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Hazel Levin
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Devin Levin (first husband; deceased)
Kevin Levin (son)
Harvey Hackett (ex-husband)
Nicknames Mom (Kevin)
Voice Actor Pamela Adlon
First Appearance Ways to Say Goodbye

Hazel Levin is a character in Ben 10: Missing Pieces. She first appeared in Ways to Say Goodbye. She is a human from the planet Earth and the mother of Kevin Levin. She is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Mrs. Levin.


Hazel has her Alien Force appearance, but her hair is in a ponytail. Her colors match the color palette of Heroes United.


Hazel is quite forgiving, especially towards her son Kevin, as she was more than willing to welcome him back into her life after he trashed his childhood home.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Hazel was married to a Plumber named Devin and bore a son with him, named Kevin. When Kevin was three, Devin was killed by Ragnarok.

Months later, she married Harvey Hackett. In a sense, this was just her part in giving Kevin a needed father figure, a decision that would later backfire.

Missing Pieces

In Ways to Say Goodbye, Harvey and Hazel were asked to come to Kevin's school by Principal Brooks. She told them that Kevin got into a fight with one of his classmates named Cody and inflicted burns on his right arm, and that she had no choice but to expel him. When the Levin family returned home, Hazel asked him why he used his powers, to which he replied he was defending himself. Kevin grew increasingly agitated as his parents tried to make him see that he needed to control himself better. This escalated to a point where Kevin used his powers to hurt Harvey and damage the house before running away, convinced that his parents did not love him.

Although Hazel started becoming more distant as a result of Kevin running away, Harvey did his best to support her. Unfortunately for him, she no longer felt invested in their relationship and filed for a divorce the following year.

In 2008, a 15-year-old Kevin was freed from the Null Void by Gwen and Max. After working up the courage, he visited Hazel and apologized for the way things ended between them, but she did not harbor anything against him and even asked him to move back in with her, but he declined. As a way to make it up to her for all he did in his childhood, Kevin bought her a new house.



  • Kevin Levin: Kevin is the most important person in Hazel's life. She often checks up on him to make sure he is doing alright and is very proud of the person he has become.


Missing Pieces