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Harbinger was the wiki's November 2015 featured object!

General Information
Type Warship
Creator Unknown
User(s) Warlord Kroz
Status Active
Height 2,575 ft. (784.86 m.)
Length 8,283 ft. (2524.6584 m.)
Propulsion Torque Thrusters
Weaponry EMP Cannon
Ramming Prongs
Defenses Impact-Proof Hull
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 1

The Harbinger is a Specterian warship from Tech 10: Rebooted.


The Harbinger was originally built as the flagship for the pre-civil war Specterian army. The most feared craft in their fleet, the Harbinger was eventually destroyed from the inside-out by a well-hidden bomb during the civil war.

In modern times, the wreckage of the ship was eventually discovered, restored, and upgraded to modern standards by Warlord Kroz V, who repurposed it as his personal warship.

Combat Assets

The Harbinger's capabilities and assets for combat are:

  • Impact-Proof Hull: Using a specialized version of energy shield technology, the Harbinger's hull is virtually indestructible, allowing it to traverse extreme environments and ram enemies into nearby planetoids.
  • EMP Cannon: Located in the front of the ship, the EMP cannon can not only shut down unshielded electronics, but can also be charged up to magnetically rip apart an opposing ship's hull.
  • Torque Thrusters: These odd thrusters are unique to this craft alone, and are difficult for enemies to plan ahead for. Though not as fast as traditional thrusters, Torque Thrusters include an automatic hydraulic system that allows it to increase and decrease thrust practically instantaneously as needed, allowing the Harbinger to ram into an object and keep moving forward with little to no change in speed.

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