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Hannibal: The Choice He Makes, Part 2
E-10, Ep 8 - Hannibal- The Choice He Makes
General Information
Original broadcast November 16, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 08
Written by Ebomnitrix
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Hannibal: The Choice He Makes (Part 2) is the eighth episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Hannibal goes missing, its revealed he is kidnapped by Gi-Kwan to use him as bait while he prepares to unleash his ultimate weapon.


The Master Plan

[The scene opens to pitch black. Hannibal’s deep breathing can be heard.]

Hannibal: What… What’s going on? Hello?!

[From Hannibal’s point of view, a blindfold was pulled off. Everything then blurred into color, and he saw an Asian male standing before him: Gi-Kwan.]

Gi-Kwan: Why, hello there, Mr. Hannibal Lincoln.

[We zoom out to see Hannibal wrapped in chains, hanging from the ceiling. Hannibal had sweat coming down his face. The setting took place inside Gi-Kwan’s hideout.]

Hannibal: Agh, you! Who… who are you? Where you have brought me?

Gi-Kwan: Relax, Mr. Lincoln. Everything’s fine, for now. My name is Gi-Kwan, you are in my base of operations, surrounded by thousands of armored men, holding lethal weapons, all here to do my bidding.

Hannibal: What do you want from me?

Gi-Kwan: Oh, nothing in particular. You didn’t do anything, your friend did.

Hannibal: Ethan…?

Gi-Kwan: That’s right, your friend has thwarted my plans time and time again. He’s been quite the distraction in the last couple months. First, he sends my men to prison, then he discovered my base… Fortunately not the one with all the important items. But we managed to recover ground by moving our stuff to a new base with only a little time to spare. Sad about what happened to the men though, I had to severely punish them for not doing their jobs right. Oh! And then, he nearly wiped my plans from getting my devices to power up my super lethal weapon! And you know… I just got so sick of it. So, I decided to spy on him and take something from him for a change. That’s where you come in!

Hannibal: Listen, I want nothing to do with this, and I don’t want anything to do with him! He lied, kept secrets from me... Why would I ever want anything to do with him?!

Gi-Kwan: Because, fate brought you here for a reason, and I can’t begin my plans until I can get him out of the picture.

Hannibal: Then why grab me?

Gi-Kwan: Isn’t it obvious? You’re the bait. We were going for that tall attractive orange haired girl who always hangs around him, but since you came out of the house instead, it gave us the perfect opportunity, you see? Now all we have to do is wait for him to come rescue you.

Hannibal: And if he doesn’t come for me, what then?

Gi-Kwan: Then we’ll kill you.

[Hannibal’s eyes widened.]

Gi-Kwan: See, it doesn’t matter, you die anyway, there’s no victory for you.

[Hannibal glared at him as he began to struggle.]

Gi-Kwan: Oh, don't look so sad. You get to spend your last days watching me turn the world in its rightful place! Now doesn't that sound like fun to you?

Hannibal: No!

Gi-Kwan: Agh, whatever! Now, you sit here until he comes to rescue you, which shouldn’t be too long now. Actually, it will probably take a few days… whatever! I’m already at the final phase of my plan, and nothing will stop me from turning this country into the wasteland it deserves! Have fun hanging around there, Mr. Lincoln. Soon, you'll see the world will tremble before my feet.

[Gi-Kwan and a few of his guards walked away.]

Hannibal: [Struggling] You won’t get away with this!

Gi-Kwan: You’re not the first person to say that, and you won’t be the last.

[Hannibal struggled harder. The more he struggled, the louder the chains shook. We zoom out of the base into the night sky.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Worry for a Friend - Commanding Henchman

[The setting shifted to Horizons, days later. Inside the History Arts class, Ethan, Alice and Nikki were sitting at their desks. The three looked over to notice that Hannibal wasn’t sitting at his usual spot, putting worried expressions on the three’s faces. Meanwhile, outside, Terence began leaving the parking lot and headed for one of the school’s buildings as he put his keys in his pocket. Terence turned his head to the left a bit and noticed Hannibal’s car was not at its usual spot. Terence made no visible reaction and continued on. We shifted over to the library. where the four met up outside.]

Nikki: Anything?

Terence: Nothing. I haven’t heard anything from Hannibal in the last few days. I asked some friends around, but they haven’t seen him.

Nikki: Dammit, I hate it when he gets like this. His family is starting to worry.

Ethan: I’ve checked all over the city using XLR8. I’ve even checked his last few locations.

Terence: Did you check outside the city?

Ethan: No…

[As Ethan's eyes turned to the side, the others gave him a look. Ethan tapped the button on the watch, popping up the core. Ethan slammed down and transformed into XLR8 in a fast green light.]

XLR8: I’m going to check some areas while we still have some time, you guys hang tight. [He puts his visor on.]

Alice: Let us know if you find anything.

XLR8: Will do.

[XLR8 ran off and we cut to Nikki with a worried face.]

Nikki: Hanny, where could you have gone…?

[Meanwhile, we zoom back inside Gi-Kwan’s hideout. Gi-Kwan was speaking to his men.]

Gi-Kwan: Okay, men. You know what to do. Finish up setting the fuelers inside the launchpad, finish repairing the docking systems, and finish making the computers blocked to outside hackers. If I see you smoking on the job, I’ll cut you more than I will Ethan’s friend, understand?

Henchmen: Yes, sir!

Gi-Kwan: Good, now get to work!

[Gi-Kwan turned around and left while the other men started leaving and got to work. Tobias, Jonathan and Oshin began to speak amongst each other.]

Tobias: Ay, why does he care about us smoking on the job or something?

Jonathan: Probably because he doesn’t want us to accidentally set it off.

Tobias: Ah, that makes sense.

Gi-Kwan: Hey, you three dumb bunnies, get your useless asses over here for a second!

