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Happily Never Happened (also known as Happily Never After) is the ninth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[Kevin's car is slowly roaming the streets of Bellwood. Inside, Kevin and Gwen are in front--of course, Kevin is driving--with Ben looking frantically around through the back windows for some activity. Gwen is using her laptop, completing some homework due next week, the return from the break.]

Kevin: I'm telling you, Tennyson, even bad guys head in for the holidays.
Ben: No way, Kevin. Now's the best opportunity for anyone to strike.
Kevin: Well you can fight 'em on your own, or maybe with Julie and Chelsey.
Ben: Julie's not home. She went with Chelsey's family to some awesome Christmas paradise.
Gwen: Why didn't you join them?
Ben: It was meant to be just the girls, and Julie's dad.
Kevin: Wouldn't that have been the best time to hang out with her dad? I'm pretty sure the guy hates your guts.
Ben: No way. He let me go out with Julie the last two years after all.
Gwen: Granted, he didn't actually know for a while, plus, what good parent takes a relationship away from a teenage girl?
Ben: But he's still cool with it, so--Kevin is stopped at a red light, where all of the car's passengers observe the white limo that pulls next to them. Kevin doesn't realize Gwen and Ben's stolen attention, too focused on the road, but when the limo's front passenger window is pulled down and the female Chauffeur inside turns to him, Kevin turns his head and realizes the luxury vehicle beside his souped-up muscle car.
Chauffeur: Is this Downtown Bellwood?
Kevin: Uhh...yeah. We don't normally get people in limos around here. You driving some kids to a prom or something?
Chauffeur: No, a celebrity. Would you mind giving me directions to Vesuvius Hotel?
Ben (whispering to Kevin): Vesuvius? That's a 5-star hotel that only the richest famous people can afford. I wonder who this girl's bringing around.
Gwen: Well, it certainly isn't Jennifer Nocturne.
Chauffeur: Uh, sir? Kevin: Uh, yeah, I don't know where the hotel is, but I got a friend who might be able to help.
Ben (whispering to Kevin): Hey, I didn't sign up for this.
Kevin (speaking through the side of his mouth to Ben): You wanted something to do; here you go!
Ben: Ugh, whatever. Transforms into Big Chill and phases through the roof of the car, and flies over to the Chauffeur's window, , and the Chauffeur thanks Kevin through a nod, closing her passenger window and opening her own.
Chauffeur: Ben Tennyson?
Big Chill: In the Necrofriggian flesh.
Chauffeur: No way! My niece loves you and your heroics.
Big Chill: She a fan of whomever you're bringing to the Vesuvius?
Chauffeur: Not exactly. She doesn't even know who he is.
Omnitrix (Kevin over intercom): Tennyson, green light!
Big Chill: Oh, yeah. We should head off. Just follow me. Slaps his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Wildmutt. Wildmutt roars, running off in the direction of the Vesuvius. Kevin doesn't follow Wildmutt, instead heading to Gwen's house. After moving a few blocks, Wildmutt enters the wealthy part of Bellwood, dotted with mansions, skyscrapers, and theaters with red carpets in front. Across from the Cloud 69 theater is the Vesuvius Hotel, with its volcano emblem popping out of the roof. Parts of the emblem light up to make it look like an active volcano erupting. Wildmutt stops in front of the hotel and stands by a moment for the limo to pull up in front. After one more moment's wait, the Chauffeur gets up out of the car and lets her passenger out. Wildmutt reverts to human to greet the celebrity.
Ben: Y-you're Dwight D'Moore Jr!
Dwight D'Moore Jr: In the flesh. Great to see a young person like yourself knows of me and my work. And you're Ben Tennyson, correct?
Ben: Yeah. My grandpa has some of your music and he plays them every year around this time.
Dwight D'Moore Jr: Yes, a marvelous time this time of year, Ben. Do you by any chance know what my real name is?
Ben: It's not Dwight D'Moore?
Dwight D'Moore Jr: Haha, no, not all. That's my stage name, which pays tribute to my father, the true Dwight D'Moore. My name is Bruno Dwight D'Moore. But I do end up being one of those celebrities who's only known by his stage name, with the exception of by his biggest fans.
Ben: I bet Grandpa Max knew that. Maybe you could meet him while you're staying here.
Dwight D'Moore Jr: Well, we'll have to see about that, Ben Tennyson. I've got a tight schedule. As a matter of fact, my chauffeur and I must check in now. Kelly, let's head into the hotel.
Kelly/Chauffeur: Yes, sir. Walks around to the trunk of the limo and pulls out the bulky luggages, one forest green and the other crimson. Her hands full, she hauls the cargo down the red carpet walkway to the Vesuvius's entrance.
Ben: Uh, do you need some help with that?
Dwight: Oh, come now, you don't need to waste your strength helping her. She's getting paid for this.
Ben: I like to be more of a gentleman...sometimes. The tower pops up, and Ben smacks down on the Wildvine hologram that appears.
Four Arms: Wild—I really should start giving myself some more time to yell my name when I transform.
Dwight: So you will not be able to help my Kelly?
Four Arms: Nah, I think I'm better off with Four Arms. He runs up to Kelly, who is shocked at first at the sight of the crimson-skin alien, dropping her luggage. Four Arms picks up both luggages with two hands, and lifts Kelly up over his shoulder. If you don't mind this kind of relaxation, Ms. Kelly--
Kelly: No, no, I'm fine.
Dwight: Alright, alright, time's a wasting, people. Let's head inside before the number on your paycheck decreases because you're not working.

The three head peacefully inside, Kelly locking the limo in its no-parking-zone space in front. After Dwight checks in, Four Arms continues to help out by lifting Kelly and Dwight's luggages up to Dwight's room on the 12th floor, which much to Four Arms' dismay is a trip made through the stairwell due to his size. Four Arms leaves the two off at their room, then transforms into Big Chill and phases out of the building to just beyond the entrance. On the red carpet, Big Chill thinks over how tired he'd become from being Four Arms, he looks up to see a large meteor-like object that was heading for Kelly's limo right out in front. As the meteor speeds towards the vehicle, Big Chill hastily devises a plan to remove it from harm's way by any means necessary, finally deciding upon transforming into Upgrade.

Big Chill: Please give me what I want, Omnitrix. Smacks his Omnitrix.
Upgrade (waiting a half-second to check on his appearance): Upgrade! HE rushes over to the limousine as the meteor edges closer and closer. He jumps forward into the limo, melding with it and modifying its plain-white paint to Galvanic Mechamorph patterns. He's quick to build a huge nitro exhaust onto the back of the limo, but just as the vehicle charges up for the boost, the object crashes down on Upgrade, who shares his fate with the limo.

[At the window above, Dwight and Kelly have just watched the event transpire.]

Dwight (to Kelly): My limo!
Kelly (disgusted): Sir!
Dwight: I mean, *your* limo!
Kelly: Sir...
Dwight: Alright. Call the paramedics and report this.
Kelly (cell phone out): Already on it.
Dwight: Then call your mechanic.


Part II

[We return to Kevin's car pulling up next to the object that crash-landed on Upgrade. Police cars and ambulances are standing by. Kevin's car's headlights shut off, and Kevin alone exits the neatly parallel-parked car and locks it as he approaches the police line-guarded area. One officer approaches him, stopping him from going any further.]

