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Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil, Part 1
E-10 Ep 7 - Hannibal- A Secret to Unveil
General Information
Original broadcast November 9, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 7
Overall episode number 07
Written by Ebomnitrix & Runny & Kakapokid5
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Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil (Part 1) is the seventh episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Hannibal comes out about his feelings for Nikki, he discovers a shocking secret that changes everything for the group.


Warrior Fighters C (Reshiram Theme Cut) - E-10

[The scene opened to a destroyed burning city landscape. The area was covered with rubble and scorch marks. A foot stomped on the ground and we zoom up to see a male in a blue, red, silver and gold outfit standing with his arms raised up.]

Okabe: You have demolished the worlds of our sacred land!

[We zoom over to a girl with long brown hair who was wearing an indigo, pink, teal, and silver outfit standing before him, with her arms raised up.]

Takagi: Yet you are the one who has corrupted our people!

Okabe: So, how do we decide this?

Takagi: I think you know the answer to that one, genius.

[She raised her arm and posed. Then the two screamed at each other as they began to fight. The camera zoomed out of the scene to reveal life bars by the fighters. It was revealed that Hannibal and a young teenage girl were playing this game on their Playstation. The setting took place in the teenage girl’s bedroom.]

Naomi: Come on, come on, I’m going to get you!

Hannibal: Oh? You think you can defeat the undefeated champion, little girl?

Naomi: Watch me!

[In the game, Takagi slammed Okabe into the ground, then rapidly kicked him. Okabe stood up and began to counter Takagi, draining her health.]

Naomi: Oh, I see how it is!

[Takagi then launched a special attack, draining Okabe’s health to the yellow.]

Hannibal: Oh, that’s how you wanna play? Fine by me.

[Hannibal pressed a button on the controller and activated his finishing move.]


[Okabe launched a large laser blast, knocking out Takagi, giving Hannibal the victory.]

Hannibal: Aw, yeah!

Naomi: What?! You have got to be kidding me!

Hannibal: [Sets down the controller.] And that is how we get it done.

Naomi: It’s not over yet! Best 2 out of 3?

[The shout of an old lady came through the bedroom door.]

Granny Judith: Kids, you better hurry and be ready for school! Your breakfast is getting cold!

Hannibal: I’ll be down in 5, Granny!

[Hannibal turned back to Naomi and patted her head.]

Hannibal: We’ll finish this up later.

[Hannibal left the bedroom, and Naomi crossed her arms and pouted.]

Naomi: Aw, man.


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Morning with the Lincolns

[A few moments later, Hannibal walked down the stairs, putting his shirt on as he approached the table where Naomi was sitting. His grandmother was placing pancakes on their plates.]

Hannibal: Morning, Grams.

[Hannibal gave Granny Judith a kiss on the forehead.]

Granny Judith: Morning, Hanny. How’s my big strong man doing today?

Hannibal: [Sits down] Doing well, at least until class starts.

Naomi: That’s because you beat me in Warrior Fighters C.

[Hannibal sat down and was preparing to eat his pancakes.]

Hannibal: Don’t sweat it, kid. You’ll get another chance tomorrow morning. Promise.

Naomi: And you better keep that promise this time.

[Hannibal took a bite of his pancakes and turned to his grandma.]

Hannibal: Oh, hey, I’m gonna be out tonight. I’m going to hang with Nikki after my job, if that’s cool with you.

Naomi: Ooooh, you mean your girlfriend.

Hannibal: Naomi!

Granny Judith: I think it’s sweet you’re hanging out with Nikki. How come you two never got together? You two used to be very close when you were little.

Hannibal: We’ve always been close, Granny. But, I don’t know. She just... doesn’t see me that way yet.

Granny Judith: Only time will tell. But when you get back, I’m gonna need you to mow the lawn. My back has been killing me since the other day...

Hannibal: No problem.

[He sat up and strapped his backpack around his shoulder.]

Hannibal: Alright, kid, let’s get you to school.

Naomi: Aw, but we don’t have to go for another hour!

Hannibal: No, you don’t have to go for another hour. But I gotta drive all the way across town to get to my campus, and your school is on the way.

Naomi: Aw, man!

Hannibal: Let’s go.

[Naomi grabbed her bag and the two walked out the door to the driveway.]

Granny Judith: Have a good day, you two!

Naomi: Bye, Grandmama!

Hannibal: Later, Granny!