[They walked over to Gi-Kwan.]

Gi-Kwan: I need you three to do something for me to ensure our guest arrives shortly. I also want you to do something with Hannibal, watching him strapped to the wall is kinda boring.

Oshin: What do you want us to do?

Gi-Kwan: Do whatever you want, but no killing, no-no-no. We cannot have that yet. Just remember, once you’re done… do what I need you to do.

Tobias: You got it, boss-man.

[Gi-Kwan smiled and walked away. Oshin was confused.]

Oshin: Wait, what did he ask us to do?

Tobias: Oh, you’ll see. [Devious smirk. The track ended.]

[The three walked away and the scene shifted to Hannibal’s house where Ethan, Alice and Nikki stood at his doorstep. Nikki rang the doorbell and Granny Judith answered the door.]

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 8)

Nikki: Hi, Granny Judith.

Granny Judith: Oh, hello, Nikki, it’s nice to see you again. And who might you two be?

Alice: We’re friends of Hannibal. I’m Alice, and this is Ethan.

Ethan: We were wondering if you’ve heard anything from him.

Granny Judith: I’m sorry, no. I had Nikki come by everyday since he’s left to ask where he was, but he hasn’t came back yet. Do any of you know what’s happened to him?

Nikki: We’re worried he got mad about something we did and stormed off.

Granny Judith: Oh, that’s my Hannibal alright. But, he’s never been gone for days before, he’s usually only gone for a couple of hours. You must’ve really set him off.

Ethan: Yeah… [looks down]

Granny Judith: What did you do to my Hanny?! Where’s my boy?!

Ethan: We had to keep a secret from him. We were worried about how he would’ve reacted.

Granny Judith: What, are you drug smugglers? Is that it?! I’ve told him not to mess with the likes of you people!

Alice: No, nothing like that!

Nikki: Look, it’s a long story, but we had to keep it for his own good. He knows we would never try to hurt him.

Granny Judith: Well, I’m sure that can’t be the only reason why he’s left. He would never do something so out of the ordinary…

Alice: Are there any relatives he could’ve ran off to?

Granny Judith: No. His sister Naomi and I are all he has left that he would go to. His parents died in a lab accident when he was only a young boy. Then, his mother’s parents died four years ago, and his great Uncle Barry, he’s somewhere on the other side of the world. He would never go there by himself.

Nikki: Well, thank you, anyway, Granny Judith. We really appreciate it.

Granny Judith: No, thank you, it gives me great pleasure to know that Hannibal has fine friends who really care for him and are doing everything to find him. Just do me a favor, please, as his grandmother, do everything you can to find him. I don’t wanna find out he died out in an alleyway or anything.

Alice: We’ll let you know first thing we find him.

Granny Judith: Thank you.

[Before the three left her doorstep, Ethan turned around and called out to Granny Judith.]

Ethan: Granny Judith!

Granny Judith: Yes?

Ethan: I promise you, I’ll do whatever it takes to find him and bring him back to you.

[Granny Judith took notice to Ethan’s serious face, with Alice and Nikki watching in the background. As the sun started to set, Granny Judith slowly began to tear up and she went over to Ethan as she hugged and sobbed on his shoulder. As Alice and Nikki watched, Nikki turned away and made a fist. The track ended. The scene shifted to nightfall, as an exhausted Ethan walked inside, turned on the lights, and dropped his backpack on the ground and fell on the couch. He crossed his arms and laid them behind his head as he watched the moving ceiling fan.]

Ethan (To Himself): Where are you, Hannibal? Where’d you go?

Tough Call

[Ethan’s phone was ringing and he saw it was from Lieutenant Steel and answered.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, I have big news for you.

Ethan: What is it, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: We found Gi-Kwan’s hideout.

[Ethan’s eyes widened. The scene shifted to Lieutenant Steel and his men gearing up their weapons.]

Lieutenant Steel: After investigating where our mole ran off to, we found her hiding out in Oregon and she told us everything.

Ethan: And?

Lieutenant Steel: He’s hiding 30 miles outside Route 50 in Nevada, with a factory in the desert. Number 3801. We’re attacking him right at sunrise, I need you to be there when we attack.

[We shifted back to Ethan standing up.]

Ethan: Okay, I’m on my way!

Lieutenant Steel: Meet us at our office and I’ll tell you more from there, we’re going to need all the firepower we can get. Ethan, can I count on you?

Ethan: Hell yeah.

Lieutenant Steel: Good, I’ll see you soon.

[Ethan hung up the phone and stood up.]

Ethan: Alright, It’s Action Time!

[Ethan raised his hand over the watch to notice it was still recharging. The track ended.]

Ethan: Dammit… I forgot, Hannibal’s still out there.

[Ethan sat back down and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: I can’t do this knowing he’s still out there, lost and confused. We’ve searched all over the city trying to find a piece of evidence where he is. Right now, my friends need me. Finding Hannibal is way more important than stopping Gi-Kwan. I’m gonna call Lieutenant Steel and tell him I can’t make it.

[Ethan stood back up and grabbed his phone, but by surprise he got an anonymous Facetime call, with no caller ID. Ethan, confused, narrowed his eyes in suspicion. His eyes then widened when he had the thought it could be Hannibal, and immediately accepted the answer. Tobias’ face was shown to Ethan.]

The Wrath of the Earth

Tobias: Yo, what up, Changesman! Long time no see!

Ethan: You!

Tobias: That’s right, me! Tobias, working for the fine man himself you know as Gi-Kwan.

Ethan: Get to the point, Tobias.

Jonathan: Well, we have a story for you. [Pops up to the side.]

Ethan: Joestar!

Jonathan: Stop calling me that, dammit!

Tobias: We hear you’re on the search for your main man Hannibal am I right?

Ethan: You… YOU TOOK HIM?!