Kevin: That's my friend under that thing. Let me through.
Police Officer: If your friend was under there, I'm sorry, he's not under there one piece, at least.
Kevin: Do you even know who's under there?
Police Officer: The informant didn't report a name.
Kevin: Ben Tennyson's under there.
Police Officer: What?! Turns around and yells to the surrounding group of officers. It's Super Ben under that thing! Let's pack up and go, guys.
Kevin: You guys must be the officers who've never actually had to do anything. Absorbs the gun in a pouch on the Officer's belt.
Police Officer: Hey!
Kevin: Sorry, buddy! His hands grow larger and larger until one of them is large enough to pick up the rock on its own. Holding it in both of his large hands, he lifts it off of Upgrade and drops it in the middle of the street. His hands shrink as he runs over to Upgrade, who remains squished into a puddle. When Kevin arrives Ben's side in the deep hole left by the object, Upgrade reverts to human. The officers in the background drive off in directions, while Kevin lifts Ben out of the hole. Outside of the hole, Kevin lays Ben down on the red carpet walkway.'Tennyson, you alright? Ben (struggling to force his eyes open): Err...(writhing in pain as he attempts to get up, squinting his shut eyes as he does so, falling onto his back again despite his greatest effort) No.
Kevin: Who did this to you, man?
Ben: No idea. Coughs. It was just some accident, something fell from the sky.

From the skies, a man in a robotic suit like the full form of Azmuth's Aggression Mechamorph armor but with a color palette including only green, white, and black, similarly to a young Upgrade, descends slowly to the end of the red carpet walkway,

Aggression: That was no freak accident, Tennyson. I, Metalink, did it, and I'm going to get you to--Kevin shakes the ground under Metalink by powerfully pounding it. The lit green areas of his body cease to glow while he shakes, so he hovers to a sufficient height away from the man-made tremor. You shall not defeat me. I need Ben Tennyson, and I'll have him. He generates a thin yet tall can-like object with Mechamorph patterns from absolutely nothing and tosses it in Ben's direction. At the same time, he blasts Kevin onto his back. Ben opens his eyes wide at last, and he transformed into Upgrade, who surrounds the object and turns it to nothing before he times out again, still laying on his back.
Kevin (standing up straight, and jumping to the top of the Vesuvius by climbing windowsills): Everything took a turn for the worst when you decided to try and hit me. He bounces off the Vesuvius, dropping himself onto Metalink and repeatedly punching the back of his head. You're a strong one, huh?
Metalink: That's because I'm not a Mechamorph! He shakes Kevin out of his piggybacking state, landing Kevin on the roof of his car while managing not to damage it.
Kevin: Phew.
Metalink: I'll see to it I have Ben Tennyson in my clutches, as soon as his sole ally is out of my way. Chucks a green ball over to Kevin's car that bounces off the front right tire before Kevin hops off the roof to grab and analyze it, leaving Metalink free to fly off into Downtown Bellwood.
Kevin: Tennyson, wake up! We need to catch that guy!
Ben: A little (struggles to get up) hurt here.
Kevin: Don't you have an alien that can heal you?
Ben: Yeah, but--
Kevin: No buts! Change already!

Still lying on his back, he puts his Omnitrix out in front of his face, pops the tower up and lazily twists the dial until he decides to smack down on something. Diamondhead appears in his place, barely managing to stand up, and bearing scratch marks that dig into every part of his diamond-hard skin.

Kevin: Whoa, man, didn't notice you were that hurt. Maybe you should sit this one out.
Diamondhead (getting words out slowly): can do this...
Kevin: You sure you couldn't just use a flyer to go after him?
Diamondhead:'d have to lift you...too weak...He produces a smooth path of diamonds that loops over buildings and slopes upward from the red carpet walkway. Get on.

Kevin hesitantly walks over to Diamondhead's path, hops on and continues to run on the path which extends to the point of nearly touching Metalink as he flies through the town.

Kevin: Great, Tennyson, you're catching up.
Diamondhead (with barely any emotion): Woo-hoo...

Diamondhead's eyes begin to wander, his vision blurs, and his eyes begin to shut. He stops generating a path for the two, and begins to weave back and forth. When the two—Kevin and Diamondhead—eventually reach the end of the path, just barely missing the opportunity to literally touch Metalink's rocket boots, Metalink boosts off into the distance, and Kevin realizes the impending end of the path. Diamondhead falls over onto his face, unconscious yet again. He slides off the edge of the path, despite Kevin trying to pull him back, which unfortunately leads to Diamondhead and Kevin plummeting to their doom.

Kevin: This can't possibly get any worse.

[But he was from the worst. As they fall at increasing speeds, the diamond path above begins to break into smaller, sharpened pieces that head straight for Kevin. At that same moment that Kevin realizes them, he notices Diamondhead reverting to human.]

Kevin: Aww, man.


Part III

[We open from Ben's perspective, rapidly blinking as we get mere glimpses of what unfolds, mirroring the exact memory of the following events as Ben remembers. As he feels gravity pulling him down closer to the ground, he opens his eyes for a moment. He closes them. When next he opens them, he is Cannonbolt, laying on his back on the ground as he unrolls with Kevin on his stomach. Kevin gets up off him, and as Cannonbolt reverts to human and Ben's vision is like a human's again, he closes his eyes again. Next, he sees Kevin's car driving itself into the alley Ben's crashed down into, drifting to a stop right next to Ben's head. He closes his eyes. Next he remembers is him waking a last time to an ambush while very close to a hospital, knocking Kevin's car over into a 360. He blinks and sees Kevin dragging him out of the car, holding him over his shoulder, running through the streets towards the hospital, but Kevin trips over something. He closes his eyes once more, and wakes within a containment tube, at last fully alert and aware of his environment. The containment tube is filled with a liquid, not much like water, that keeps him suspended in mid-air. A much smaller tube connected to a respirator on his mouth pumps air into his body from a small tank leaning on the walls of the room he's in. He realizes he has been stripped down to socks and baggy green pants, his actual clothes appearing ripped, sitting outside on a bench near the door of the room. The door opens and two diminutive figures walk in. They turn on the light, which resides low to the ground, and immediately the Omnitrix's hourglass glows green indicating full charge.]

Omnitrix: Omnimatrix battery core fully charged. Running necessary unrecognized shutdown signal diagnostic program B.
Ben: W-who's there? The figures become visible to Ben through the containment tube's liquid.
Driba: It's us, Ben Tennyson.
Blukic: Your friend Kevin Leaving brought you here.
Ben: It's Levin. And, what happened? I barely remember how I got here.
Blukic: You sustained a serious injury.
Driba: Your friend didn't tell us how you got it, though. Ben: It was some guy. He said he wasn't a Mechamorph, but he looked like he was wearing Azmuth's Aggression armor. He said his name was Meta...Meta-something.
Driba: Mhm...
Blukic: Well, if you don't know his whole name, we can't exactly track him down.
Ben: It's no problem. Kevin must be going after him now. I should probably be with him. Let me out of here.
Blukic: Not yet, Ben.
Driba: I concur.
Blukic (two holographic screens appearing before him, rapidly switching which he's primarily focusing on): According to this, your have a "severe spinal injury."
Driba: And that Polymorph Healing Agent you're floating in is fusing with the afflicted areas and reshaping your spine.
Ben: But I don't feel anything. And wouldn't that give me, like, Goop DNA or something?
Driba: Of course not. (Whispering to Blukic) Does it give him "Goop DNA"?
Blukic: I don't think so...
Driba: Well, there you go. Now, we'll need some energy from your Omnitrix to get another sample of Polymorph DNA, because according to this (a holographic screen appears before him as well, displaying alien text, a full-body skeleton of Ben in the containment tube, and arrows pointing to points on the tube and Ben's body) we'll still need you in there for another hour to fix you right up.
Ben: I guess if I need it. The Omnitrix should charge up in that time anyway.
Blukic: Great. And hurry up with it, alright?
Ben: Sure.

