Hat Diamondhead is a Hattycharged Petrosapien from Petropia. He appears in Ben 10: Stupidity Force as the Hat Form of Diamondhead. 

Hat Diamondhead
Hat Diamondhead.png
General Information
Species Hattycharged Petrosapien
Home World Petropia
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing Diamonds

Ultra Tough skin

Creating Diamond thingies

Nice Hat

Creating Diamondhats

First Appearance The Magical Hat


Hat Diamondhead looks like Diamondhead with a hat. 


  • Firing Diamonds
  • Ultra Tough
  • Making massive diamond thingies
  • Creating Diamondhats; Small hats, made out of diamond, who fly around and can lock on other people's heads, either controlling them or blocking their vision.


High pitched sounds can break him, and his toughness can be destroyed by very strong aliens.



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