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Ben 10: Multi Trixes
Season 1, Episode 7
Written by Roads
Directed by Roads
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Dawn of the Squid, Part 1
Ultimate Aggregor... Again
Aggregor returns!


Aggregor suddenly wakes up in a dark room.

(Aggregor): Where am I?

(Mysterious Man): The last place you'll ever see.

(Aggregor): No! Not you!

(Man): Yes. Me! (Removes mask) Darkstar!

(Aggregor): What do you want with me?

(Darkstar): Your energy.

(Aggregor): I have none! I must take from others!

They jumped at each other, trying to suck energy from each other.

(Darkstar): NO! This will...

There was an explosion, and they fused together. They can each speak for themselves, though.

(Darkstar): What happened?

(Aggregor): You are within me. I am stronger than you. You are defeated!

Aggregor went to where Ben and Co. were.

(Ben): Aggregor? I thought you were dead.

(Aggregor): I was captured by Darkstar, but I fused with him and overcame him. Now, give me the Potis Altiare.

(Kevin): Sorry. It's gone. But Ben got a new Omnitrix, and so did Gwen and I.

(Gwen): And a wind spell should stop you! (Wind Spell) Turbo!

(Kevin, transforming): Stainless Steel. Nice.

(Ben, transforming): Ultimate Alien!

They all hit Aggregor at once. But Aggregor absorbed the Metalmatrix.

(Kevin): Hey! (Attempts Transformation) What's wrong? It won't work!

(Aggregor): That's because I absorbed its powers.

Aggregor suddenly glowed blue, then transformed into taedenite.

(Aggregor): Diamondhead.

(Ben): That was annoying when Kevin did it.

(Kevin): Time to do this the old fasioned way.

He tried to absorb macadam on the street.

(Kevin): Hey, what gives?

(Aggregor): I cancelled out your powers. (Shoots crystals) Take that!

Gwen shielded him with the manna. But Aggregor shot Darkstar's black beam at Gwen, absorbing her powers.

(Gwen): Okay. Here goes!

She tried to do a spell with the Mannamatrix, but something was wrong.

(Mannamatrix): Unable to cast spell. Wrong species.

(Gwen): What?

(Aggregor): You are half Anodite. I absorbed the half. You are now all human...

He floated up in the air, and the crystal broke off him, revealing an Anodite body.

(Aggregor): ...and I am half Anodite.

He shot the pink beam at Gwen again.

(Gwen): AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!

Gwen broke down into energy that traveled up the beam into Aggregor, who shaped into a more human-like version of his own body.

(Aggregor): Why not also be part human?

(Ben): You're going down, Aggregor!

(Aggregor): Not quite.

Ben turned Ultimate Alien, and shot a Chromastone beam at him.

(Aggregor): Futile.

Aggregor shot it back.

(Aggregor): Why don't I make you power down?

He shot Darkstar beams at Ben's Omnitrix, but only absorbed its power, making Ben time out.

(Ben): Here's a fact. I can still transform while timed out! (Transform) NRG!

(Aggregor): Pathetic.

(Kevin): Will you stop insulting our moves as pathetic? It makes the writer write more, slowing him down!

(Aggregor): I can still absorb him.

He shot taedenite at Ben, breaking the suit right open! The Omnitrix on the suit disappeared, then reappeared on the actual creature's chest.

(Ben): That was not needed. Don't you know that radiation kills Osmosians?

(Aggregor): But not... (Transform) ...steel.

Aggregor absorbed NRG's power, too! Ben then detransformed.

(Ben, picking up NRG's suit): Hey, this is pretty light for humans. I thought NRG just had super-strength.

He threw the suit at Aggregor.

(Aggregor): Futile.

(Kevin): There he goes again.

(Ben): Hey, I'm recharged! (Transform) Ultimate Alien!

(Aggregor): Not for long.

He threw himself at Ben, absorbing him. So much power flowed into Aggregor that he glowed green. Then red.

(Aggregor): So much power!

(Ben and Kevin, at same time): NO!

To be continued...

---****--- Roads

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