Tobias: Yeah we did, and why don’t you say hello to him yourself?

[He raised the phone over to a bruised and beaten Hannibal, still hanging from the ceiling, surrounded in chains and above the container of lava.]

Hannibal: Ethan, help…


Oshin: Hah, he thinks he’s gonna beat us!


Tobias: Nah-uh-uh, you are in no position to make demands or threats here. You want your friend back, come get him. But only if you go alone. The second we see any cops or SACT members here, we’ll blow his ass up to kingdom come, same with yours.


Tobias: You will do nothing other than what we say, if you want his ass alive. Do we have a deal?

Ethan: Ergh… fine.

Tobias: Good, we’ll see you then, Changesman.

[As Tobias was laughing, Ethan hung up the phone, and threw it at the couch. Ethan screamed in anger.]

Preparing and Confronting Gi-Kwan

[The scene shifted to the SACT quarters with Ethan arriving with his friends at the loading docks. Lieutenant Steel notices the group and turns to him.]

Lieutenant Steel: Nuh-uh, no way. What are they doing here?

Ethan: That’s actually what I came to talk to all of you about. That same terrorist group that’s been stealing our weapons, [Turns to the group] they’re also the ones who took Hannibal.

Nikki: WHAT?!

Alice: Those guys?!

Terence: Those bastards!

Ethan: I don’t want to drag any of you into this. But since Gi-Kwan’s men might be picking you off one by one, I’m going to ask you guys to stay here with the SACT until the mission’s over.

Alice, Terence: What?

Nikki: Are you crazy?!

Ethan: It’s the only way I can keep you guys safe.

Nikki: I can take care of myself thank you very much.

Ethan: It’s not worth the risk, dammit!

Nikki: And why not?

Ethan: Because it’s what Hannibal would want.

[The others paused for a moment. In the background, Lieutenant Steel scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward by the situation. Ethan continued speaking.]

Ethan: It’s my fault I got him kidnapped, and I’m not about to let the rest of you suffer the same fate. I won’t risk letting any of my friends getting taken, or hurt, or worse. I’ve already risked the safety of my friends more times than I can count. I’m not gonna let that happen again.

Nikki: Ethan, I promise you, nothing is going to happen. So they took Hannibal, and they’re not about to get the rest of us because we’re going with you to rescue him.

Lieutenant Steel: What?

Nikki: I’m sorry, Mr. Boss man, but I’m not just going to stand by while our friend is in danger. I’m going to go in there, I’m grabbing Hannibal and I’m going to show these terrorists a piece of my mind.

Alice: So am I.

Terence: Are you for real?

Alice: You heard what Nikki said, we can’t just sit here while they torture our friend. Whether Ethan likes it or not, he needs us, and so does Hannibal. After all, he did say he needs some brains over brawns.

Terence: [Sigh] Fine, I guess I’ll go too. Besides, I want payback for last time.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you well aware the risks you’re going to take? You are putting your lives on the line here.

Nikki: I just put mine nearly two weeks ago just joining up with you two.

Alice: And we have fought him before without the SACT there. So…

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, Do you have any anything to add on the subject?

Ethan: I say... [looking at his friends, then sighs and reluctantly responds] Give these guys a biosuit.

[Lieutenant Steel nodded and left the scene.]

Ethan: Are you guys sure you want to do this?

Nikki: Hannibal is not your only friend here, Ethan, and we’re going to rescue him.

Alice: And we’ll be right there with ya.

[Ethan smiled. The scene then shifted to many armed vehicles leaving the SACT garage way and drive onto the highway. They soon pass the entrance sign to Merridale and resume forward. Inside the vehicles, soldiers were either cocking their guns or yawning as others drove. Lieutenant Steel, some soldiers, Alice and Ethan were sitting in one vehicle. Ethan looked out the window, and to Alice’s notice, she placed her hand on his shoulder. Ethan turned to her and smiled. The other vehicle had a few soldiers, Terence and Nikki. On one side, Terence was sleeping on the side with drool coming out of his mouth as his snores grew louder. Nikki on the other side, was prepping her gun.]

Nikki: Don’t worry Hanny, we’re coming.

[The setting changed to sunrise as the vehicles drove off the roads, making everything bump and shake around them. Terence woke up to his surprise and wiped the drool off his mouth. Soon after about a few miles, the worker sitting next to the driver pulled up a scanner showing Gi-Kwan’s base was almost 5 miles nearby. He looked at the driver and he nodded back to him. The driver pressed the brakes and the vehicles began to make a stop. We then shift to inside Ethan’s vehicle with the group noticing.]

Alice: What’s going on?

Lieutenant Steel: We’re here.

[The last vehicle made its stop and Ethan stepped outside.]

Lieutenant Steel: This is as far as we can bring you, anything under a 10 mile radius, and they’ll know we’re here. You’ll have to walk the rest of the way.

Ethan: I understand.

Lieutenant Steel: That includes your phone Ethan.

Ethan: Aw...

[Ethan grabbed his phone and earbuds and he gave them to Lieutenant Steel.]

Lieutenant Steel: Use this.

[Lieutenant Steel handed Ethan a small piece of tech in the shape of a mole.]

Lieutenant Steel: Place this on your neck, and we’ll be able to monitor around the area, but we’ll have to be under radio silence. When things get dark, which I know they will, tap the mole and we’ll be there in minutes.

[While Lieutenant Steel was speaking, Ethan placed the mole on the back of his neck.]

Ethan: Got it.

Alice: Good luck, Ethan.

[Ethan smiled and gave her a nod and resumed forward. Ethan walked straight through the desert. About an hour later, Gi-Kwan’s watchers, spying through monitors and telescopes, they saw Ethan approaching the base. One of the watchers grabbed his walky-talky and called Gi-Kwan.]

Henchman: He’s here, the Changesman’s here!