[The two entered Hannibal’s car as Granny Judith waved goodbye, and the two drove off to school. The scene shifted to Hannibal arriving at Horizon Arts. The track ended. Soon, he made his way toward the buildings and ran into Nikki outside. The two began to walk together around campus.]

Nikki Talks

Hannibal: Hey, Nick.

Nikki: Hey, Hanny. How was your weekend?

Hannibal: The usual. Although, I ended up working both my day and night shifts. Then I had to help my granny run some errands. I had no time to relax. Hell, I didn’t have time to study for my test. I really hope my teacher doesn’t flunk me.

Nikki: Damn, Hanny, you gotta give yourself a break.

Hannibal: Yeah, well, college doesn’t pay itself. Besides, I’m doing this to help Granny. At her age, I can’t make her do everything by herself.

Nikki: I know, but who’s going to take care of you?

Hannibal: That’s what I got you and my friends for, right? Besides, I can do just fine on my own.

[The two walked inside.]

Hannibal: So what about you? How was your weekend?

Nikki: Well…

Jamal: Hey, Nikki, over here!

[A biracial male waved to Nikki, wearing a beanie, a black silk jacket, a gold necklace around his neck, and a watch on his wrist. Nikki rushed over giving Hannibal a shocked reaction on his face.]

Nikki: Hey, Jammy.

[She kissed him on the cheek, then turned to Hannibal.]

Nikki: Hanny, this is my new boyfriend, Jamal.

Jamal: What’s up?

[Hannibal’s face turned serious and the tone of his voice sounded calm.]

Hannibal: What’s good?

Nikki: He and I have known each other for the last couple weeks, after that, things just happened.

Jamal: You can say it was a pretty eventful weekend.

[Nikki elbowed him.]

Nikki: Well, anyway, we’re off to class. I’ll catch you later Jam Toast!

Jamal: See ya, Nick-Nack.

[We zoom into Hannibal’s annoyed face, and the scene shifted to a lunch table, where he and a different set of friends were hanging outside, eating lunch. The track ended.]

Just Another Saturday Afternoon (Enhanced)

Isaac: Man, that’s gotta hurt!

Steven: I mean, seriously.

[Steven took a bite of his burger and spoke with his mouth open.]

Steven: She shoved him into your face like it was nothing! I mean how long has she known this guy, two weeks?

Hannibal: Exactly!

Steven: I wouldn’t worry about it, if she wants to go out with a dirtbag like him, let her. She’ll figure out on her own that he’s using her.

Hugh: I don’t know about that, college relationships last pretty long.

Steven: Yeah, but from Hannibal’s description, she’ll be lucky to last a week with this guy.

Hannibal: I swear… Every time I’m about to tell her, there’s always got to be something holding me back. It’s like the universe is playing mind games with me, man.

Hugh: Don’t worry about it, you’ll get to tell her eventually.

Isaac: My only question is, how long are you going to keep letting her friendzone you like that? I mean, come on, you’ve chased after her for 7 years. Just give up already.

Hannibal: Oh yeah? What about you and that Marie chick I keep seeing you hanging around? Isaac: I’m working on it.

Hugh: He’s got a point, though. The more you let her mess with your mind, the worse it’s going to get for you.

Steven: Come on, we’re in our 20’s! We’re practically college seniors at this point! It’s time to live it up!

Hannibal: No, you guys are college seniors. I’m still going to be at this college for another three years after this.

Steven: Oh right, you had to take two years off to save some money. Sorry, man.

Hugh: He’s not the only one, remember, I gotta stay here another year after flunking all those classes.

Steven: So it’s just going to be me and Isaac, huh?

Isaac: [Slurps smoothy.] Oh, joy.

Hannibal: Well, anyway, I might skip my three hour class and go straight to my job. Being a personal gym trainer sounds a lot better than hanging around and failing my test. I’ll see ya.

[Hannibal grabbed his backpack, stood up and waved goodbye as he left the campus. The track ended.]

Go Forward - Cut

[The scene cut to night as Hannibal was inside his bedroom, sitting at his desk with his books laid out and a lamp shining next to him. Hannibal was having a hard time concentrating and started tapping his fingers. His other arm was laid on his desk with his hand laying on his face. Everything then flashed back to what his friends said.]

Isaac: My only question is how long are you going to keep letting her friend zone you like that.


Hugh: The more you let her mess with your mind, the worse it’s going to get for you.


Isaac: Just give up dude!

