethan and Nikki’s schedules as she coordinates them to later time dates.]

Alice: Alright, so if you and Ethan can swap out your 11:00 classes to 3:45, we should be able to meet for our break on Monday and Wednesdays.

Ethan: Why do I have to be the one to change my class?

Alice: Because it’s easily structured that way. Besides, don’t you like to hang out with us?

[Alice gave Ethan the puppy dog eyes.]

Ethan: I do, but I also like to be financially secure, since ya know… college tuition…

Nikki: You still have a week to get a refund and to sign up for the next one.

Ethan: Yeah… Ugh, fine. [Folds arms] I hate finances.

[Terence looked at his schedule.]

Terence: Hey, you and I have the same class together.

Ethan: Sweet!

Nikki: Which class?

Terence: Field and Lighting Production. Apparently, Hannibal is taking it too.

Ethan: I mean we’re technically going into the same degree so we were bound to have a ton of classes together.

Alice, Nikki: Nice.

Terence: You know they say that the professor is so precise that if you screw up in at least one of your shots, he’ll flunk your entire assignment.

Ethan: The assignment?! Are you kidding me? I’m not even the kind of person who likes to try that hard.

Alice: Then I guess you better start studying.

[Ethan slid himself down the seat and face planted into the table.]

Ethan: Nandayo.

[They hear a voice shout for them, and the group turns to the direction of the sound. It’s revealed that Hannibal is the one running to them.]

Hannibal: Hey, guys!

[Hannibal stopped right next to them. He then leaned over and took deep breath as he sat down a flyer right on top of their schedules, pointing at the slip of paper.]

Hannibal: You gotta check this out, man. They started placing fliers for Horizon’s next Mechanic EXPO.

Ethan: Who with the what now?

Hannibal: The Horizon’s Mechanic EXPO? You been here for 6 months and don’t know what the EXPO is?

Ethan: Dude, that should tell you your answer already.

Alice: What is it?

Hannibal: It’s basically a convention where students build revolutionary inventions that could change the world. The winner gets a patent and everything, and a cash prize!

Alice: Wait, students here just… build revolutionary inventions every year?

Nikki: Welcome to Horizons.

Alice: I think that sounds awesome!

Hannibal: Yeah! I mean, some years are better than others. It’s rare that we actually get something that will go into the public domain. But I’m keeping my hopes up…

Nikki: You’re really going to enter again, Hanny? You know you placed 4th last year.

Hannibal: Yeah, if it wasn’t for Dwayne and that stupid Health Checker of his, being able to scan cell waves and everything… [Slams hands on table.] Well this year’s different, because this year, I’m headed for first place! Me and a friend of mine are working on this cool new construction transportation vehicle. You guys would love it, you should come!

Nikki: [Looks at flyer] Well, it is on a Saturday. Will do.

Ethan: Sure.

Alice: Sounds like fun.

Terence: Actually, I gotta start prepping for my lighting and camera equipment so I’ll…

[Nikki kicked Terence’s foot and he tried to hold back his scream.]

Terence: Ah-Ah! Alright! I mean… I’ll be there.

[The song ended.]


[We shifted to Saturday morning where the setting has changed to a sunny day outside. Everyone was sitting on foldable chairs waiting for the expo to start. The audience wore jackets, some with hats, as they waited for the host to appear on the wooden stage. Eventually, a man wore a coat and glasses arrived on stage and held out his microphone.]

EXPO Host: Welcome everyone! I apologize for bringing you all out here in such cold conditions. But don’t worry! You are more than welcomed to grab a free cup of hot chocolate or coffee, provided by our campus’ cafeteria. Now, I give you, our Horizon Mechanics EXPO! Our first contestant is Cindy Dane, with her all-purpose desk drawer!

[The audience applauded as Cindy stepped on the stage. We then transitioned to a few students doing their presentations and showing off their inventions until it was Hannibal’s turn.]

EXPO Host: Next up, we have Hannibal Lincoln, Steven Washington, and Isaac Roosevelt and their driverless material transporter!

[The audience clapped for Hannibal as he and his friends step on stage with a flat platform with wheels.]

Alice: Woooo!

Nikki: Go, Hanny!

Hannibal: Isaac, you mind grabbing the rest of the materials backstage?

[Isaac gave a thumbs up and went backstage.]

Hannibal: Like the man said, this is a driver-less material transporter. Now you may think this is some useless contraption made to move objects or that it’s just some whole hunk of junk made to move things from long distances, right? Wrong.

Steven: This is something much more than that, and we’re about to demonstrate it to you here and now.

[Isaac came on the stage carrying several large bundles of planks on a cart.]

Hannibal: See, when you need to get materials to build something, like, say, for a house, you need to manually bring them out yourself. And while there are many tools to assist in carrying large amounts of material, that doesn’t stop the possibility of injury.

Isaac: With this platform, we plan on fixing that.

[Steven, Isaac, and Hannibal start putting the bundles of planks on to the platform.]

Steven: The only labor you will need to do is putting the materials on the cart in the first place!

Hannibal: Now, what you do next is simple.

[Hannibal went over to a small pad attached to the platform.]

Hannibal: All you gotta do is type in a few coordinates…

[Hannibal pressed some buttons on the pad. He stepped back and the robot went down the wheelchair ramp by the side of the stage and into a clearing by the audience.]

Isaac: And whatever you want to transport gets transported!

[The audience responded with some intrigued murmuring. Hannibal, Isaac, and Steven make it over to the platform.]

Steven: Now, some of you skeptics may be thinking, “But what if what I need to carry is too tall or it’s stormy outside?

Hannibal: Our answer is a single push of a button.