Gi-Kwan: Excellent, bring him in.

[A tired Ethan noticed Gi-Kwan’s base of operations. He took deep breaths and wiped the sweat off his face.]

Ethan: About time.

[Ethan approached the building. The henchman surrounding the doors, and aimed their weapons out at Ethan. Ethan raised his arms up in the air and they checked to see if he was hiding anything. Ethan nervous, they eventually found nothing.]

Henchman: Bring him in!

[They pushed Ethan inside.]

Ethan: Ah! Hey watch it!

[Ethan was shoved inside and the doors shut. Everything was pitch black inside.]

Ethan: Hey, anybody in here? Don’t tell me I just walked all this way for nothing!

[A small light came on, revealing a injured Hannibal was strapped and hanging from the wall, surrounded in chains with the lava pot under him.]

Hannibal: Ethan!

Ethan: Hannibal!

Hannibal: What are you doing here? These people will kill you!

Ethan: Don’t you think I know that? I’m here to save you, man.

Hannibal: No, don’t! Get out of here, run while you can!

[A light turned on above the second floor, as Gi-Kwan was standing at the upper level, watching him from the rails.]

Gi-Kwan: I wouldn’t do that… [Steps into the light] ...if I were you.

Ethan: You!

Gi-Kwan: Aw, don’t care to say my full name, fine. That’s right, me. Gi-Kwan here, at your service.

Ethan: Let him go, Gi-Kwan!

Gi-Kwan: Aw, and what fun would that be? Aside from maybe him falling into the lava, which you prevented me from doing before. In fact, now that I say that-

Ethan: You have me here, you got what you wanted!

Gi-Kwan: Not everything…

[The rest of the front lights turned on and it was revealed Ethan was surrounded from all directions in a circular angle. The henchman cocked their guns and aimed them right at Ethan.]

Ethan: Are you for real, here?!

Gi-Kwan: Yes, I am! You don’t think I would just let you walk all the way here and then leave alive, do you? Well, too bad. I do believe you’ve met your end, E-Tan.

Ethan: How when I… Wait a minute, did you just call me E-tan?

Gi-Kwan: Yes, yes I did. Your name is E-tan.

Ethan: It’s pronounced Ethan.

Gi-Kwan: Yes, that’s what I said, E-tan.

[Ethan laughed.]

Gi-Kwan: Don’t you laugh at me!

[Ethan scratched the back of his head, and pressed on the mole on his neck in secret.]

Ethan: Aw, man. I really didn’t think you would get my name wrong. I mean, come on. E-tan? Don’t you know how to use your English?

[A gunshot was blasted below Ethan’s feet and he jumped over and dodge it in time.]

Gi-Kwan: Joke all you want, but I can end your life instantly with the snap of my fingertips.

Ethan: Okay, Thanos, whatever you say.

Gi-Kwan: Do you want to try me?

[Gi-Kwan prepared to snap his fingers and Ethan stopped him by speaking at a fast pace.]

Ethan: Okay, I’ll be good.

Gi-Kwan: See, this is why I want to wipe out you typically deranged Americans. Always mocking and laughing at us, thinking you are better than any of us. Well no more! Soon, I will launch my power, and then you and the rest of the world will be blown by my hands! But I can’t have any of that until I be rid of you.

Ethan: So I sent a couple of your guys to jail, so what?

Gi-Kwan: You nearly risked blowing up our entire operation! But, luckily we managed to save a few parts. And now I will get back at you as you not only watch your friend die. But, as I watch you suffer a slow and painful death. Get ‘em boys!

[The henchman dropped their guns and before Ethan can press on his watch, they ganged up on him and began to brutally beat him to death.]

Ethan: Agh! We.. had… a deal...

[Gi-Kwan laughed at Ethan’s suffering. Hannibal watched the beating happen in front of him. He then closed his eyes and tried to hold back any tears and turned away. Ethan raised out his hand for help, as Gi-Kwan was leaving the room. Suddenly, Gi-Kwan stopped as he heard a loud noise nearby. He turned to the other side.]

Gi-Kwan: What is making that noise!?

[The sides of the building were blown to pieces as soldiers were running inside with their guns. Chunks of the ceiling were blown to pieces as more soldiers, hanging onto ropes, dropped to the scene. The henchman surrounding Ethan began to run away. Alice, Terence, Nikki and other soldiers appeared at the front of the building. Alice gasped and the three ran over to help Ethan up.]

Alice: Ethan!

Terence: Just sit tight, buddy, we gotcha!

[Alice and Terence helped Ethan up as Lieutenant Steel passed by them and walked towards the henchman, with an armed weapon.]

Lieutenant Steel: You’re under arrest, Gi-Kwan, for stealing our alien tech, for imprisoning innocent civilians, and for threatening to kill innocent lives of this entire country.

[The track ended.]

Gi-Kwan: So you did bring people! It looks like I’m not the only one who played out of the deal. Well, whatever. ACTIVATE THE WEAPON, AND KILL THEM ALL, ESPECIALLY OUR PRISONER!

All Out Battle! (Time For Action, Initial Intrusion, Ep 8)

[His men lowered the chains as Hannibal was moving closer to the lava. The SACT soldiers and henchman aimed their weapons and began firing. Ethan stood up, and while he addressed Alice, Terence and Nikki, he tapped the button and the core pops up from his watch.]

Ethan: You guys go get Hannibal, I’ll deal with these guys!

[Ethan slammed down and a green light blinded the screen. The scene was zoomed onto Ethan, revealing he had transformed into Echo Echo.]

Echo Echo: ECHO! [Duplicates] ECHO! [Duplicates] ECHO! [Duplicates] ECHO-ECHO!