[The flashback ended. Hannibal took a deep breath and turned to his phone.]

Hannibal: I need something to do.

[The track ended.]

Hannibal Talks to Diamondhead

[Meanwhile, Ethan alone entered inside a dark blue room. Once he arrived, he stopped to see a group of large robots preparing to steal an energy core. Ethan tapped on the comm. on his ear.]

Ethan: I made it in, those robots aren’t gonna know what hit them!

[The robot’s heads turned to him.]

Ethan: Too late.

[A bunch of red robots scooted to the side as a large blue robot approached him. Its eye began to shine brightly.]

Computron: Destroy all flesh and the works of flesh!

Ethan: Oh, so we’re doing the whole manhunter thing! I see how it is!

[Ethan turned the dial as we zoom out to see the Robots of Dimension 12 surrounding the area. Meanwhile, back with Hannibal, he grabbed his phone and tapped Ethan’s icon. The scene cuts to Diamondhead launching shardmines at the ground, destroying the robots in single explosions. Diamondhead’s heard his phone ringing in his pocket. Before Diamondhead could answer, a robot struck its arm at him, with its hand turned into a chainsaw. Diamondhead blocked with his arm turning into a sword, and was then thrown back into the ground by another robot. Diamondhead grabbed his phone and held it by his face.]

Diamondhead: Ugh, Hello?

Hannibal: Ethan, is that you?

Diamondhead: Yeah, it’s me.

Hannibal: It doesn’t sound like you.

[The robots approached Diamondhead, and he jumped up, preparing to fight.]

Diamondhead: That’s because I have, uh, a bit of a cold. This is what I sound like when my throat is clogged up. You know how it is.

Hannibal: Listen, I’m in a bit of a situation and need someone to talk to.

Diamondhead: Go ahead, man. I’m all ears!

[The robots shot lasers from their eyes, and it reflected off of Diamondhead’s arms and he grabbed the lasers with his hands to launch back as his own attack. The scene shifts to Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Look, you mind if we hang out later and grab some food or something?

Diamondhead: Sure. Just give me about 20 minutes.

Hannibal: Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Diamondhead: No problem, I’ll see you there!

[Hannibal hangs up and sighed. The track ended.]

E-10 - The Pillows - White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar

[Moments later, Ethan and Hannibal were sitting in a booth at a Wendy’s.]

Ethan: So, why’d you pick here of all places?

Hannibal: Well, this is my second job and I get discounts here. Plus the food here ain’t half bad.

Ethan: Eh, I'm not complaining. [Takes a drink.] So, what does the great Hannibal want to talk to me about?

Hannibal: For one, why’s your voice normal now?

Ethan: Cold medicine.

Hannibal: Ah, and two… I need to talk to you about our friend, Nikki. See, she’s dating this new guy.

Ethan: You mean the guy who looks like a stereotype gangster but in reality acts like a smarter DJ Khaled?

Hannibal: Yeah, But I would say he’s more of a black Justin Bieber.

Ethan: Damn, I’d hate to be her right now.

[The two laughed for a brief moment.]

Hannibal: It’s great hanging out with you, man.

Ethan: Same here. So from what I understand, is that you’re worried for Nikki’s safety right?

Hannibal: Right.

Ethan: I mean, you are her best friend, shouldn’t you be keeping an eye on her?

Hannibal: I am, but you know...

Ethan: No, I gotcha, I can help out.

Hannibal: Appreciate it.

Ethan: Though, I gotta ask, you’ve been hanging around a lot with Nikki lately. I know you two are best friends, but… ya know?

Hannibal: The truth is, me and her go way back to since we first met in middle school, and since high school we’ve been the closest friends since. But ya know, after a while, things start to spark up, if you know what I mean.

Ethan: Wow, to be honest I’ve been waiting to see who would be the one to start crushing on whom. I’ve seen a lot of TV shows and things happen around me, so I know how this plays out.

Hannibal: Same here, but I mean TV makes it obvious. Not only that, but then you have two close friends going all over their Snapchats and messing with their phones. If those signs aren’t obvious, I don’t know what is.

Ethan: [Small chuckle.] Look, I’m going to be “that guy” and say, why don’t you just tell her how you really feel?

Hannibal: Because, then it’ll destroy years of friendship, it’ll make things so awkward around us.

Ethan: It’s going to happen eventually. I mean, one day someone is going to finally snap and say something. Happens all the time.