Blukic puts on a telepathy helmet, and with it a can much like the one Metalink generated earlier appears in front of him, and he lifts it over to the containment tube and connects it to the glass, pushing it halfway through the glass, causing half of the can to disappear. Ben puts his Omnitrix hand into the can, and minuscule glints of energy float through the Polymorph Healing Agent (PHA) over to the can.

Ben: I almost thought this would be painful.
Driba: Not at all, Ben Tennyson. Now, hurry it up, will you.
Ben: I can't. This thing's going as fast as it can. Can. As a matter of fact, this can thing looks just like the one that Meta guy threw at me earlier...
Blukic: Nonsense. We made this ourselves.
Ben: You're right. I can barely remember him anyway. It was probably just a dream. Driba: Of course, yes, Ben.
Blukic: Hurry up...
Ben: I'm--Suddenly gasps as he stares into the distance beyond Blukic and Driba who stand right in front of the open door.
Blukic: What? Blukic and Driba turn around to find a second dumbfounded set of Blukic and Driba. Uh-oh...
Ben: What do you mean "Uh-oh"? Who are they?!

The original Blukic and Driba disappear, fading into nothing. Coming into view before Ben is Metalink, who towers over the real Blukic and Driba.

Metalink: Keep charging that thing, Ben Tennyson.
Ben: No way. Rips his hand out of the can, the energy swirling back into the Omnitrix.
Metalink: NOOO! You idiot Galvans!
Driba: We'll have you know we're a very smart sp--Metalink fires a ball made of Polymorph DNA at them, surrounding Blukic and Driba in a sound-proof Polymorph ball.
Metalink: I'll enjoy watching you two attempt to escape that with your oh-so-great higher intelligence. The two bang at the goop-based walls inside and show signs of yelling through their wide-open mouths with moving tongues. Hahaha. Turns around to Ben. I'd avoid escape that tube, Tennyson. Your spine might give out.
Ben: I'm not hurt.
Metalink: Not in that tube, no. It takes away all the feeling in the afflicted areas of your body. Used to use the PHA tube on myself until I built this suit which contains me in it at all times.
Ben: I'm not hurt. I'm getting out of here.
Metalink: Do you really want to take that chance? Why not believe me? Stay in there, hand me the Polymorph sample that I can use to heal you for the coming events. Ben: I'm not taking a chance because I know you're lying.
Metalink: Okay, if you say so.
Ben: I do say so.
Metalink: No going back...Whatever you transform into will break through that glass, or at least disconnect you from your respirator.
Ben: Stop talking. The Omnitrix tower pops up, flashing between red and green hourglass colors as it does so. Ben looks through for the perfect transformation and selects it.
Benmummy: Benmummy! His papery skin doesn't break through the glass, but something in the PHA containment tube sucks Benmummy into a vent and out of the tube right at the feet of Metalink.
Metalink: How do you feel? Writhing in pain now, Tennyson?
Benmummy: Not one bit. Thep Khufans are great healers, so even if you're telling the truth, I don't feel a thing.
Metalink: Doesn't matter. I have you in my clutches now.
Metalink's Armor: AG-7001 battery level at critical level.
Metalink: And I'm going to need you right now.

A port opens at Metalink's robotic stomach, sucking in Benmummy. When the stomach closes, a glass barrier opens revealing Benmummy in his paper-pile form. As Metalink escapes the room, he kicks Blukic and Driba into the room and locks the door. He then rushes through a crowd of Plumbers and down several flights of stairs to one of the lower levels, where he jumps over the railing and into a room with several warning labels placed on a single control panel laying in the room. He walks up to the panel as Benmummy speaks.

Benmummy: Hey, is that the Null Void Projector?!
Metalink: It can be, but this thing's got a few functions not even the Plumbers have realized.
Benmummy: I doubt it, Metamorph.
Metalink: It's METALINK!
Benmummy: Doesn't matter. It's not like that's your real name. No way a non-Mechamorph would have a name like that.
Metalink: GAH! Shut up and let me do my thing.
Benmummy: You're in the Plumbers' HQ on Earth. Do you really think they're going to let you just come down here and mess with the Null Void Projector.
Metalink: Sure, they will. Because they don't have any other choice. The applications for this module are amazing. I find myself dumbfounded when I see that the Plumbers haven't noticed 'em, especially with a couple of Galvans manning the stations down here. He presses just three buttons, each labelled with etiher a Roman numeral or an alien character. Now for the finisher.
Benmummy: You're not the first to come down here and think he can overload the Null Void projector and reverse Bellwood into it.
Metalink: I know I'm not the first. I also know that that's not what I'm doing. He presses the last button in a sequence, the only one labelled with English letters: "CHROPEX".
Benmummy: Chropex? What's that?
Metalink: You'll see...
Plumber HQ-Wide Intercom (female automated voice): Now engaging portal to Chropex section 18-4. Teleportation sequence 8-6-7-C-X-G. Request location Base 3. Engaged. A small laser gun emerges from the control panel, pointed itself at Metalink.
Benmummy: Oh, you're in for it now.
Metalink: Or so you think. As a crowd of Plumbers dressed in thick armor and equipped with a range of weapons from pistols to rockets rushes down the steps, they standby when they realize Metalink waiting to be shot by the laser gun. The gun fires at him, and just at that point, holographic screens appear all over the walls of the HQ with Max on the screens.
Grandpa Max: All Plumbers at Level 3: GET THAT THING AWAY FROM THE INTRUDER!

The Plumbers find themselves scrambling to get their guns back in position for Metalink, all rushing to get a good spot to shoot him, but the laser from the control panel fires properly, causing Metalink to appear as if he's sucked into a portal inside himself. The portal gun descends back into its holder in the control panel, and everyone, even Max on the holoscreen, appear dumbfounded, jaws dropped as they process this.


Part IV

[Encased within the belly of Metalink, Benmummy lay still as he watches Metalink walk through a dark warehouse which he entered through means of the Pumbers portal. The large warehouse garage door which spans a whole wall on the building opened, letting an alien cargo truck hover backwards into the box-filled facility. Another alien, fully clad in armor with lines of fiery glows covering much of the armor, including through circular glows on the alien's respirator, which oddly lie over a helmet and not directly on the wearer. The alien pulls out a clipboard as he walks around to the back of the truck, opening it to find the empty trunk. He stares at a few crates in Metalink's direction, to which Metalink responds to by ducking behind the boxes. By just continuing to stare on into Metalink's direction, the alien lifts several crates at a time onto the back of his truck.]

Metalink (whispering): Now's my chance. He disguises himself as the telekinetic alien and walks up to the original alien.
Telekinetic Alien: Hey, do you have clearance to be here?
Metalink (disguised as Telekinetic Alien): No, but you do.
Telekinetic Alien: Well, you better get out of here, then.
Metalink: You'll leave, I'll stay. He procures yet another can, dropping it into his hand. He then launches the object at the alien.