[Isaac pressed a larger button on the pad. Instantly, 6 foot walls came out of the sides of the platform.]

Isaac: It’s also lined with a sensory program so it won’t get into any accidents.

[Steven stepped over and activated the platform to move once more, and Isaac stepped in the way. The robot stopped and went around him.]

Steven: This platform is also has a low carbon footprint and there weren’t any shady ways we built this. This is as environment friendly as it gets.

Hannibal: Forget forklifts and other manually operated material transports, we have a safe and environment friendly alternative here. This is the driver-less material transport!

[The crowd applauded them. Ethan, Alice and Nikki cheered for Hannibal.]

Nikki: [Whistles] Go, Hanny!!!

[Hannibal, Steven and Isaac walked off the stage. The driver-less material transport followed them.]

EXPO Host: Wow, I don’t know what could top that! But let’s humor ourselves. Here’s Dexter Ottoman’s attempt to beat Hannibal with his vanishing box!

[There was a small applause for Dexter as he arrived on the stage.]

Dexter: Now… You may think, “A driver-less construction transport? This kid’s ahead of his time!” And you’re right. Self driving vehicles are the future…

[A forklift carries a large metal box on the stage.]

Dexter: But the future has much, much more in store.

[The audience mumbled at the sight of the box, wondering how it could be of any use.]

Dexter: Now, this is what I like to call the vanishing box. It will revolutionize the world in reducing pollution. Instead of simply putting trash somewhere to rot, all you need to do is place whatever you want to get rid of in here!

[A man stepped out of the forklift and went backstage. He and a couple guys stepped out with several trash bags. Dexter opened a door to inside the box and the men piled the bags inside. Dexter closed the door and opened a smaller hatch, revealing a button.]

Dexter: Now, watch as pollution disappears with a push of a button!

[Dexter pushing a button, and a large sound sounding almost like a blast rang across the stage. A red glow seeped out from the inside of the box. Once the noise and the light disappeared, Dexter opened the door, revealing that nothing is inside. The audience gasped in amazement. Ethan and Alice’s eyes widened and their jaws hung towards the floor.]

Ethan: Whoa, what the...

Alice: I know, right?

Dexter: See, using a simple vaporization process, I’m able to turn whatever is inside the box into a simple gas! We can eliminate landfills altogether! No one will need to know the difference between trash and recyclables! Anything that needs to be rid of can be turn into air! Imagine a future where vanishing boxes are by everyone’s house. Imagine a clean, green future. Don’t let this dream vanish! Make it a reality!

[The audience stared in disbelief for a few moments. Then, they all got up and gave Dexter a standing ovation. While Ethan, Alice, and Nikki applaud him sitting down, they took notice to everyone’s reaction.]

Nikki: Damn, everyone’s going nuts for this kid.

Ethan: He has quite the talent, that’s for sure.

[We zoom beside Terence, where he stood up and was swinging his jacket around as he was screaming his name.]

Terence: DEXTER! WOO-OO!!!

[The song ended. The scene shifted to Hannibal as he looked at Dexter’s response and grew worried. We transition toward the end of the EXPO where the host went up to the front speaking to the audience with his microphone. Backstage, we see Hannibal watching as Ethan, Alice, Terence and Nikki approached him, Steven and Isaac.]

Hannibal: The judges are really taking a long time.

Nikki: Just relax, you did good.

Hannibal: Yeah, but what that other kid did was better. How am I supposed to compete with that?

Terence: Well, one thing’s for sure, you are so not getting first.

[Alice elbows Terence on his side.]

Terence: Ow! [Rubs his side.]

Alice: What he means is, no matter what you place you make it in, you still did an amazing job and should be happy for what you did.

Hannibal: Thanks, Alice.

[Hannibal heard the EXPO host speak about the winner.]

Hannibal: Shhh! He’s starting...

EXPO Host: Now, I don’t see how anyone can top what we’ve seen here. But I think we all know who won here today.

Hannibal: [Sighs]

[Dexter grinned and approached the stage with pride.]

EXPO Host: The judges are unanimous. And the winner of this year’s Horizon’s Mechanic EXPO is…!

[Suddenly, a large yellow portal appeared 20 feet in the air beside the audience. 3 Robots from Dimension 12 appeared out of the portal, floating in the air. They each had a red color scheme, and their large eyes glowed.]

Robots of Dimension 12: Destroy all flesh and the works of flesh!

It's Action Time (Wildmutt VS Robots of Dim 12) - Episode 11

[Everyone outside the surrounding EXPO began to panic. Ethan, however, began to laugh at the situation.]

Ethan: Oh, man. That was so perfectly timed!

[Ethan laughed harder as the group turned to him with confused and irritated looks.]

Alice: Ethan! This is serious!

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, I know! Don’t worry, I got this!

[Ethan turned the dial, and the watch’s core popped up and Ethan raised his hand above it.]

Ethan: It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

[MINI-WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised out his arm and orange fur rapidly grew from his hand to his face as his eye turned green. A green light surrounded the area and we zoomed out of Wildmutt’s mouth as he made a mighty roar. We zoomed out to Ethan finishing transforming into Wildmutt as the transformation background cleared behind him. Wildmutt finished roaring as the group was surprised behind him.]

[Wildmutt sprung into the air and jumped on one of the robots. Wildmutt raised his paw and slashed off its arm with its claws. Its arm went flying off and Wildmutt climbed onto its head and he ripped it out with his mouth. Wildmutt swinged it to the ground and he jumped over to the next robot as the first one shut off. The second robot used its chainsaw arms to slice at Wildmutt, but it missed him aside from a few hairs.]