Hannibal: Ethan, I really care about Nikki. I don’t wanna risk anything that’ll ruin our friendship or whatever comes after that.

Ethan: I know, but you don't want to destroy yourself either.

Hannibal: Maybe I should tell her.

Ethan: Yeah, but don’t do it this second. Wait ‘till she’s out of that relationship with that douchebag. Once things have settled down, make your move and boom, you can finally tell her.

Hannibal: That’s what I’ve had in mind. But thanks, man.

Ethan: No problem.

Hannibal: And hey, promise you won’t tell anybody. I don’t want anybody in our circle finding out about this.

Ethan: Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

[The two smiled and Ethan then turned down to stare at the watch on his wrist.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Besides, I’ve got some secrets of my own I gotta keep quiet.

[The scene shifted to the next day. The setting took place at Horizons, with clouds surrounding all over Horizon. The track ended. Hannibal had just arrived over to campus, and as he was making his way towards the buildings, he heard a couple voices that sounded familiar.]

Ethan: We can’t tell him.

Nikki: Why?!

[Hannibal sneaked over and saw Ethan talking to Nikki, Terence and Alice in private.]

Ethan: Because what am I supposed to do? Tell him everything and blow my cover?!

[Hannibal gasped.]

Hannibal (Thoughts): Oh no, don’t tell me he just… no he didn’t! He wouldn’t have, he promised me he wasn’t going to tell anyone! That traitor. No, what Granny said, nobody’s guilty ‘till proven innocent. I’ve gotta see what’s really going on.

[We shift to Ethan and the others talking in private.]

Alice: Nikki, you have to understand, it’s too soon for us to tell him.

Terence: Yeah, what if he freaks out the second he goes Four Arms? He could run to the cops and try to nark on everything he’s been doing.

Nikki: Oh, he’s not going to do that.

Terence: Oh, really?

Ethan: Look, if that even was the case, you know how big it is to let people find out my secret. You and Alice found out under circumstances! Terence just put two and two together, then tried to blackmail me.

Terence: Heh, I still got the pictures…

Ethan: What?!

Nikki: Well, we gotta tell him eventually. I can’t keep holding back secrets like this from him. He’s my best friend.

Alice: We know, just give us some time to work with.

Nikki: I will, but if you guys don’t tell him soon, I will.

[Hannibal approached the group, surprising them.]

Hannibal: Tell me what exactly?

[They all reacted with blank eyes as they screamed in a spinning background.]

Nikki: Nothing!

Alice: We were just discussing our topics for what we were going to be doing for History Arts.

Hannibal: Oh yeah? Then why is Terence here?

Terence: I need Alice’s assistance for our other class. They want us to sketch a game cartridge and Alice was asking me to lend mine.

Alice: Then why are your hands empty?

Terence: Because… she just asked me!

Alice: Yeah, that’s it.

Ethan: Don’t worry, Hannibal! There’s nothing to hide.

Hannibal: Hmm?

[The group tried to put on their innocent faces for Hannibal.]

Hannibal: I know you’re trying to hide something. Granny didn’t raise no fool, and I’m not going to rest until I find out what it is.

[Hannibal then turned around and walked away. Nikki ran after him.]

Nikki: Hey, don’t worry about it, Hanny, it’s fine.

Hannibal: Oh, really?

Nikki: Yes, you know I’d never keep anything important from you.

Hannibal: Yeah, I guess that’s true.

Jamal: Hey, Nikki! Come on, don’t keep me waiting any longer!

Nikki: Oh, that’s Jamal. Listen, why don’t we finish this topic after school, our usual spot?

Hannibal: Fine, but remember I gotta work later tonight.

Nikki: Don’t worry, I won’t take too much of your time.

Jamal (from a distance): Nikki!

Nikki: Coming! [Turns to Hannibal] I’ll see you then!

[Nikki runs over to Jamal, and Hannibal looks down depressed.]

Hannibal: He did tell her… didn’t he…

[The scene shifts to people leaving History Arts. As everybody walked out of the classroom, Hannibal stopped Alice by the shoulder.]

Hannibal: Hey, can we talk for just a moment?

Alice: Sure, although I gotta get to class soon.

Hannibal: No, it’s fine. Just listen, did Ethan tell you anything strange today?

Alice: What? [Glances to the side] I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Hannibal: Don’t lie to me, I saw you guys talking to each other in private today. I know something’s up. Look, whatever is going on between you guys, I just have to ask…

Hannibal Talks to Alice

Hannibal: Did Ethan mention anything about Nikki?

