Hazmat is Toxcitian, on the planet Nuuk.


Suit Form

His Protective Suit is both a metal solid and goo liquid suit. It is to keep his deadly true form contained so he may not harm any environments and species from coming in contact or breathing him in. The metal part has 5 ports for his goo limbs to spread out, 2 valves for his true form to escape if necessary, 10 pipes for goo generation for more limbs, a hockey mask for his eyes to see, and 3 window in the center where is shows his true form. The goo parts are his limbs that allow him to move around in any environment. They can harden enough to hold on to objects and liquefy to allow objects to pass through them. He has 4 limbs for hands and feet, 1 limb for a neck to hold the mask, with green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

True Form

He is just a nuclear blue gas cloud like alien with green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


Suit Form

  • Shape-shifting, he can shape shift his limb into weapons.
  • Elasticity, he can stretch his limbs at a distance.
  • Regeneration, he can regenerate limbs.
  • Enhanced strength, strong enough to dent a car.
  • Nuclear gas, can create and shoot nuclear gas.
  • Radiation beams, can create and shoot radiation beams.
  • Pyro Immunity, immune to fire.
  • Cryo Immunity, immune to ice.
  • Durable Armor, his protective suit.

True Form

  • Shape-shifting, his true form is a gas so he can change his body to whatever he wants.
  • Levitation, he can levitate and limited flight.
  • Deadly gas generation, he can produce more of his gas body to change his size or for attacks.
  • Radiation generation, he can create and shoot radiation beams.


  • The suits limbs can melt or freeze to the point where it needs a little bit of time to produce more goo limbs.
  • His body is made of poisonous nuclear gas, so he needs his protective suit for moving around without killing anyone around him.

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Hazmat Art

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