Wildmutt: RRUUUUH-GRRRR!!!

[Wildmutt jumped on the top of the robot as it kept trying to hit him, but it wasn’t able to hit him. Meanwhile, the third robot shot a laser beam, and Wildmutt noticed it just in time and jumped off the robot as it was hit by the laser. Wildmutt landed on the ground, and he saw the robot throwing its arm toward him. He jumped and grabbed its arm with his mouth. Wildmutt starting running in circles around the robot, causing the arm to wrap around its body. Soon, the robot tumbled down. As it made its impact on the ground, Wildmutt jumped out of the way. The robot crashed into the ground and blew up. The crowd cheered and applauded for Wildmutt. Wildmutt ran out of the convention and disappeared to out of their reach.]

EXPO Host: Well that was certainly a sight to witness!

Audience Member 1: What did those evil robots come for?

Audience Member 2: I don’t know?

[The crowd mumbled about what they had witnessed. Wildmutt sprang onto the ground and walked backstage, and he noticed a familiar scent. Wildmutt followed the scent.]

EXPO Host: Well, now that that mess is over with... I’d like to present you, the winner of Horizon’s Mechanic EXPO…

EXPO Digging & Wildmutt Theme - Catching the Trail

[Wildmutt found the scent coming from Dexter’s machine. He tapped the hourglass symbol to change back into Ethan and he walked over to them on stage.]

Ethan: Wait! I figured out why the robots were attacking.

EXPO Host: And now we have a less exciting interruption. What is it?

Ethan: That “vanishing box” of Dexter’s was built by using the parts of the robots who attacked the power plant back in November. But, you may wonder, how do I know?

[Ethan ran backstage, leaving everyone confused. As a scraping noise was heard in the background, the EXPO host and the audience’s expressions later turned tiresome. Five minutes later, Ethan eventually arrived back on stage as he pushed the vanishing box up for everyone to see.]

Ethan: Okay… [Huff] Here you go, the evidence!

[Ethan tipped the box over and opened it. On the top of the inside was a laser similar to the eyes of the Dimension 12 Robots.]

Ethan: The top of the box has the same eye laser as those robots. Not to mention a lot of the metal on this box is coated in red. It’s no wonder those robots attacked today, they were coming for one of their own.

Dexter: You liar! I had nothing to do with that robot attack! I made this on my own terms.

[Ethan tapped the button, and a red vaporizing laser blasted at the bottom of the box. It clearly resembled the lasers that the Robots of Dimension 12 fired. Ethan then turned to Dexter as he glared at Dexter.]

Dexter: Uh… heheh…

[The song ended.]

EXPO Host: Well, since I have no choice, Dexter Ottoman is here by disqualified for stealing illegal robotic parts and bringing dangerous killer robots to our school!

Dexter: AH!


Sweet Victory - Episode 11

[The crowd cheered as Hannibal ran up stage to hold his trophy. Nikki, Alice and Terence applauded backstage. We zoom to Dexter leaving the show EXPO and he turned over, staring at Ethan with an angry look.]

Dexter: I swear... Someday, Ethan Wellington… you’ll get what’s coming to you…

[The song ended.]

Friends at Horizons Extended

[Later that next week, Ethan entered inside one of Horizon’s buildings, and held onto the straps of his backpack. Ethan noticed that Alice, Hannibal and Nikki were laughing with a new student, as Terence casually chilled to the side. The new student had short blond hair, a brown leather jacket over his light colored long-sleeve shirt, and jeans. Ethan grabbed onto this straps and walked over to them as they were finishing a conversation.]

Ethan: Hey, guys, what’s going-

New Student: And then I said, “Hey, you can’t go walking around the streets in Canada looking like that! What, are you trying to do, freeze to death?”

[Alice, Hannibal and Nikki laughed harder. Terence and Ethan gave him a glare and whispered to themselves.]

Ethan: Who’s the new guy, and why does he sound like some snobby rich kid?

Terence: His name is “Gary Alexander Stewart”.

Ethan: Like the writing term Gary Stu?

Terence: Yep, but with a wart.

Ethan: Wow, how original.

Terence: Yeah, he’s been making them laugh all morning. There’s something off about this guy, but I don’t know...

[Gary turned over to see Ethan talking to Terence.]

Gary: Ah! Why you must be Ethan Wellington, I heard so much about you from your friends here.

[Gary shook his hand. Ethan laughed nervously with a weird expression on his face.]

Ethan: Yeah, pleasure’s all mine. So, I’ve never seen you around Horizons before...

Gary: Yeah, I just transferred here. My parents and I weren’t fond of the school I previously went to, so we decided to pay for something more sophisticated.

Ethan (Thoughts): Holy shit, this guy comes right out of the movies.

Ethan: Well, make yourself at home here, Horizons has plenty of opportunities here.

[Gary pushed Ethan aside and looked at Terence’s necklace.]

Gary: Why, is that a camera on your necklace? It looks so small!

Terence: Yeah, it’s actually an antique I got at a pawn shop a few years back. I was backpacking through Europe one summer and went up to find this thing. Managed to snag a bunch of cool pics too.

Gary: Oh, you must be into photography then! I love photographers. They’re so marvelous!

Terence: Really?

Gary: Yeah! They do us a lot of good, allowing us to see things most people don’t by taking pictures of unreachable places and sharing them to the world.

Terence: Never thought of it that way…

Gary: Learn to expand your mind, my dear friend, and soon you will be able to appreciate most things!

Terence: Huh. See, Wellington, now that’s how you should meet someone, not slamming their lunch into their face.

Ethan: That was an unfortunate mistake and you know it!