[Echo Echo had duplicated an army of his own and they went running into the henchman. As SACT and the henchman were fighting in the background, both by physical contact and by shooting at each other, the Echo Echoes screamed out their sound waves, and sent many of the soldiers back. One of the Echo Echoes climbed onto one of the henchman.]

Echo Echo: Aw, you wanted to hurt me so badly, well this is for that!

[Echo Echo screamed near the henchman’s ears, and he was launched back into the wall. One of the Echo Echo’s saw Tobias running for his life and jumped to the front him.]

Echo Echo: This is for Hannibal!

[The Echo Echoes blasted Tobias into the glassed table and he was stuck on the wooden edges, glass cutting his exposed skin. Another Echo Echo clone jumped near to Jonathan as he attempted to get away.]

Echo Echo: And this is for stealing my backpack!

[The Echo Echoes blasted him into the ground. The scene shifted upstairs to Nikki and Alice, where they saw the chains slowly dragging Hannibal to the lava.]

Hannibal: Nikki? Alice? What the hell are you doing here?

[Nikki and Alice began pulling Hannibal's chains as they talked.]

Nikki: I’m trying to save you!

Hannibal: You shouldn’t be here!

Nikki: No, you shouldn’t be here! It’s my fault you were brought here in the first place!

Hannibal: No, I deserve to be here, I’m the one who walked out on you...

Nikki: Yeah and I’m the one who should’ve tried harder to stop you!

Alice: Maybe you two should discuss this later after we save your life!

[Alice turned to Terence as he fired electricity at the henchman in the background.]

Alice: Terence, we could use your help here!

Terence: On it.

[Terence ran over and helped them pull the chains. The three struggled as Hannibal was being pulled closer to the lava.]

Terence: He’s too heavy! We need to push him away from the lava.

Nikki: Oh yeah? And how are we supposed to do that?

Alice: Ethan!

[An Echo Echo clone appeared beside him.]

Echo Echo: I’m on it.

[The Echo Echo clone ran towards the lava pit, as Hannibal was reaching closer to the lava. Echo Echo created a stack of clones, which created a tower.]

Echo Echo: SONIC TOWER!!!

[The stacked Echo Echoes launched a massive soundwave, and it blasted Hannibal out of the chains and was flown away from the lava pit. Hannibal fell to the ground and struggled to get up.]

Nikki: Hanny!

[Nikki, Alice and Terence ran towards Hannibal, Meanwhile, a few henchman attacked Alice and Terence from behind, leading them to fight the henchman. Nikki approached Hannibal and helped him up.]

Hannibal: My ears are ringing…

Nikki: I’m sorry, Hanny. I promise, no more secrets from now on.

Hannibal: No, I should apologize. This is what you guys were trying to keep me from. I should’ve understood better, and not stormed off like I did.

Nikki: Maybe you shouldn’t have, but you had every right to and I will never jeopardize our friendship again.

[The two smiled. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Steel was firing bullets at Gi-Kwan. Gi Kwan jumped to the side and hid into the shadows.]

Lieutenant Steel: Did you really think you were going to get away with stealing my alien tech?

Gi-Kwan: Yes, any mad super genius would. After all, it didn’t take much to infiltrate your base.

[Gi-Kwan fired a shot in Lt. Steel's direction, watching the man recoil as the blast caught him in the shoulder. Lieutenant Steel raised his own weapon and returned fire on his assailant.]

Lieutenant Steel: And you think blowing up this country is going to do you any good? Do you know how many lives you’d be taking?!

Gi-Kwan: Yes, and they deserve to die a miserable death!

[Gi-Kwan appeared, holding a gigantic laser cannon and aimed it at Lieutenant Steel again. It fired a red laser, and Lieutenant Steel ducked in time to see it turned one of the metal pipes into dust. Gi-Kwan attempted to run away, but was grabbed by Lieutenant Steel as he held him back into the control panel.]

Lieutenant Steel: Who are you working for? Why are you stealing my weapons? And what are you hoping to accomplish out of this?

[Gi-Kwan sneakingly grabbed a gauntlet from the back, and attached his arm to it.]

Gi-Kwan: If you really wanna know, then why don’t I show you!

[Gi-Kwan smacked him with his gauntlet, and it launched a jolt of electricity, throwing Lieutenant Steel back. Lieutenant Steel tried to stand up, but he was unable to move.]

Gi-Kwan: These jolt shooting energy gauntlets have the power to not only punch your enemies harder, but to paralyze them as well. But you knew that...

Lieutenant Steel: What are you up to?

Gi-Kwan: You see, my country is in great jeopardy because of what you Americans did, you tried to manipulate our economy and started a war for 60 years and you left us to die!

Lieutenant Steel: We didn’t start that war, we were trying to show peace.

Gi-Kwan: But even then, you lead my people into a falling economy that we aren’t able to bring ourselves out of! So I was sent here as an undercover agent to make sure yours would fail too! I gathered intel and I manipulated these men to do exactly my bidding. We had snuck passed your country’s security forces and realized there was a black ops agency, assigned to gather alien technology to protect the nation from threats that goes beyond our country, beyond this world: the entire universe. This was the perfect opportunity to get my revenge! So I sent my men to infiltrate your base and steal your technology so that I would build this...

[Gi-Kwan turned over towards the control panel. He opened the glass case covering the launch button, and slammed it. Soon, the sirens went off and everybody paused to take notice to the alarm. The henchman began running for their lives, one of them ran passed Alice, then tripped to the ground and instantly got back up, cowering for his life. Alice turned over to see something coming from the ground nearby.]

Alice: Oh no…

[A red light flickered throughout the entire base. Everything was shaking around them. Lieutenant Steel turned around to notice something was coming from the ground. Gi-Kwan raised his arms in the air, cheering for his success.]


[Lieutenant Steel noticed he was able to move again as he created a fist.]