From floor-level, we watch the body of the alien collapse on the ground. His helmet cracks, and facing the opposite direction of the running vehicles, the cargo truck hovers off into the distance.

[Where we next find ourselves, we are still on the purple planet whose skies have been taken over by hues of green and black, stars visible as if right in front of someone. Metalink, still performing in his disguise, pulls up to a building labeled "Chropex 19". He steps out of the truck, which descends to touching the ground as it is parked. Metalink approaches the door, but just before opening the door, two guards appear and attempt to stab him with electrically-charged staves. Metalink easily dodges the attacks, procuring yet another can that mounts on a staff, eventually ticking down and blowing up its user. He repeats this, knocking out his other adversary.]

Metalink: You pose no threat to me. In seeking to avoid wasting his energy on brief battles with petty adversaries, he climbs the Chropex 19 tower. At the top, three antennae reside in a triangular setup, albeit not sending out any signals. Metalink unwillingly reverts to his Aggression armor appearance. What's this?

A Chronosapien emerges from the shadows, wielding two staves like the ones in possession of the previous guards. As opposed to Clockwork, his golden armor is silver, and the green sections of his body are purple. He speaks in a deep, unaccented voice to Metalink.

Chronosapien Guard: You're going to release Ben Tennyson, now. I don't know how you captured him or what he's doing patrolling here, but--
Metalink: I don't mean any harm to this dimension or Ben Tennyson. I just want to return to my time.
Benmummy: Might i ask where you're from, Meta?
Chronosapien Guard: He's from far in the past, about 600 years from your present. His intentions for returning are good now, but we cannot allow him to go back because—wait a second, you're not Super Ben's future; you're the "current" Super Ben, age 17.
Benmummy: Yeah...what, is older me here?
Chronosapien Guard: You're not supposed to be, but paired with the freedom a 22-year old human with a second home on Galvan Mark III gets, who knows if he's here.
Metalink: Chronosapien, you know my intentions are good. Let me return to my time.
Chronosapien Guard: Your intentions are good—I'll admit that—but we cannot allow you to return to your time. There's a greater reason why you've been brought to the time you have been. Release Ben Tennyson, find your purpose with that exosuit.
Metalink: No. My greater purpose resides in my past, with my wife and offspring.
Chronosapien Guard: We sent you here because of the havoc you would've brought about had you stayed with your family, and because of the good that you could do here.
Metalink: Who's the "we" who sent me here? You act like you are so powerful. We'll see who wins the power here. He duplicates, creating two separate copies of himself to his left and right. Go out and destroy him! The duplicates reach the guard who attempts to block the attack of one Metalink copy, but gets sneak-attacked by the other. And as for you, Ben Tennyson. He generates yet another Mechamorph-patterned can. He mounts it on his glass stomach. The one way to extract the energy I need is this. My apologies in advance. I would have the power on my own to return to my time, but my supplier has been incapacitated.
Benmummy: Please don't do this. If you take too much energy, I'll be squished in here when I time out!
Metalink: Apologies once more, Mr. Tennyson.
Chronosapien Guard: You shall not return to the past! You and this version of Ben Tennyson have great futures ahead of you! Set aside your past now or be sent to a Chronospect prison.
Metalink: Metagangers, intensity level max. Power can, absorption engage. Chronosapien Guard: Don't do this!
Metalink: Why not?
Chronosapien Guard: I'm High Order permanent officer Clockwork of the Timekeeprs. If I'm k--

The two Metagangers get to each of his arms and pull the arms apart until he splits in half. Rather than each half shut down, the bodies glow green and shapeshift into two humanoid cats, one with a more feminine figure and great height, one at or slightly greater than Ben's own height. The female is black-furred, the male gray. The female dons black leather pants and buttoned-up shirt; the male in a silver suit, white t-shirt, and a striped purple and magenta tie.

Metalink: Oh, you're kidding me. These amazing "Timekeepers" sent shapeshifting mutant cats after me? At least I know this fight was won easily because I versed...this mockery. Benmummy: You know what you should do? You should let me go, leave this place, and return when the real Clockwork arrives.
Metalink: Nice try, but no. His glass stomach begins to shoot green sparks both inside and outside the box. Inside, Benmummy begins to glow green, indicating an impending reverse-transformation.
Benmummy: Stop it! Stop now!
Metalink: You're not in the position to make demands. In a moment you'll be crushed in that artificial stomach, drained of the power to even attempt to escape.
Benmummy: Why don't I just use...Goop!
Metalink: The Polymorph? You're hilarious, priceless even. I locked out all of the aliens worth any use in escape, and I don't believe that Thep Khufan's natural body can defeat me even outside your container.
Benmummy (being electrocuted and drained of energy): Why are you doing this?! Metalink: Again, sincerest apologies, Benjamin. I guess in your dying moments, I'll regale you with the tale of my past. It all started when I was about 15. I met a girl, a beautiful woman, and I wanted her to be mine. We for a long time after that were closer partners. Before our marriage, though, I was met in the night by a bright white luminescence, my closet. I went inside and was brought to an era of lights, cars, big hair, funky apparel, etc. The 1980s. Within moments of arrival, I was brought further into the future. The 1990s, 20 years ago. That was my final destination, a torn era. For the last 20 years I've been surviving without family, money, or a proper home. Years ago I found a man who would go onto supply me with technology that allowed me to hypnotize others to do my bidding, like I had control of my own realm. Eventually I acquired this suit, also built by my supplier and based on a piece of alien technology he'd spotted. In the past few years, he's supplied me with energy but he can no longer be contacted and I'm running low. I want to return home to my fiance before I die, because in my current form, I'm a head in a jar in an alien suit.
Benmummy: Head in a jar? Wait...who's your supplier?
Metalink: Aloysius Animo.
Benmummy: It...may be my fault you haven't been able to get a hold of him. He was sent to prison block 7021 in the Nabbit System.
Metalink: It's fine. You're making up for his capture right now, through giving me the energy I need to prosper.
Omnitrix: Charge rapidly decreasing. Siphoning specimen of environment for off-world analysis.
Metalink: What is that doing?
Benmummy: Saving me. I can't control it. Not while I'm glitched like this, stuck in mid-transformation.

The suited mutant cat jumps to his feet.