[Gary turned to the others.]

Gary: Hey! After class, why don’t we all meet outside for lunch?

Alice: Yeah.

Terence: Sure.

Nikki: That sounds great.

Hannibal: Yeah, I’m in.

[They started walking away with Gary, with Ethan just standing over there.]

Ethan: Yeah, I’ll meet you guys over there… Ugh...

[Ethan looked down with a dim look on his face.]

Ethan: I can’t believe it’s happening again…

[The scene shifted over to outside where Ethan and Alice walking together on campus together.]

Friendly Conversation - Unwelcome Interruption

Alice: So, I know it’s just an idea, but maybe I could actually write a book one day. I’ve got a lot of inspiration from just this past year, but I still need to create a main character who isn’t just a cooler version of me…

Ethan: Don’t worry, you’re smart. I’m sure you’ll think of what to do. So let me ask you something, what do you think of Gary Stewart?

Alice: I think he’s nice. Why, you don’t?

Ethan: No, I mean it’s not that. Just something seems off about the kind of guy. He just seems fake.

Alice: C’mon, Ethan, you know not to judge a person’s book by its cover.

Ethan: I know, it’s just he’s giving off that kind of vibe is all.

Alice: Maybe we just need to get to know him better, then we’ll know if he’s being straight with us or not.

Ethan: Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve ran into a lot of people like that before and they’ve all turned out to be fake. Even some of the most normal sounding people, it just bugs me ya know?

[Ethan looked down and Alice took a notice, starting to worry. They soon heard the sounds of someone screaming.]


Student: She’s about to fall!

[Alice and Ethan looked over and saw a girl hanging from a school window, about to fall to the ground. There was a small crowd watching. Ethan began dialing an alien from the watch and raised his hand above it.]

Ethan: I’ll catch her with XLR8!

[Before Ethan could slam down…]

Gary: Hang on! I got you!

[Gary ran towards the student. He jumped over to pass the crowd, and hopped on from the sides of the building to climb up. He made one more jump to grab the student, then safely approached to the ground and sat her down. The small crowd ran over to him and started cheering for him.]

Gary: Hey, come on now! It was no trouble really! Anyone could’ve done it if they had acrobatic skills.

[Ethan and Alice approached him.]

Alice: You did great, Gary.

Ethan: Yeah, who knew you had some kind of jump-

[Gary walked over in front of Alice and bounced Ethan to the side.]

Gary: Really, you think so? Thanks! I’ve been practicing that skill for years.

[Ethan tried to grab their attention. He peaked over to the side looking at Alice. Alice took notice to this.]

Alice: Um, I think Ethan was trying to say something.

Gary: Oh, well, I’ll let you both- Oh wait! Class is about to start. We better get going. What class you’ve got?

Alice: Mathematics.

Gary: Oh nice! I have that, too! Lemme walk you there.

Alice: Oh, that sounds good. Maybe you can tell me more about where you learned those moves.

Gary: Well you see, I took gymnastics class back in high school, and-

[Gary’s voice faded in the background and he walked off with Alice. Alice turned back at Ethan with half a smile and moved forward. Ethan surprised, his face started to glare.]

It's Action Time (Montage) - Episode 11

[MONTAGE: As soon as Ethan grabbed his food from the cafeteria, he headed over to where he and his friends usually sit and found that Gary took his spot, leaving no seats for him. Ethan shrugged with a weary look on his face. The scene shifted to Ethan sitting in the library by himself trying to study, where on the other table, was Gary surrounded by many students and his friends as he kept telling jokes. Ethan irritated, he put the books back in his bag and left the library. The scene shifted to outside the weapons bank with Fistrick stepping outside with Hoodlum and Corvo, carrying bags of filled with technology. A green light appeared in front of them.]

[MINI FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: Ethan posed as he spun around. As he spun, he gained Four Arms's features. He stopped spinning and stood triumphantly. A green light flashed in front of the screen.]

[MONTAGE: Four Arms smirked and cracked all four of his knuckles. Fistrick, worried, grabbed his gun, ready to fire at Ethan. But suddenly, Gary arrived and kicked Fistrick to the side. He then beat up his men with his karate skills. Police cars arrived to the scene, and officers thanked Gary and took Fistrick and his men in. Four Arms, surprised, scratched the back of his head and pouted. Four Arms walked away with all four of his arms sagged down. The scene shifted to about a week later back at the cafeteria, where Ethan saw his friends sitting, but luckily had an empty seat. The song ended. Ethan sat down.]

Nikki: Hey, Ethan, haven’t seen you in a while!

Ethan: That’s because Gary’s been constantly pushing me out of the way! I haven’t even been able to do my hero work with him around. He even managed to make Four Arms look like an idiot.

Hannibal: Hey, I don’t think he means anything by it, it’s his first semester here. He doesn’t know anything that goes on around Horizon. We’re just trying to make him feel welcome here.

Ethan: [To himself] Like you guys did with me...

Alice: Don’t worry, we’ll talk to him about it. You’re our friend, too.

[Ethan took a deep breath to relax himself.]

Ethan: Thanks.

[Gary arrived to the table and notices there isn’t a seat for him.]

Gary: Aw, hey! There’s no seat for me.

Ethan: Why don’t you try branching out and find some new friends?

Gary: Naw, I love you guys too much. I’ll just stand.

Alice, Nikki: Awww...

Ethan: Bleh…

Gary: Oh, I have something to tell you guys. So, picture this.

