Haywire OmniHero.png
General Information
Species Electronian
Home World Energinthia
Body Small Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electricity, Flight
First Appearance "City of Trash"

HayWire is one of Joe's aliens in "The Hero Generation."


In The Hero Generation series, HayWire takes on a blue-grey color scheme. He now has three fingers and a thumb on each hand. There is also a black stripe going down his chest, and cross-shaped striped on each side of his three dimensional cube-like head. His eyes are now also more eccentric.

HayWire has the KeyTrix symbol on his chest in The Hero Generation series.


Haywire has the ability to travel through wires, such as phone lines, through the form of electricity. He can also conduct electricity from energized atoms that are in the air. He can also use these atoms and command them to lift his body, therefore flying. When planting his feet directly on the ground, the electricity shoots directly through him and into the ground, creating small earthquakes. When his feet are not connected to the ground, he can shoot green energy beams through his eyes,mouth and hands.

HayWire in The Patchwork

HayWire is extremely arrogant and hard-headed. He acts before he thinks, which is the complete opposite of Joe.


Haywire's race does not have a planet; instead, they simply fly around space in an organized group called "The Energinthians."

Appearances in The Hero Generation


  • Haywire, Chill Factor, and Hydro-Tide have one common similarity- they can all muster an element from specific particles in the air.
  • Haywire will explode if he over-charges himself.
  • HayWire has a toy.
  • Joe's personality seems to become more arrogant when he transforms into HayWire.

    HayWire toy

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