[Lieutenant Steel punched him in the face and sent him to the ground. Meanwhile, Echo Echo took a step towards what was coming from the ground, only to reveal a giant rocket making its way up. Echo Echo’s hourglass symbol started flashing and he transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Oh, man…

Stopping the Rocket

[Everything shook harder as Lieutenant Steel tried to shut down the rocket from the control panel. Ethan and Alice ran up to him.]

Alice: What’s happening?!

Lieutenant Steel: We’ve got to shut down the missile before it launches, if we don’t, we’ll risk the entire population of most of North America being blown to pieces.

Ethan: Maybe I could try to-

[Before Ethan could dial an alien from the watch, Gi-Kwan interrupted the two of them.]

Gi-Kwan: You can’t. I’ve designed it just so it would have no reverse option.

Ethan: Don’t you think that’s kinda ridiculous?!

Gi-Kwan: Anything to destroy you filthy Americans!

Ethan: If that missile takes off, it’ll hurt you too!

Alice: I think that’s the point, Ethan.

Lieutenant Steel: He’s a terrorist, Ethan, he’ll do anything to make sure the mission won’t be compromised.

Gi-Kwan: Now I will watch you perish, as we will all go out together!

[Alice grabbed Gi-Kwan by his collar.]

Alice: Listen to me, I know you think you’re some big hot shot, but if you don’t help us reprogram that missile before it launches, I’m going to make sure I hurt you more than the missile will.

Gi-Kwan: Go ahead and try me.

[Alice threw Gi-Kwan to the side and searched for the back of the control panel and began shocking the wires from her palms. Despite frying everything, it didn’t stop the rocket.]

Alice: Nothing worked…

Gi-Kwan: [Laughs] I told you, this was created to ensure our mission was a success.

[Gi-Kwan holding a gun, he started firing. His shot had missed and Lieutenant Steel jumped and punched him in the face, knocking Gi-Kwan out. Terence ran to the group as Nikki approached them, holding onto Hannibal.]

Terence: What’s going on?

Ethan: Gi-Kwan just launched a missile, and we don’t know how to stop it!

Lieutenant Steel: Terence, help me evacuate the building. We have to get as many people out of here as we can before that thing launches.

Terence: On it. [Leaves]

Lieutenant Steel: You all, get out of here as well!

Ethan: But what about the missile?!

Lieutenant Steel: Nothing matters more than getting the rest of you to safety. I’m going to see what I can do to hack through its systems.

Ethan: That’s the best you can do?

Lieutenant Steel: Unless you have any brighter ideas, I’m all ears.

Alice: What about you, Ethan? Don’t you have an alien in there that can handle this?

Ethan: Me? I don’t have any aliens that can stop that thing! My aliens can’t destroy something that big. Even if I went Lodestar, he won’t be able to dismantle it in time!

Alice: Ethan, listen to me, many lives are at stake here. You said if there isn’t anything the SACT can do, then it’s up to you, right? Then prove that to us! I know you can do it.

Ethan: I know… I just need a moment here...

Nikki: What if you grabbed the missile and turned it the other direction around.

Ethan: Into the sky? I don’t have any flyers who can grab that thing!

Hannibal: I bet Four Arms can.

Ethan: Four Arms can’t fly!

Hannibal: But he is strong enough to turn it to someplace else.

[Ethan made a surprised and terrified look on his face.]

Alice: Look, Ethan, it’s the only way. Can you do it?

[Ethan took a deep breath and put on his serious face.]

Ethan: Okay. You guys get out of here, I don’t want you getting caught in the blast.

[Hannibal, Nikki and Lieutenant Steel ran out of the room. Before Alice could run, she turned back to Ethan.]

Alice: Good luck, Ethan.

[Alice hugged him tight which surprised Ethan, and she ran out with the others. We shift to Terence and Lieutenant Steel evacuating the others.]

Lieutenant Steel: Everyone, get out of here!

Terence: C’mon, people! Move it! We don’t have all day!

[Soon, everyone had made it outside and the group was miles away from the building. The time of day had changed to early morning with the sky clear and blue. Terence walked over and approached Lieutenant Steel.]

Terence: Okay, we got everyone.

Lieutenant Steel: Great work, soldier.

Alice: Not everyone…

[Lieutenant Steel, Alice, Terence, Nikki, Hannibal and some of the soldiers turned over, looking at the building.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’ve done all we can, now it’s Ethan’s turn.

[The track ended. Meanwhile, Ethan approached the missile as it was about to take off. The ground was shaking harder.]

Ethan: Okay, come on, Ethan, you can do this!

[Ethan raised up his arm and slammed down on the watch, transforming in a flash.]

Four Arms: Four Arms to save the world.

The Pillows - Last Dinosaurs (E-10 Cut)

[Four Arms jumped onto the missile, and held onto it with his whole body. He saw that he was close to the engine down below. Four Arms felt the intense heat.]

Four Arms: Oh boy, I better get a move on!

[The ground began to shake harder, and from the outside, the viewers saw the missile take off into the sky. The rocket flew across the sky with great speed. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Steel was watching from his binoculars.]

Lieutenant Steel: The rocket has launched, but I don’t see Ethan.

Nikki: Let me see that!

[Nikki grabbed them, and from her viewpoint, she saw Four Arms hanging onto the missile.]

Nikki: There he is! I see him!

[We shift to Four Arms trying to climb closer to the top of the missile.]

Four Arms: Man, they make this look so much easier in the movies!

[The missile left the clouds as they were approaching a nearby city.]

Four Arms: Alright, come on Ethan! You can do this!

[Four Arms turned to the side of the rocket and tried pushing his missile with all his might. They were moving closer toward the ground.]

Four Arms: Come on! Come on! Come on!

[Four Arms kept pushing with all his might. Soon, veins began to appear around his muscles and he screamed from the top of his lungs. Slowly the missile began to change direction.]