Story, Suspicion and the Death Wing

Gary: I’m walking home last night, just minding my own business. But then I hear a few screams and some sirens, and thought to myself, “Gary, you should go check that out!” and I thought, “Yeah, me! Imma do that!” So I run over, and I find that there’s this bank being held up by this dude who called himself… Professor Proff. He was basically this guy who was dressed up in science gear and had a bunch of weapons. He also had this assistant lady who could fire plasma out of her hands.

Terence: What did you do about them?

Gary: Well, I went in and said, “Hey, you! Stop feloning!” and he was like, “No! Finances for sciences and blah blah blah.” Then the plasma lady shoots some plasma at me, but luckily I acted fast and rolled under the attack and popped up right next to her.

Nikki: How were you able to take her down?

Gary: Well, she tried throwing some punches, but I used my quick reflexes to dodge. Then I said, “It’s past your bedtime, little girl,” and delivered a specially timed karate chop to her brain, knocking her unconscious!

Hannibal: That quip though.

Gary: I know right? Still proud of myself for making it. But anyways, after Professor Proff saw plasma lady down, he turned to me and said, “You fool! I’ll make you wish you stuck with the small life!” He then pointed a ray gun at me, and…

Terence: Then what? Don’t leave us hanging!

Gary: Hold up…

[Gary reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He opened up a news article that read, “Heroic Boy Defeats Rogue Scientist with his Own Shrink Ray.”]

Nikki: Whoa!

Hannibal: Da-ang!

Alice: You seriously did that?

Gary: Sure did.

Ethan: Are you kidding me right now? You guys actually believe that!

Hannibal: To be fair, he did stop those goons at the bank back a few days ago.

Ethan: Yeah, because he was interrupting a fight between Four Arms and them! Besides, nobody just casually walks over and stops a bad guy with a shrinking ray and some girl with plasma powers! It would be somebody with superspeed or someone who can counter attacks if anything! Plus, even if he did punch her in the brain, she would have massive brain damage and it would crack her skull open! Everybody knows you don’t try to severely hurt people like that! A hero’s job is to not hurt others but to save them!

Gary: The felons survived the attack. And by taking action I saved dozens of people who were caught in the crosshairs of the robbery.

Ethan: You know what, I’m gonna say it! I think you’re making this all up… just so you can steal my friends from me!

[There was a moment of silence at the table.]

Terence: What do you have against this guy, Wellington?

Nikki: He didn’t do anything to you. He’s just trying to make a difference.

Ethan: For all we know, it’s all probably an act just to win you guys over.

Hannibal: Dude, relax he’s just trying to be our friend! There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re our friend too, remember that.

Ethan: But-

Gary: Guys, guys. Don’t get so mad at him. I can understand how he feels. I have pushed him aside since the day I came here, let’s not blame him for thinking that. But I do realize the error of my ways, and I hope we can make amends.

[Gary outstretched his hand to give Ethan a handshake. Ethan scowled and left the room.]

Nikki: What’s his deal all of a sudden?

Gary: Just give him time. He’ll come around.

[Ethan stepped outside into the hallway, and he slammed his fist against the wall. He put his hands in his jacket pockets and approached to the doors. Gary ran to him.]

Gary: Hey, sorry about all that back there. I really didn’t mean to worry you.

Ethan: Worry me? Please! I know you’re up to something!

Gary: Come on, Ethan. Be reasonable here. Why would I try to steal your friends?

Ethan: The way you act, the way you do things… Not to mention ever since you came here, you pushed me out of the friend group that I started… I think?

Gary: Ethan, they would’ve given anybody this amount of attention if anybody joined the friend group. Besides, how can they not like me? I am better at anything you could ever do… If they really cared about you, they would never phase you out like that. Not like I ever would. If that were the case, then I think your friends are easy...

[Ethan’s eyes widened and he rushed over to him. A green light blinded the screen and Four Arms grabbed him from the shirt.]

Four Arms: What did you say?

Gary: Oh, so you’re the alien who’s been protecting the city? Pretty nice of you to reveal that secret to me.

Four Arms: Focus on the subject at hand!

Gary: Fine. But I mean, come on, you have to admit, your friends are blinded by my awesomeness. They don’t see you as the awesome one anymore. That’s why you’re upset, and now that they’ve realize that, they’ll all leave you, one by one.

Four Arms: Nuh-uh, my friends would never abandon me.

Gary: If you say so. Besides, they’ll be all mine anyway.

Four Arms: So you are trying to steal my friends!

Gary: Steal? No that’s such a harsh word, I would like to say help oneself to.

Four Arms: You’re never get away with this, once my friends figure out what you’re up to, they are totally gonna believe me!

Gary: Will they? They didn’t seem to back in the cafeteria. And to tell you the truth, I don’t really care about your friends, in fact I can care less what happens to them. I just want to watch you suffer as everything you hold so dearly comes tumbling down right there in front of you. And soon, you’ll be left with no one to turn to, no one to care about you, you will be all alone… And P.S. I totally faked that story, the internet makes it so easy to fool simple people like your friends. And I have a question for you... What would your friends think if they saw you attacking a poor innocent student?

Four Arms: You wouldn’t dare!

Gary: Ahhh! Some red four armed monster is trying to attack me!

[Four Arms changed back into Ethan in a flash of light, dropping Gary to the ground.]

Ethan: You may have all the others fooled, Gary, but you haven’t fooled me. You have no idea who you’re up against.

[Ethan turned away and walked out of the building. Meanwhile, Gary, watching from afar, stood there as he made a devious smile.]

My First Friend at Horizon & Ethan's Ringtone (Episode 11)

[That night, Ethan was laying down on the bed in his bedroom, his laptop was laid beside him, the lights were on and he stared at the ceiling fan wondering what to do.]

