Hat Eye Guy is a Hattycharged Opticoid from the planet Sightra. He appears in the series Ben 10: Stupidity Force.

Hat Eye Guy
Hat Eye Guy (1).png
General Information
Species Hattycharged Opticoid
Home World Sightra
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing Lasers

Firing a super laser

Super laser has a HAT MACHINE GUN

Awesome Hat

First Appearance The Magical Hat


Hat Eye Guy looks like Eye Guy, but with a nice hat. It's a fine hat indeed.


  • Eye Lasers
  • 360 vision
  • Merging his eyes to create a mega laser
  • Mega-Laser can merge with his hat to create a Hat Machine Gun that fires along with the lasers.


Poking sticks are incredibly painful to Hat Eye Guy, as shown with the Poker. 


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