Four Arms: It’s working! I just need a bigger... push...

[Four Arms continued pushing with all his might. From the city’s viewpoint, the crowd saw a missile heading right for them and panicked. The scene shifts to Four Arms pushing as hard as he can, the direction continued to shift.]

Four Arms: Just a little more!!!

[Four Arms pushed with all his might until finally the missile had changed direction. The missile turned towards the sky, and Four Arms grabbed onto the missile for dear life, as they soon left the Earth’s atmosphere.]

Four Arms: I did it...

[Four Arms was beginning to lose oxygen, as he took heavy breaths. Eventually his lungs gave up, and his arms let go of the missile, leaving his body to plummet towards the Earth. Before the missile could completely leave the planet, it exploded, creating a large shockwave, clearing a large wave clouds and pushing Four Arms closer to Earth faster. The scene shifted back to the SACT on Earth, as Nikki continued staring with her binoculars.]

Terence: Did you see that?!

Nikki: I think everyone saw that, Terence. We did it!

[Everyone began to cheer for a moment.]

Hannibal, Alice: But where’s Ethan?

Nikki: I can’t see him. You don’t think he…

[There was a small moment of silence as everyone looked concerned. Lieutenant Steel grabbed the binoculars.]

Lieutenant Steel: I’m not sure.

[Alice with a worried look on her face, shut her eyes and clasped her hands together, her fingers interlocking.]

Alice: Come on, Ethan.

[We shift to Four Arms continuing to approach Earth, and he finally opened his eyes and began taking deep breaths.]

Four Arms: Wait, I did it? Haha, I’m alive!

[Four Arms widened his eyes and saw he was closing in on the ground below.]

Four Arms: Uh oh… Maybe not for too much longer!

[Lieutenant Steel sees Four Arms body falling from the sky and he smiled.]

Lieutenant Steel: There he is!

[Lieutenant Steel gave the binoculars to Alice and she took a look.]

Alice: It’s Ethan! He’s okay!

Terence: Well, don’t just stand there! Move!

[The group ran towards where Four Arms was possibly going to land. Four Arms continued falling as his speed began to increase.]

Four Arms: Aw, man. Soon, I’m going to hit the ground and I’m about to become the worlds reddest pancake, and I don't mean that because of my skin!

[Four Arms turned to the symbol on his chest.]

Four Arms: Come on you stupid watch! I know we have our disagreements, but can’t you turn me into something that’ll create a safe landing? Anything!

[Four Arms turning the dial, he eventually touched the symbol, and his body was surrounded by a green aura, and transformed in a white light.]

Goop: Goop!? Aw, man. This is gonna hurt!

[Goop screamed as he was flying towards the group.]

Lieutenant Steel: Everybody, get back!

[Everyone stopped moving and Goop splat into the ground.]

Goop: Ugh… I don’t feel so good!

Alice: Are you okay?

Goop: That hurt more than ripping a sticky bandage off a sunburn.

[Goop morphed back into his humanoid shape. The track ended.]

Lieutenant Steel: Glad to know you’re okay.

[They ran toward Goop, as he tapped the symbol on his chest, and changed back into Ethan a green light this time, making a different sound. They all stopped to their surprise.]

Alice: Ethan, you changed back?

Where the Ortus Bloom (E-10, Ep 8 Cut)

Ethan: Yeah! I did it! I finally figured out how to change from alien to alien now, and I can change back whenever I want now! Woo-hoo!

Lieutenant Steel: So I see you managed to save this country from being a nuclear wasteland.

Ethan: You bet I did! Man, you should’ve seen it, I had to climb to the top of the missile and had to pull with all my strength. Man, my arms feel tired, but dude I can’t believe it! I finally figured it out! This is going to make my life so much easier! Now if I can just figure out how to get the aliens I want all the time...

[Alice and Nikki laughed while Terence made a smile. Hannibal approached Ethan with a calm attitude, smiling.]

Hannibal: Glad you’re alright.

Ethan: Hannibal…

[Ethan and Hannibal walked up to each other.]

Ethan: I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about everything. Look, you know I trust you and everything, it’s just-

Hannibal: Save it, I know. You were just trying to do your job and made sure no one was getting hurt. I see that now. I should’ve respected what you guys trying to do for me, and maybe next time, I’ll know what to do then to storm off from my friends. I need to show people like Gi-Kwan that I’m more of a bigger man than that. I can’t go running around trying to escape from my problems. From now on, I’m gonna face them, and be sure I get stronger so I don’t let others go out of their way trying to protect me.

Ethan: That’s good. But, that was my fault. If I had told you, from the beginning, you would’ve never been caught up in any of this mess. Same with all of you and my messes...

Hannibal: Maybe, but you were only trying to do what’s right for me. Now it’s my turn to do what’s right for me. And to start, I’m gonna be sure that your asses aren’t in any danger the next time you go out on missions.

Nikki: There’s always going to be danger, Hanny.

Hannibal: [Turns to Nikki] Then I’ll be there to help.

[Ethan walked over to Hannibal as he raised out his fist.]

Ethan: So, we cool now?

[Ethan smiled and gave him his fist.]

Hannibal: Yeah, we’re cool.

[The track ended. We zoom out to Ethan and Hannibal giving each other a fistbump, with the group watching nearby, reacting to their renewal-ed friendship with a smile.]