Ethan: What am I going to do? He’s practically won at this point. What does he have against me anyway? It’s not like I did anything to hurt him, right? Maybe one of my aliens did something… or maybe it’s one of Gi-Kwan’s men, or Hex trying to use a spell…. Maybe a Metahuman sent by the Gifted? I don’t know… Agh!

[Soon Ethan’s phone started to ring. He looked over and saw it was an incoming FaceTime from Alice. Ethan took a deep breath.]

Ethan: Just be cool, Ethan. Don’t let her know what’s going on.

[Ethan answered, and Alice’s face appeared on screen.]

Alice: Hey, how are you doing? That was quite a scene back there.

Ethan: I’m doing fine… [Looks away.] What about you?

Alice: I’m okay.

Ethan: Oh… [Looks down.]

Alice: Look, you shouldn’t have to be worrying over anything, You know I’m always going to be there for you, same as Nikki or Hannibal, or even Terence if he counts.

Ethan: I guess... it just feels like everyone’s abandoned me since that new guy showed up.

Alice: Why do keep thinking that’s going to happen to you anyway?

Ethan: C’mon, Alice, you’ve practically seen it first hand. Everybody’s been doing that my whole life, nobody has ever wanted to stay friends with me for long, and I’ve always been either pushed aside from someone else or I was just phased out the next semester. Besides, after how I’ve acted today, I wouldn’t blame them. Who would want to hang out someone like me anyway? [Looks away]

Alice: I would.

[Ethan looked back up.]

Alice: Ethan, you’re the first friend I’ve made when I first came to Horizon, and I’ve practically seen you put your life on the line almost every week. Time and time again you’ve proved to me that you care more about helping people than helping yourself, at least some of the time... And with all the good I’ve seen you do, do you know how much that means to me?

[Ethan’s eyes widened.]

Ethan: I guess that means a lot…

Alice: Of course… I care about you, Ethan. Do you know how much it would hurt me, if I lost you...

[Alice’s eyes began to water, and so did Ethan’s as he smiled.]

Ethan: ...You know, that means a lot to me too… that there’s at least someone out there... who cares about me… Because I’ve felt the same way! You and the others are the closest things I’ve ever had as to real friends, kinda sad coming from a 20 year old, but I’d hate to lose that, and after what Gary said… I couldn’t stand the fact I was going to lose everyone all over again.

Alice: Wait, what? What did Gary say to you?

Ethan: He told me that he doesn’t really care about you guys, he even said he could care less about you. He’s just using you to lure you away so he can watch me suffer by being alone. He even said he faked that news article story because you were so “simple.”

Alice: What? No way, that doesn’t sound like something he would say, or anyone for that matter. [Squints] You’re not making this up, are you?

Ethan: No, Alice. I’ve never lied to you. Except that one time I had to keep my secret from you. But still, I have no reason to lie to you, so why would I now?

Alice: Good point, but why does he want to watch you suffer?

Ethan: If I had to guess, I think he’s someone Hex or Gi-Kwan sent to take out their revenge. It must be a spell or some kind of agent, or maybe someone from the Gifted, I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure this out.

Alice: Well, if you do, let me know. In the meantime, I’m going to keep an eye on him. Just don’t do anything rash until I can figure him out, alright?

Ethan: I won’t. Thank you, Alice.

Alice: Hey, you would do the same for me, right? Anyways, I gotta go, I’m hanging out with a bunch of friends from my math class. But, I promise we’ll talk soon, okay?

Ethan: Alright, see ya!

Alice: Bye.

[Alice hung up and wiped her tears. The song ended. Alice then took a deep breath and raised her hand to her chest as it turned to a fist.]

[We shift back to Ethan as he stared at his phone and thought to himself.]

Alice (Flashback): That doesn’t sound like something he would say, or anyone for that matter.

[Ethan popped an idea in his head and dialed Lieutenant Steel in his contacts.]

Ethan: Hey, Lieutenant Steel, I need to ask you something...

[We shift to hours later at the SACT headquarters. Ethan was in the monitor room as he was searching for something on the computer. Lieutenant Steel arrived in the room and walked up to him.]

Under the Villain's Lair

Lieutenant Steel: Anything?

Ethan: I might have gotten something.

[Ethan pulled up an image that showcased a humanoid drone.]

Ethan: The Mechadroid project, why does this look so different from all the other Mechadroids you’ve assembled?

Lieutenant Steel: The project was originally called, G.A.S., it was to create a weaponized battle system designed to take on any alien opponents we couldn’t. We later had them switch out to battle armors because after a couple of test runs, they went rogue. They nearly killed a portion of our scientists. Why?

Ethan: It’s just, the body structure reminds me of someone from my school.

Lieutenant Steel: Go on?

Ethan: Well lately, there’s this new guy who showed up named Gary Stewart and he’s been trying to steal my friends and has been manipulating them to go against me. He even told me he’s using them so he can watch me suffer from being alone and to watch my life come tumbling down.

Lieutenant Steel: Weird. Sounds like a bad teenage drama from the early 90s.

Ethan: Yeah, I’m trying to think of what to do.

[Lieutenant Steel went on his knees and put his hand on his shoulder.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, look. I’m not exactly an expert in this department, but if they truly are your friends, they would never abandon you. And if this guy is trying to steal your friends from you, then you need to decide what’s the right thing to do. Should you stop them, or should you let them go?

[Ethan looked to the side and began to think to himself.]

Ethan: I have a theory…

[The song ended. The scene shifts to the next morning outside at Horizons as Gary was walking with Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Alice to class.]

Gary: And then I said to him, hey! I’m not half empty, I’m half full!

[While Hannibal, Nikki and Terence laughed, Alice was looking the other way.]