Suited Mutant Cat: My name is Ilario, and you're under arrest, Link. We gave you your chance to get away from this outcome but you forced this upon yourself. Kay, get up. The female cat gets to her feet beside Ilario, giving a true indication of the height difference between the two.
Kay: Kitty Rhymes. Link, you're under--
Ilario: It's settled, Kitty. Help me get this guy.
Kitty: Alright. The two pull out U-shaped tazers and begin to slowly approach Metalink.
Metalink: Step back or I'll overload the machine now.
Ilario: Your threat is flawed; our knowledge of you gives us reason to believe you're bluffing.
Metalink: You don't know anything; you're just cats—mutant cats.
Ilario: And you're just a human—a nearly totally disembodied human, just like your supplier Aloysius.
Kitty: Let Tennyson go. You've already signed yourself into a jail cell here.
Benmummy (beginning to gradually revert back to human, still glowing green and emanating sparks due to the power absorption): Get me out of here; I'm starting to transform!
Metalink: Never!
Ilario: We're wasting time! His tazer transforms into a staff that is charged up on either end. He tosses the staff at the energy can on Metalink's stomach, but before it hits him, Metalink smacks the staff away, knocking it off the Chropex 19 building.NO! Metalink: I'm tired of you two. Time to--Kitty suddenly disappears.Intangibility?! Ilario: Not at all; rather, a ghost. She was standing behind you since you broke our disguise bond. The ghost stayed in place as long as she wanted, presumably giving you the time to surrender. Metalink suddenly drops on his back and his arms are removed and tossed off the building. Kitty, be careful; he might feel pain from that.
Kitty: Now you're being crazy.
Benmummy: Get me out! His voice begins to switch between his human voice and Thep Khufan one as he speaks. I can't hold this back!
Metalink: Please, stop!
Kitty: We gave you your chance to get away, (she chucks her staff at the energy can, sticking to it) now you're going to have to feed off of the energy coming out of your meals.
Benmummy: Gah! I'm starting to feel hair peeling out of my head!
Kitty: Hang in there, Mr. Tennyson! Presses a button on a panel on her wrist, blowing up her staff and the energy can, restoring the stolen energy to the Omnitrix, forcing him back to full Benmummy form. The glass doesn't shatter, though, continuing his entrapment. Alright, your power is restored, but we don't know why you weren't freed.
Ilario: You're slipping, Kitty. I know why you're not freed, Ben Tennyson. He pulls out a tablet-like device and sets the screen simply to a bright orange color. HE drops it on the barrier trapping Benmummy, and both the glass and the tablet begin to freeze. Just as I thought. Khoruan ice molded together with some Cyogen.
Benmummy: Does that mean I won't be getting out of here?!
Ilario: You will be, but it won't be easy.
Kitty: Strike two. It will be easy, Ilario.
Ilario: I was only trying to scare him.
Benmummy: Well, it worked. Now get me out of this thing!
Ilario: Alright, alright.
Metalink: You will not get away with this! You people are taking a life by stranding me here.
Kitty: Who said we were stranding you here?
Benmummy: I say we should. Ilario bends over to the stomach and begins to enter several passwords. What are you doing, Hilarious?
Ilario: It's Ilario, kid. And I'm trying to hack his armor. Not sure if I'll get in, though. There's about 1,000 sets of passwords and the suit's bound to realize the hacking soon.
Metalink: After you disengaged the motors and removed my arms, you probably compromised the systems on my back that control the hack-prevention system. You're probably going to get in scott-free while I sit in this thing, dying.
Ilario: Oh, you're not going to die.
Kitty: But you're going to wish you did once we rush you to jail.
Benmummy: Oh, yeah, speaking of where people are going, where are we now? You guys keep talking about dimensions. And while you're doing that, would you please *HURRY UP!*
Kitty: We're in the Chronospect dimension.
Benmummy: This is Chronospect?
Kitty: It's a big world. Different parts of it have different purposes. We're on what can be considered the "South Pole" of Chronospect, home to the Chropex buildings.
Benmummy: Chropex buildings?
Kitty: Yeah. I'm supposed to tell you more as soon as we free you from this, no sooner.
Benmummy: Why?
Kitty: It's what the Timekeepers said. The Chapters will be after us if we disturb this timeline.
Ilario: Stop talking, Kitty. At least heed Paradox's warnings on one of these visits to Earth.
Kitty: Alright. You done hacking then?
Ilario: I have about 300 left.
Kitty: Then at this rate we've practically broken Ben out. I might as well tell him about the Chropex buildings now.
Ilario: Kitty, d--
Ilario's tablet (in Metalink's voice): Program redirected to new source.
Ilario: Hmm?
Metalink: Lovely. Apparently the hack-prevention is still online. Took it quite the while for it to realize you were inside, but I sure am lucky it broke through. And the greatest part is, it redirected you to hack something else, with one program.
Ilario: And what's that?
Metalink: It's going to hack my arms as well as the little building machines inside this body so that this suit is repaired.
Kitty: Oh no you're not! Ilario, shut your thing down.
Ilario: Hey, this is the newest--
Kitty: Don't care; just shut it down.
Ilario: That's the attitude of my partner I was looking for.
Kitty: Well, you got me.

Ilario shuts down his tablet and tosses it off the building, shattering as easily as glass into billions of minuscule pieces. Kitty jumps off the building herself after this, diving for the ground headfirst.

Ilario: KITTY!
Benmummy: Did she just jump?!

She extends one arm far out below her as she plummets, reaching out for something too far away from the roof of the Chropex building to see. With her out of his sight, Ilario stares off into the fog near the base of the building as Kitty ceases to be visible.

Ilario: No. No, no, no, NO!
Benmummy: Alright, she jumped; that means it's your job to get me out of this. Ilario: No. She had a plan that had her jump off this building to save us. I don't know what it was, (he begins to tear up as he turns around to face Metalink's motionless head on the ground) but I know this time traveler is to blame.
Metalink: Man, this isn't my fault. I came here to go back to my time. That's my one true goal. You guys stripped me of my chances to even go back when you disabled this suit. I'm not to blame.
Ilario: If you want to leave so badly, then go. I'll activate this portal and you can live free in the past, where you'll get stoned for being in that suit you can't escape from. Metalink: My god...
Ilario: Yeah. If you would have returned, you would have killed your fiance by accident. After a riot starts when every claims you to be some kind of monster, they all try to kill you. Parts of your body are blown off so you set off a bomb to get rid of the mob. No one even believed you were you, Link, so everyone in your town—even your fiance—would be in that angry mob. You'd be torn to shreds by shotgun rounds just before the bomb goes off, wiping civilization from your home entirely. Thousands of lives lost.
Metalink: Why couldn't you just tell me before?
Ilario: Because the goal was for you to righteously find your own way to leave this place and be good. The Timekeepers said so. But I guess nothing they say needs to be carried out. They said I'd get to marry the girl of my dreams, and now she's gone.
Metalink: I know how it feels, cat. I guess we're one in the same now.
Ilario: No, not at all. You're going to jail, and I'm returning to my home and keeping as far away from Chronospect as possible. It's not even like I'll remember how to get here, though. My memory will be wiped of ever even helping them, all this being turned into nothing more than what will seem like a dream.
Benmummy: What's that sound?

From the edge of the Chropex building, the sound of sparks flying grows louder and louder as a blue light grows brighter. Slowly ascending to the side of the building, Kitty appears with an energy staff in hand.

Kitty: Miss me boys? As she rises, she reveals a hoverboard under her feet. The staff has a built-in hoverboard. You'd know if you didn't gloss over the staff book.
Ilario: Yeah, maybe I did gloss over it, but I'm glad to see you.
Kitty: And...and so am I. Ilario rushes to her and hugs her, lifting her off her feet while still on the hoverboard.
Ilario: I...I thought I'd never see you again.
Kitty: I heard...
Ilario: What?
Kitty: I heard what you said...and...well, did you mean what you said?
Ilario: About...?
Kitty: About...about how I was the love of your life.
Ilario: Well...we've just been working together for two years now, and--He's interrupted mid-sentence by Kitty lowering and tilting her head to kiss him while still being held a few inches off the ground.
Metalink: In light of recent events, I feel reborn, and I feel with this that I must confess something.
Benmummy: Is it that there's a secret keypad on your belly that just needs a 4-digit password to get me out of here?
Metalink: Not at all. I can get you out of here easily if these cats would repair my armor, but the real confession is...I had a plan B for this mission.

Kitty and Ilario slowly stop kissing as the both pull their heads back and squint at Metalink's stationary body, intrigued by the thought of a "plan B".

