Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 10
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Happy Holidays is a short for Brandon 10.


The episode begins with Brandon working in his lab. He activates a device and an electric shock comes out and the device shortens out. Brandon implies that that doesn't seem good and examines the device only to be electrocuted and knocked out. When Brandon wakes up, he asks his computer what the time was and he notices that a whole year has passed by and its Christmas Day. Brandon panics for a moment but then realises that its Christmas Time and he should get everything ready then find a way to set things right. He begins decorating his lab but gets lazy and gets the computer to do it and leaves unaware that the systems are on critical. He goes outside and decorates the outside but notices that nobody else's decorations are up. Brandon thinks its because there isn't any snow and transforms into Snow Bear. He climbs the roof and breaths snow all over the neighborhood as he jumps from house to house. However, Snow Bear falls off from a roof and gets stuck in a red pajama footie hanging on a landry line. Coco then walks down street and sees Snow Bear and asks what's with the santa suit and snow. Snow Bear explains what happened but Coco replies that only an hour passed by which the incident. Snow Bear then remembers that the systems were malfunctioning due to the incident and it must have damaged the time settings on the computer screen. By the time Brandon and Coco reach Brandon's house, they see it completely covered in Christmas decorations and lights. Coco laughs and Brandon says how it isn't funny. Coco then stops laughing and says that imagine what the lab would look like and then laughs even more. Brandon then begins to take down the Christmas decoration and it begins to snow for real as a spaceship resembling a sleigh passes through the sky.


Aliens Used


  • None


  • Brandon was meant to have entered a pocket universe dedicated to Christmas but an idea similar to that was made into an episode.
  • Brandon's Lab is seen again.
  • The Device was meant to be a transporter as a part of the pocket universe idea that had been rejected.
  • According to the short, Brandon's Computer has a Christmas Decoration Protocol
    • However it may have been jury rigged or a part of the malfunctioning systems
    • Robots has also decorated the house while Brandon was away.
  • Brandon was supposed to wake up with a beard but that wouldn't make any sense.
  • Snow Bear's "beard" come from snow.
  • Snow Bear is seen in a "Santa Suit" in this short.
  • This Short was created after a long cancellation that has been cancelled.
  • This Short was made for the holidays.
  • This is the 10th and last Brandon 10 Short.
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