David Bowie - Heroes (E-10 Cut)

[We zoom further out to see Gi-Kwan’s old hideout was covered in smoke. The scene faded to inside Granny Judith’s house, later that day. The doorbell rang. Granny Judith opened the door to find Hannibal at her doorstep. Hannibal was covered in bruises, scars and a broken arm. Hannibal walked inside and hugged Granny Judith who was on the verge of tears. Naomi looking from the side, she saw Hannibal and ran over to join the family hug. By the doorstep, Ethan, Nikki, Alice and Terence were watching. Granny Judith took a notice to this and invited them in. We cut to Terence, Hannibal and Naomi sitting on the couch, Nikki sitting on another chair, and Ethan and Alice standing on separate sides of the couch. Granny Judith offered chocolate chip cookies and they each grabbed a one. Granny Judith then sat down as the group resumed their conversation. We shifted to Lieutenant Steel sitting in his office having a cup of coffee while he was on the phone. He took a sip and continue to yell over the phone, while a soldier handed him paperwork. Lieutenant Steel thanked him and then continued to yell over the phone. We shifted over to a jail cell where Gi-Kwan was in one, and we dolly over towards the left to reveal more of his men were sitting in different cells. Tobias was smoking a blunt and Oshin, who was sharing the cell with him, was coughing heavily. The scene then shifted to days later where Ethan stopped running to catch his breath. He had arrived to Horizons, and noticed the others waiting for him. Ethan ran toward the others and he began walking with them to class as they made conversation. The scene had later shifted to them continuing to a different conversation.]

Hannibal: And then, once we got off the ride, the roller coaster was so covered in Steven’s puke, they had to shut the ride down for hours just to try and clean it up.

Alice: Ew!

Nikki: Gross!

Terence: I’m glad I don’t work there.

Ethan: I’ll do anything to not be that guy.

Terence: Anything?

Ethan: Don’t start.

Nikki: What, you did drag yourself into that one. Now you got to prove it.

Ethan: I will amp you!

[Ethan raised his arm above the watch with an icon selected on the dial. The group started to laugh, then Ethan laughed along with them.]

Hannibal: You know something, I’m glad we don’t have to keep secrets from each other anymore, not the big ones at least.

Nikki: Big ones? Oh, so now you’re hiding something from me.

Hannibal: No...

[Hannibal’s eyes rolled off to the side, and as Nikki, Terence and Hannibal continued walking and talking, Ethan grabbed Alice’s shoulder.]

Ethan: Hey, can we talk for a sec?

Alice: Sure.

Ethan: I… I just wanted to thanks. Ever since I was a child, I never really had any friends to hang out with. And by the time the opportunity to go to Horizons came along, I was scared I was going to be alone. Even without my powers I thought I was going to be just some loner kid. If it wasn’t for me running into you, quite literally, I wouldn’t have met everyone the way I did. So, thanks.

Alice: Well, it wasn’t me who did everything, it was you. You’re the one who brought us all together, and whether you had your powers or not, I think somehow we were all meant to meet. And can I be honest with you?

[Ethan’s face went from smiling to curious.]

Alice: Before you came along, my life used to be just so bland. I was homeschooled by my mother and I didn’t really have a lot of friends. And for the friends I did make, they never made me feel special like the way you and the others do. You made my life more special, even before I found out about your powers. I just knew you were different, and I like that. And now that we’ve formed this group together, my life’s never felt more complete. Like with you guys, I actually feel like I have a purpose. So, I should be thanking you.

[Ethan blushed for a moment and cleared his throat.]

Ethan: Why don’t we call it even?

Alice: Deal. Now come on, let’s meet back with the others.

[The two smiled and Alice turned back to the others, Ethan then stopped her as he called out to her.]

Ethan: Wait, what did you mean by I make you feel special?

[Alice’s face turned red and she turned back around with a smile.]

Alice: Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

[Alice ran back to the group and Ethan then started chasing after her.]

Ethan: Hey, wait that’s not fair! Don’t leave me without a proper answer!

[Ethan caught up with the others and resumed walking to campus. We cut to Hex in a dark room, sitting down with his grimoire laid open. A mysterious magic symbol shown in the book. Hex raised his arms up in the air, with red aura surrounding his fingertips and fired an energy blast into the air. The scene shifted to the Ethan and the others heading towards the building, and we zoom to Ethan’s watch, revealing that it was still active. The icon on his playlist was still showing, revealing to be a mysterious, hooded alien. A green light blinded the screen and everything faded to black.]


E-10 ED 1 - Kekkai Sensen
E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

Episode 9 Preview

Major Events

  • Gi Kwan is revealed to be the one who kidnapped Hannibal.
  • Gi Kwan's ultimate weapon is revealed to be a rocket to blow up most of North America.
  • Gi Kwan and his henchman are defeated.
  • Hannibal makes up with everyone, and accepts Ethan's powers.
  • Ethan learns how to switch from alien to alien and to change back on his own.
  • Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki promise no more secrets and lies between the group.
  • Hex is revealed to be planning something.
  • A new alien is revealed in the watch.


  • Hannibal's kidnapper is revealed to be by Gi Kwan.
  • It is revealed Gi Kwan had to relocate his entire operation after Ethan, Alice and Terence escaped Gi Kwan's base.
  • Lieutenant Steel is informed of now Terence and Hannibal learning Ethan's powers.
  • Alice calls back to her and Ethan's brain and brawns dynamic.
  • Gi Kwan still holds a grudge against Ethan putting his men in jail.
  • Echo Echo calls back to Episode 1 when Gi-Kwan's henchman stole Ethan's backpack.
  • Ethan calls back to not having many friends before Horizons.
  • Ethan also calls back to when he used XLR8 and accidentally ran into Alice.



Gi-Kwan's Group

  • Jonathan
  • Oshin
  • Tobias
  • Alex

Aliens Used


  • Ethan jokingly refers to Gi Kwan as Thanos when he threatens to end his life with a snap.
  • The 10th alien is teased at the end of the episode, foreshadowing the next arc. This is a reference to Omni-Tricked when Shock Rock was first teased.


  • The Last Dinosaur, by The Pillows is used as an insert song.
  • Heroes, by David Bowie is used as an insert song.
    • This song is used at the end of the episode to call back to Regular Show's finale.
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