Ilario: And what was this "plan B" that the Timekeepers didn't inform us of?
Metalink: Well...I may or may not have planted several bombs at Chropex 8E, specifically near Bruno Dwight D'Moore and Kelly, all of their countdowns started as of when my hack-prevention went offline.
Benmummy: Does that woman really not have a last name? And besides, what does it matter that you're going to, what, blow them up?
Ilario: Those Chropexes are home to the birthplaces of celebrities across several crosstimes and their crosstime counterparts.
Kitty: Meaning a person and a version of that person from an alternate timeline, like Ben 10 and yourself.
Benmummy: So what's so important about him destroying those two, besides the fact that he's taking away innocent lives?
Ilario (inhales and exhales powerfully): Well, if their existence ceases to be, all of the galaxy will have never get to experience his great music.
Benmummy: Doesn't sound that bad a thing.
Ilario: And...well...I'm an alternate counterpart of D'Moore.
Kitty: And I'm Kelly.

Benmummy's dilated eyes glow even through the pile he's in, astonished by what he'd heard, and dumbfounded to the point of inarticulation.


Part V

[Metalink is fully shut down. His green Mechamorph patterns cease to glow as Kitty transfers the suit's power into her energy staff through continually bashing the suit with one end of the staff. Eventually, the suit is fully shut down and is no longer glowing.]

Ilario: So what now? Did shutting him down make it easier to free Mr. Tennyson?
Kitty: Kinda. She presses a random spot on her staff which glows blue as she does so. The staff extends, revealing a small compartment inside containing a small radiant orange cylinder. Kitty removes it and places it on the Khoruan Ice-Cyogen barrier on Metalink's suit stomach.
Ilario: What is that?
Kitty: Not 100% on what it is, but it's the power source for these staves. If I charge it up, it should blow through the ice.
Ilario: Something hot enough to burn through that in one blow? Didn't know anything like that existed. Must've costed this place a ton.
Kitty: That's Chronospect's business.
Ilario: Gotta imagine how much that bill's going to run up now that they need to buy a new staff and one of those power sources. By the way, how is your staff still staying charged up? You stopped the power.
Kitty: It'll last about 5 minutes depending on how I use it off-charge. Now stand back.

Ilario steps over to the very edge of the building, just a step away from slipping off. Kitty aims an end of her staff at the staff's power source and blasts it once. She waits a moment, and fires again. The power source begins to radiate enough heat to start melting through the center of the ice.

Kitty: One more shot ought to speed this up.
Ilario: Maybe we should just be patient and let the boy--
Kitty: We're on a schedule, and if we don't keep that schedule, we don't exist to do anything else. I think this is a time to be impatient. She blasts the power source once more. Nothing happens. The glow fades to nothing and ceases to melt the ice. Ilario.
Ilario: You couldn't just--

The power source immediately brightens to the point of blinding both Ilario and Kitty. Ilario covers his eyes by crossing his arms over his face, but even still sees the orange light blasting through his protection. Kitty creates an electric barrier using her staff that protects the two from the incoming damage. The staff's power source explodes, sending pieces of the Khoruan Ice-Cyogen in shards in every direction, nonetheless sticking to the outside of Kitty's electric barrier as if being magnetized towards it. The staff begins to lose power from maintaining the barrier.

Ilario: Kitty!
Kitty: I can't do anything about this!
Ilario: We're getting pierced by a thousand shards if this shield breaks!
Kitty: I know! Just brace for it if it happens!
Ilario: That doesn't sound like the best thing to fall back on.

The shards cease to fly all about just seconds before the electrically-charged barrier fades away. Benmummy's papery limbs slip out of Metalink's broken-open stomach. He recreates his humanoid form right beside Kitty.

Benmummy: Thanks, but I'm still trapped as Benmummy, and as long as the Omntrix is on, it's still using Metalink's hack that weakens this guy.
Kitty: Here, let me help. Tosses her staff off behind her, landing on the roof floor and rolling over the edge, and runs after Ben. She twists the Omnitrix dial left and right, changing direction at random intervals. Eventually, the dial pops up.
Benmummy: Thanks!
Kitty: Not done. She smacks the dial, yet Benmummy remains the same, while the Omnitrix shuts down. Now I'm done.
Benmummy: What did you do?!
Kitty: Set it to reboot.
Benmummy: But the dial was letting me select someone!
Kitty: No, it wasn't. That was just to accept the action. Honestly, I think Azmuth should remove it popping up at all since no matter what you do to it, you accept the action.
Ilario: What if you were to remove the dial at that point?
Kitty: Then it's still shut down now isn't it.
Ilario:'re right.
Benmummy: Alright. We have a mission to complete you two. Ilario: Right.
Kitty: But how are we getting down to the bottom of this building?
Ilario: We could surf on the side of it on Metalink's body; it's not like he'll feel it.
Benmummy: Or maybe I could get off the building myself. When I get to the bottom I can get one of the staves that belong to the guards Link here knocked out on the way up.
Ilario: Good plan. The Timekeepers sure do undermine your intelligence.
Benmummy: What?! If I knew how to get to them...
Kitty: Just go, Ben.
Benmummy: Right. He hops of the building, most of his limbs flying about and separating from the humanoid shape it should take as he plummets. Upon touching down on the ground, his limbs end up spread far apart. He slowly pulls them back into humanoid shape so that he is able to stand up straight. He picks up one of two staves lying near two unconscious guards' bodies, and begins to stretch his body upwards until reaching about 3/4 of the height of the building, at which point he launches the staff up at Ilario. Upon catching it, he struggles to find out how to generate a hoverboard. Kitty quickly presses a random location on the staff closer to the end Ilario holds highest up, and a hoverboard generates below the two. They begin their descent to the opposite side of the Chropex building which faces the Chropex "E" buildings. Benmummy rushes around the building with the other remaining staff in hand and meets up with the two cats. Ilario points in one direction to a single Chropex "E" building in the distance. The three begin to run on foot towards the building as Benmummy speaks with Ilario. So, what was that about?
Ilario: What was what about?
Benmummy: The whole "you're Dwight" thing?
Ilario: I guess I have the time on this run to tell you. I should start off with saying that Kitty and I are 28 years old, as opposed to our counterparts, 50-year old Bruno D'Moore and 24-year old Kelly. We're able to be here due to the nature of the technology on our world.
Benmummy: Your world, which is an alternate Earth.
Ilario: Yeah. The name is unimportant—and might I add, a silly one at that, but on our Earth, we--
Benmummy: You, being some cat aliens.
Ilario: Yeah...would you mind not interrupting me?
Benmummy: Err, not at all; sorry.
Ilario: Alright, so we—the Felinosapiens, dominant species on our Earth—developed the Timespace Proxy, originally called the Chronal Proxy, which allows us to take the place of alternate versions of us. Whether it be our past, presents, or *possible** futures, we were able to take their place while making them think they were simply asleep during the time we took control of their body. Over time, it became possible for us to go to our alternates' bodies while not only taking the place of their body, but making their bodies look like ours while we "borrowed" them. We have the choice everytime we used it, though. But so, eventually, we figured we can do more with the CP and turned it into the TP, which allowed us to do the same thing the CP allowed us to do, but across all of time and space.
Benmummy: That's all over crosstime.
Ilario: Precisely. Every now and then, Kitty and I pop in to take control of our alternates, Bruno and Kelly, to see how they're doing as well as help around their Californian home. We normally take our own forms, saving not just California, but his various tour locations too. We're Ilario and Kitty Rhymes. No one knows when we're around, by the way; we work incognito, under the Timekeeprs. You know all about them thanks to your previous visits with them.
Kitty: Guys, we're here.

