General Information

Mutant Prypiatosian-B/Nanochip Hybrid

Home Planet:



Robotic Humanoid

Other Info

Radiation Generation
Adaptive Containment Suit
Energy Absorption
Adaptive Radiation


Dangerous Transformation
Cannot Open Suit

Hazmatron is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B/Nanochip hybrid, and is Kevin's equivalent to NRG. He is a free use Antitrix alien made by Alan.




  • Like NRG, Hazmatron is able to manipulate radiation.
  • Hazmatron's containment suit is far less restrictive, allowing him to fly, shapeshift, and absorb energy while within it.
  • More importantly, Hazmatron's containment suit is adaptive, allowing him to alter its appearance and capabilities at will depending on who he is fighting.
  • Hazmatron can allow his opponent to destroy the containment suit to allow his true form to become free. Like NRG's true form, he becomes much more dangerous once freed, and can fully utilize his adaptive radiation, which can change its properties to harm even those who are immune or resistant.


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  • Hazmatron, like NRG, is a rather dangerous transformation to use. He is arguably more dangerous than his Omnitrix counterpart.
  • Hazmatron cannot open his suit on his own and must count on his enemy doing it for him (or perhaps an ally).


  • Hazmatron's name is a play on hazmat suit. The "tron' part of the name comes from multilpe sci-fi related technology that utilizes the word (I.e. Tron, Ultorn, Voltron).
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