Gary: Aw, what’s wrong, Alice, you didn’t laugh?

Alice: It’s nothing. I’m just thinking about something is all.

Gary: Anything you want to talk about?

Alice: Well…

[Ethan’s voice called out to them.]

Ethan: Hey, Gary! We need to talk.

[Gary turned over to see Ethan, angered. He took a deep breath and put on a smile.]

Gary: Hey, what are you doing here? Isn’t your class back that way?

Ethan: I still got 30 minutes. Look, I know what you really are.

Hannibal: Oh, come on.

Nikki: Not this again! [Facepalms]

Terence: Seriously, dude… [Crosses arm.]

Gary: Now c’mon guys, let’s here what he has to say.

Ethan: You can put that act on all you want. But you and I both know that you’re not really human.

Gary: Oh really?

Ethan: I went and did some investigating at the SACT headquarters. Let’s just say being a superhero has its perks. Anyway, I dug up some files about a project named G.A.S. It was a prototype of the Mechadroids project and I noticed it looked exactly like you, only, ya know, more gray.

Gary: Your point? [Raises eyebrow, crosses arms.]

Ethan: Not only do your initials give it away, but with that thing you told me the other day. That didn’t sound like something no ordinary human would say.

Gary: So what? You think I’m a robot?

[Gary began to chuckle, until eventually Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki began to laugh at Ethan. Ethan cleared his throat and made a fist, holding back his emotions. As the four laughed harder, Alice was revealed to not be laughing, as she stood there believing Ethan’s story with a serious look on her face.]

Alice: I believe him.

Gary: What?

Nikki: Girl, are you crazy? Don’t you see he’s gone loco?

[Alice walked over beside Ethan.]

Alice: Maybe he has, maybe he hasn’t, I don’t know. But he hasn’t given me a reason not to believe him before, and I trust him.

[Hannibal followed and stood next to him too.]

Hannibal: Ya know what? I wanna hear him out too. Aside from keeping his secret from me, he hasn’t lied to me since then. Even if he is crazy, I say we give him a chance.

[Terence and Nikki looked at each other and turned back to the group with irritated looks.]

Terence, Nikki: Fine.

[The scene cuts to the others standing on the grass with no one around. Ethan and Gary stood ten feet away from each other on the sidewalk, as they each glared at each other.]

Goop vs Gary, A Battle of Truth

Gary: Go on, Use your magnet man! I dare you.

Nikki: Does he knows Ethan’s secret?

Alice: Apparently.

[Ethan glared at him and raised up his left arm. He activated the dial, and slammed down. Ethan transformed in a green light, and as the light faded, he ended up getting Goop by mistake. Goop took a look at himself as Gary pointed and laughed at him.]

Goop: It may not be Lodestar, but Goop can still do the job.

Nikki: Wait, he’s going to use Goop?!

Terence: That’s dangerous!

Hannibal: That could kill him if he’s wrong!

[The others shouted in the background, “Don’t do it, Ethan!” while Goop raised up his arm up and threw a slime blast. Gary jumped to his right to dodge the attack.]

Gary: You’re crazy!

Goop: Am I?

[Goop glared at Gary as he responded with a terrifying look on his face. Gary turn around and made a run for it as Goop chased after him. The others ran after him.]

Goop: Get back here!

Gary: You’re sick! You’re crazy!

[Gary jumped over a table and Goop stretched through and blasted a pool of acid.]

Goop: No! You’re the one that’s sick. Using my friends for some manipulative game!

Gary: [Dodges] You have no proof of that!

Goop: Maybe not! But our conversation and my friend’s trust is all the proof I need!

[Goop launched another attack and Gary dodged it. He continued running.]

Gary: Somebody help me get away from this slime creature!

[Before Goop could launch another attack, they all ran in front of him and surrounded him to stop Goop.]

Nikki: Stop!

Alice: That’s enough!

Hannibal: You have completely lost your mind, man!

Goop: Stop! You’re letting him get away!

Nikki: No, you’re the one who’s chasing down some poor innocent student whose done nothing to you.

Goop: Don’t you get it?!

[Gary turned over and saw them going at it with Ethan. He smiled and started walking away with a devious and calm look on his face, as he overheard them yelling.]

Terence: No, you’re the one who doesn’t get it.

Alice: Seriously, Ethan, you’re better than this. I told you not to do anything crazy and look what you did!

Goop: Guys, please!

Hannibal: No, that’s it. We’re-

[A group of janitors walked by Gary, carrying heavy outlet materials. One of the outlets dropped and Gary tripped over it.]

Gary: NO!!!

[Gary fell on his ankle, and landed face planted to the ground. His leg started to spark, revealing most of his leg and half his right face was made of metal. His right eye was glowing red. The group turned over, surprised. Goop raised his arm in the air and made a fist. Goop walked over to him.]

Goop: Hah! I told you, he’s nothing but a no good scrap of crap.

Gary: Agh, so it looks like you finally got me. I have to say I’m impressed, but that won’t save you. I’ll destroy you and everything that you’ve ever cared about.

[Gary folded his arms, and launchers and chainsaws grew out of them. Gary’s legs transformed into a rocket, flew in the air and blasted several missiles while he made his evil laugh. While some of them made impact on the grass, Goop stretched over to grab the missiles heading towards the group and with his body, he bounced them back at Gary. Gary, surprised, tried flying away, but they eventually caught up to him and blew up his body upon impact. Goop dropped to the ground, while a busted head fell next to him. Goop’s body morphed back to human shape as he finger pointed at the busted head.]

Goop: Now THAT's how you gum up the works.