The three stop before a warehouse, the same one that Metalink had teleported to from the Plumber's base on Earth, with a label "Chropex 8E" on the front. The large garage door is wide open, and one more unconscious body is lying in front of some crates at the entrance. Kitty runs up the body and kneels before it, touching various parts of the body.

Kitty: Link was here.
Ilario: He was? Ben, why didn't you tell us?
Benmummy: I didn't know what this place was, I swear. I didn't even notice when he placed bombs.
Ilario: Then maybe it was just a trick of his to say he planted them here.
Benmummy: I should probably note that I was only able to see a stomach's-eye view of everything. He could've done it behind his back at any time, plus I was catching a bit of shut-eye in custody.
Kitty: He's right. We should check this place anyway. If those things go off, so do we.
Benmummy: We should hurry, too. Remember the bombs were set to blow a while ago.
Kitty: Then let's split up. If anyone finds anything, just call the rest of us.

Each member of the team nods, connoting full agreement. Ilario heads down the left side of the warehouse, Kitty down the center, and Benmummy down the right side. As the three read labels on boxes, each of them realizes his or her disadvantages on his or her own; Benmummy realizes he can't open crates with missing labels, Kitty realizes her inability to read the names on the labels in the dark, and Ilario realizes his fear of dark places. Each runs to the end of the warehouse, crashing into each other and knocking each other onto their backs.

Benmummy: Hey, guys. You got, err, lost, too?
Ilario and Kitty (nodding, simultaneously): Yeah.
Benmummy: Alright, let's go down the center, then we'll check the left and right--
Ilario: I don't mean to the bearer of bad news, but, what's that sound?

The three halt movement and breathing to listen closely to every sound in the room. Ticking bombs begin to increase in volume and frequency over the course of a few seconds.

Ilario: We gotta find them quickly.

The three run frantically around the room in search of areas where the ticking is painfully loud. Ilario is the first to find a bomb.

Ilario: Found one! What should I do?
Kitty: Pass it over here!

As Ilario turns around, he realizes Kitty behind her. She removes her staff from being mounted on her back, tosses the bomb into the air like a frisbee and sends the staff flying through the air right at it. As the two touch each other, the bomb explodes mid-air. Benmummy observes the explosion from the other side of the room, and even despite not having seen the staff being stuck, he realizes exactly what's to be done. He finds another bomb.

Benmummy: Someone help me with this! I can't lift it on my own!

Kitty flips over stacks of crates to Benmummy's side of the room, Ilario saving energy by running around the crates. Kitty grabs the bomb and tosses it into the air like a frisbee once more. She cues Benmummy to toss the lightweight staff at the bomb, which he quickly does. Despite his amount of strength, the staff just barely reaches the bomb, sticking to it and exploding a moment before it begins to drop to the ground. Benmummy, Ilario, and Kitty high-five each other, each ecstatically yelling "Yeah!" as they do so.

Ilario: Can't believe with all that material that Metalink only planted bombs on our crates.
Benmummy: Oh man.
Ilario: What?
Benmummy: I swear you just jinxed us. Throws his palm at his own face.
Ilario: Haha, I doubt it. If there were any bombs left, we'd still be hearing (the loud ticking of another bomb, farther away from their location, sounds)...bombs...ticking...
Benmummy: You just had to keep talking, didn't you?
Ilario: That's crazy talk. Me talking doesn't just cause things to happen. Now, let's go find the other bomb.
Kitty: We better. We were in the clear until you started talking.

The three scope out of every last area in the room, triple-checking that each location is cleared. They return to the center after the ticking no longer repeats, simply remains on an eternal tick which becomes endlessly louder. The two cover their ears as they yell to each other.

Kitty (yelling, ears covered): Where could it be?!
Benmummy (yelling, ears wrapped by more paper): No idea!
Ilario (yelling, yet not covering ears): Wait, guys...There's one place we haven't checked!
Kitty: Where?!
Ilario: Look up!

The three turn their heads and face straight up at the ceiling. The bomb lays on the ceiling. Just as they notice it, the bomb slides on the ceiling, then falls onto a crate. The team rushes over to the bomb.

Benmummy: How are we going to destroy this one?
Kitty: Let's just throw it outside. Kitty puts her hands out, reaching for the bomb, but just as it does so, it latches onto the crate, effectively wrapping arms around it. She bends down to read the label after observing the bomb's reaction. No...She stands up. This is my crate. My birth.
Ilario: Stand back, you two.
Kitty: What are you going to do?
Ilario: Leave the building. I'm saving you two, especially my only love, no matter what it takes.
Kitty: Ilario, you don't have to do this.
Ilario: Either way, a life is being lost. If I help, it won't have to be yours. Your looks'll help you to find someone just for you, Kitty. Now, go.
Kitty: But--
Ilario: GO!

Kitty stands like a statue as she both admires and fears for Ilario's deed. As Benmummy runs to cover just outside of the warehouse, Kitty finally returns from her motionless state, and rushes out of the building herself. Inside the Chropex 8E, Ilario smashes the arms that extend from the bomb, effectively removing it from the crate. The bomb ceases ticking on a holographic timer appears displaying the alien numbers representing 3. He frantically thinks of what to do. His face turns to seriousness as he figures out exactly. 2. He drops the bomb on the floor and lays over it. 1. He covers his eyes and protects every bit of the bomb from destroying anything more than himself. The Omnitrix times back in at this moment, and as Benmummy transforms into Rath believing he has time to save Ilario, but is just too late. 0.

[Hours later, Chronospect's paramedics arrive at the scene. They closely resemble the guards from earlier, except that their glow is red, white and red star resides on their foreheads, and their shoes are white and their thickness builds a more boot-like appearance. Ilario is lifted into the back of a long white limousine-like vehicle, which is the ambulance standard on the planet-dimension, by two paramedics. His body is covered by a white sheet on his lift. Inside the vehicle, the trunk is closed, and the paramedics rush to the driver's and passenger's seats, hovering away into the distance. Kitty is crying with her face in her hands on human Ben's shoulder.]

Ben: It's gonna be alright, Kitty.
Kitty (lifting her head from her hands just long enough to reply): No, it's not; Ilario's gone.
Ben: You didn't even love him. He told you how he felt--
Kitty: And we kissed.
Ben: Oh...I guess I didn't get the right angle from my prison to see that. I-I'm sorry, then.
Kitty: It's not your fault.
Ben: Yes, it is. I could've let Link drain my power, you guys wouldn't be in this mess, the past would've been changed, but--
Kitty: We weren't allowed to let you go free by just letting you give Link your powers.
Ben: Well...maybe Ilario wasn't the one for you after all.
Kitty: Yes, he was. We had a special bond. We were born on the same day, and we've been friends since Pre-K. I always had feelings for him, and I just never wanted to let him know about them because he never showed me how he felt. Now he's gone for good.
Ben: There's always hope, Kit. Maybe the Chronospect doctors can heal him? Kitty: I doubt it. She sniffles then raises her head and shakes a bit to indicate her return to a better state of emotion. Thanks for helping me here, Ben. I think I'll head back to my—oh my...
Ben: What?
Kitty: Ben, Ilario was still using Dwight's body.
Ben: So?
Kitty: So? So if we lose Ilario (sniffles and wipes her eyes), we're both going to need to figure out an excuse for why D'Moore's gone.
Ben: Then why are we wasting time here. Transforms into Diamondhead.
Diamondhead: Let's go after this guy.

[As Diamondhead races ahead by creating a diamond road into the air that grows closer and closer to the ambulance, our focus is drawn to the roof of the Chropex 19 building, where Metalink lie motionless yet talkative.]

Metalink: Those people didn't even ask how long this suit lasts on life support. This thing'll probably run out of support before anybody comes to help me up anyway.
Chronosapien Guard's Voice: I don't think it'll be that long, Link. The Chronosapien Guard arrives at the scene.
Metalink: It's you cats...Come to take me to jail?
Chronosapien Guard: First off, I'm not Ilarious Nefarious nor am I Kitty Rhymes, or even a combination of the two. I'm the real deal, second-in-command member of the Timekepeers and original Chronosapien, Clockwork. But it is true that I'm taking you to jail.
Metalink: Well you might as well just let me rot here then; either way, I'm dying at the hands of you Keepers.
Clockwork: Oh, but if I just let you rot here, you'll never know that you've still got some living family members, or at least, members of your family that are descendants of your once-lover.
Metalink: A lover you Keepers took from me.
Clockwork: For a good cause. You would've realized it, but now you've got to be sent to a Chronospect prison for a good deal of your life. You're 50. Since Ben Tennyson's been giving everyone a 20-year ride, I guess you'll get the same penalty. Chapters, pick him up. From behind him, the Chapters—aliens like the guards and paramedics from before arrive, except this time featuring a pure white glow and wielding staves with clocks atop them—file out from behind Clockwork and surround Metalink. They pick up Metalink, bringing him to his feet but still lacking control.
Metalink: Are you ever going to give charge my suit back up?
Clockwork: That suit you have on now? Absolutely not.
Metalink: What happened to the 20-year sentence?
Clockwork: Oh, you're getting it, just in a suit that you won't be able to escape in. Since it's built entirely by the Chapters, as well as Timekeeper Ore and I, you won't have to worry about even trying to make a plan. We'll receive *every* motion with the new suit. But before we head down to your cell block, meet your ex-fiance's descendant, Moira Yourouguantamobay or something like that.

A stout elderly woman dressed in purple robes with a cane, gray hair, and large circular glasses is revealed as Clockwork steps aside for her to walk from her position behind him to Metalink. She stands still for a moment.

Moira: It's Yourouguaduan, young man. Now, where is he? Clockwork points in Metalink's direction. She nods and walks towards him slowly with her cane close by. When she arrives at Metalink, the Chapters lay Metalink down on his back once more. Moira kneels beside him, laying her cane beside her, and removes Metalink's helmet, tossing it off the building. She sees not a head underneath, but instead a glass helmet with several small pieces of computer memory and various other circuits put together to resemble a brain. The helmet features a silver base with circular buttons and lights, and the circuits are connected into pins on the inside of the helmet.
Metalink: This is me.
Moira: That is you, Link.
Metalink: Do you know anything about my ex-fiance? About Ellen?
Moira: Ellen is my great-grandmother, Link, so I can't say I knew her personally. I'm a grandmother myself, and if my own personality, or even my own mother's personality, is anything to go by, then she must have been a very good person.
Metalink: But she cheated on me. I left and she got another lover.
Moira: A lover she divorced not too long after she had her one and only daughter. She had a man—I don't quite remember his name—who raised her daughter as a father, someone close to you who would never betray you.
Metalink: No...she did that...for me...
Moira: She did. You were her first and her only, Link.
Metalink: And my would-be best man took my place as a father. I'm so sorry, Ellen. I've been using her name in vain for over 20 years...
Clockwork: And if you would've just let go of your past and gone back to your world, you wouldn't have just killed Ilarious Nefarious and his counterpart Dwight D'Moore, and just brought yourself to live out 50 till 70 in jail. Let's see you make it to that age on the inside. Chapters, pick him back up. Moira.
Moira: I know, I know. Open the portal. I'd like to enjoy the rest of my holiday season with my family.
Clockwork: Everybody does, Moira. Have a good one.
Moira: Not to mention Dooshi. He must be in shambles without me.

Moira gets to her feet, walks up to her previous position near the edge of the Chropex 19 building near Clockwork and waves to Metalink as the Chapters live him back up to his feet. She disappears.

Clockwork: Time to go, Link. Chapters.

The Chapters nod in response to him. Everyone on the roof disappears.

[The whole of the world now appears as if it's on a TV screen, lower quality and turned on its side. We zoom out and find the Thep Khufan Commander watching through his screen/window at Chronospect. Someone knocks at his door and the screen reverts to a window into space. He pushes a button on the right side of his chair, sliding his door open. Elena enters, quickly rushing to just in front of his chair and bowing then kneeling before him.]

Thep Khufan Commander: What now, Validus?
Elena (inhales and exhales loudly): A prisoner has escaped.
Thep Khufan Commander: What a shocker; Elena Validus fails to complete such a simple task. It better have been a captive whose escape is reasonable.
Elena: It was Cyanne.
Thep Khufan Commander: WHAT?! You won't cease to annoy me, will you. Tell me you're not tracking him and I'm shooting you out of this thing into the depths of space.
Elena: We are tracking him, though. He took one of the older Takion mini-cruisers. He's currently sleeping inside the ship, and his autopilot was supposedly set to Terradino where he will reveal your plot to the inhabitants.
Thep Khufan Commander: Why should you stay on this ship?
Elena: Because "supposedly" is a key word, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander (squinting at Elena): Go on.
Elena: We are able to remotely control the ship's autopilot, a weakness in that model. We have set it to a random location on Earth.
Thep Khufan Commander: What a terrible plan. He'll simply fly to Ben Tennyson.
Elena: He won't be able to. As soon as the ship lands, he will realize that the ship pinned an inhibitor-collar on him. It's transformed him into his human, and his only remaining Necrofriggian feature is his breath, which will be visibly cold no matter where he is. He's also resistant to cold weather conditions, but it's a minor detail when we've got an arsenal of aliens who can still use his other human weaknesses.
Thep Khufan Commander: You've thought this out well. Get him before Ben Tennyson does. The Plumbers may find him before you do. Dismissed.

Elena rises, bows once more, and walks it out of the room. The door slides closed, and Thep Khufan Commander flips around in his chair to look at his screen/window once more. He presses one button on his chair and the screen shows a birds-eye view of Diamondhead and Kitty approaching the ambulance. He presses a button and spots the Chronospect prison where Clockwork and the Chapters are shoving Metalink's transformed head into a new suit. With one more push of a button, he spots a Kineceleran. His eyes widen as he watches it speed through Chronospect.

[Thep Khufan Commander gets out of his chair and walks around the room, pondering something. As we look at the screen, we get a closer look at what he had been surprised to see--Future Ben's XLR8.]




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Big Chill (x2)
  • Wildmutt
  • Four Arms (accidental transformation; selected was Wildvine)
  • Upgrade (x2)
  • Diamondhead (x2)
  • Cannonbolt
  • Benmummy
  • Rath

(by Future Ben)

  • XLR8


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  • This is one of a few episodes to have a secondary title (being Happily Never After).
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