Nikki: I can’t believe he was really a robot.

Terence: I knew I should’ve trusted my instincts. Nobody’s that perfect.

[Hannibal grabbed it’s head and saw some familiar handwork on the top of its head.]

Hannibal: And I think I know who made him too.

[The song shifted.]

Dexter's Capture

[Inside a dark room, Dexter was panicking as he was trying to put his stuff away. His room was filled with mechanical equipment and monitors. Dexter soon saw a green slithery blob sneak below the doorway, it took human shape and revealed to be Goop.]

Dexter: AH!

[Goop melted the lock as a few SACT officers stepped inside.]

Dexter: N-no! I was so close.

[The officers grabbed Dexter as he began to struggle. Nikki stepped inside and saw his room was also filled with nerdy toy collectibles, a ton of garbage and the monitors.]

Nikki: You were monitoring us this whole time! Don’t you have a life?

Dexter: I was working to develop one, but you stole my chance from me! You ruined my chances of winning the EXPO! I could’ve changed the world and made millions! I could’ve been a success! But you ruined any chance I could ever have.

[Lieutenant Steel walked inside holding a small Neuralyzer in his hand.]

Lieutenant Steel: Even so, you wouldn’t have deserved that chance. You used stolen illegal alien technology to create your machines, making your projects unoriginal. Today, you also threatened the lives of countless just to act out your revenge and for a scientist, that is shameful. Because instead of trying to reshape the world, you were busy using that as a revenge scheme.

[Dexter looked to the side and felt ashamed.]

Lieutenant Steel: And for that, I would have you pay the price. But I would rather we’d just forget this ever happened.

[Lieutenant Steel aimed the Neuralyzer in his face.]

Dexter: Wait, what are you...?!

[The Neuralyzer released a red flash, blinding the screen. The song ended. The scene faded to outside Horizons where a confused Dexter was being freed by the SACT, while Ethan was walking with the others.]

Another Day at Horizon - Episode 11 (Ending)

Nikki: I’m sorry we didn’t believe you, Ethan.

Terence: Yeah, really.

Hannibal: I just can’t believe I pushed you aside like that, and I’m never the kind of person that does that. I feel stupid.

Ethan: Don’t be, he had you all fooled. I can’t really blame you for how you acted, I mean what if I was wrong… I could’ve actually...

Alice: You weren’t. You did your research and you knew exactly there what was something going on. And to me, that’s counts more than you know.

Hannibal: So for now on, we’ll never push you aside like that again.

Ethan: Thanks guys. But man… I’m emotionally exhausted. I think I’m going to take a nap when I get home.

Hannibal: You were emotionally exhausted?

Nikki: How come?

[Terence and Alice made worried looks at each other, then turned back.]

Ethan: Well, to tell you the truth, before I came here, I never really had any real friends. I was always alone and never had anyone to hang out with or talk with. I was always the outcast no matter where I’d go. My whole life I had to resort to online friends, which to be honest isn’t exactly the same. So when I moved here and finally made some friends, I thought I finally had something until this guy came. I was so worried I was going to lose you guys-and.

[Ethan looked down as his fist began to shake. To Ethan’s surprise, Hannibal put his hand on his shoulder.]

Hannibal: Nah, man. You won't lose us that easily.

Terence: That’s right.

Nikki: You know, you sound crazy for thinking like that.

Ethan: But I...

Alice: Look, just because all those people abandoned you, doesn’t mean we will. Besides, Gary’s gone now and we can all hang out together again.

[Alice wrapped her arm around Ethan while saying that.]

Alice: So lets-

[They heard a stomach growl in the background. The group turned over, revealing it was coming from Terence.]

Terence: I… haven’t had anything to eat today.

[Hannibal crossed his arms and Nikki rolled her eyes. Ethan and Alice smirked, they walked over by Terence, and continued walking down the sidewalk.]

Alice: Come on…

[The group continued walking and everything zoomed up into the sky with the sun shining bright.]

Alice: I know an awesome place that’s just right down the street!

[Everything faded to black.]


E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 12 Preview

Major Events

  • The second semester begins.
  • Ethan tells Alice, Hannibal and Nikki about him hiding his emotional issues.


  • Throughout the episode, Ethan's emotional issues slowly come out as he fears of losing his friends is shown until he finally admits about people shoving him aside and never bothering with him again.
  • Terence makes a callback to how he and Ethan first met.
  • Ethan's mentions his past encounters coming back to haunt him, being Hex, Gi-Kwan and the Gifted.
  • Alice reveals she deeply cares about Ethan, as he's the first friend she's made.
  • Lieutenant Steel brings up the production behind the Mechadroid, the robot Ethan fights in Day One and Origins.
  • Hannibal decides to trust Ethan's judgement about Gary being a robot after Ethan previously swore to never lie again.



  • Dexter Ottoman (first appearance)
  • Gary Stewart (first appearance)
  • Robots of Dimension 12
  • Fistrick (first appearance, cameo)
    • Corvo (first appearance, cameo)
    • Hoodlum (first appearance, cameo)
    • Thugg (first appearance, cameo)

Aliens Used


  • This title of the episode is based on the song "He's Everything You Want" by Linked Horizon.
  • Four Arms transformation sequence is a direct call back to his sequence in "Omni-Tricked, Part 2."
  • Ethan's ringtone that plays in the episode is the theme song to "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
  • Various Pokemon movie tracks are used from this episode.
    • The Death Wing


  • Gary's story references him going up against classic E-10 villains, Professor Proff and Shego.
  • While there's no official artwork (yet). The main cast is all wearing jackets, coats and other winter gear due to this episode taking place in January.
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