Alice: Nikki? No, why would he be talking about her?

Hannibal: Well… we had a conversation about her the other day.

Alice: Was it about Nikki’s new boyfriend?

[Hannibal nodded.]

Alice: Oh geez, you two shouldn’t judge someone for how they look or act like. Although, he does seem kind of like a bum.

Hannibal: Exactly. Look, don’t go out telling people this, but… I’ve been planning on asking Nikki out for the last couple of weeks.

[Alice made a large gasp and covered her mouth.]

Alice: You’re planning on asking her out! I’m so happy for you two!

[She hugged him.]

Alice: I knew you two were going to someday get together. I mean, the signs are so obvious.

Hannibal: Yeah, so Ethan didn’t tell you anything?

Alice: Nope.

Hannibal: Thanks, Alice. That really means a lot to me.

Alice: It’s no big. But you should really consider Nikki’s feelings about this. You don’t wanna jeopardize your friendship or anything.

Hannibal: I know, I just haven’t found the right time to tell her.

Alice: Well, I would wait before or if she even gets out of that relationship with this guy. She seems to be very serious about him.

Hannibal: Serious? How serious we talking? They’ve only gone out for a couple weeks!

Alice: Well who knows? Sometimes things just happen.

[Hannibal then paused for a brief moment to realize what she meant by that.]

Alice: Look, I should really get going to class. But don’t worry, Hannibal, everything’s going to all work out! I’m really rooting for you two! Good luck!

[Alice rushed over to her other class, leaving the room. The track ended.]

Hannibal: [Shouting.] Thank you!

Secret Sword 2

[The scene shifts to Hannibal walking alone out to his car, holding onto the straps of his backpack. The clouds in the sky started to get darker. As Hannibal kept walking closer to the parking lot, people kept passing on by in the background. Hannibal continued to think.]

Hannibal (Thoughts): I can’t believe it. She wouldn’t go rushing into doing something like that so soon. She’s only known the guy for a couple weeks. I can’t believe she would really do that… Well, you know something. I’m not going to let this bring me down. I know Nikki and I have a history with each other, but maybe I just need to let that go in the past. I mean come on, I can find someone better than her. Right?

[Hannibal’s phone then started to go off in his pocket. He went to check and saw it was Isaac calling, he answered.]

Hannibal: Hey, Isaac.

Isaac: Hey, man! Me and the guys were just about to go for a drive outside of town. You wanna hang?

[Hannibal took a moment to think for a second, he then looked back up and his face turned from a frown to a smile.]

Hannibal: You know what? That sounds right up my ally. Just come and pick me up, you know where I live.

Isaac: Sure thing! I’ll see you then!

[The track ended. Everything then faded to night, as Hannibal was sitting in the back, with Hugh sitting in the back, Steven on the right, and Isaac driving as the three jammed out to some tunes.]

Hannibal: Yo, I’m grateful for you taking me out like this tonight.

Isaac: No sweat, man. What are friends for.

Steven: Yeah, you’ll find plenty of other fish in the sea.

Hugh: Time will tell when the right one will come along.

Hannibal: You said it.

Blur - Song 2 - E-10 Cut

Steven: Now, how do we cheer our old friend Hanny up?

Isaac: Oh, I know! Let’s go to the pier!

Steven: Whaddaya say, Hanny? It’s only an hour away, but the drive’s well worth it!

Hannibal: I say, let’s go for it, guys!

[The guys cheered.]

Hugh: Alright!

[As the car picked up speed, a montage began as the group began drinking beers at a bar and playing carnival games on the stands. Isaac revealed to have won a prize, with the other guys cheering. A blond girl walked up to Hannibal as the two started talking, she gave him her phone number and the group cheered for him. They went on a small roller coaster with Steven puking to the side, and it flying into Hugh’s face, disgusted. The scene then shifted to them driving on their way back to Merridale, as the group began laughing as Isaac was finishing telling his story. The track ended.]

Isaac: And the girl’s panties went flying all over across the bay where she had to go out and swim for it. In front of the entire beach.

[The guys laughed harder.]

Steven: Man, I would’ve never been able to catch that on video if Isaac hadn’t told me.

Hugh: You got that on video!?

Hannibal: Let me see.

[Steven grabbed his phone and showed them, revealing the footage. They heard the girl’s scream and the two laughed their butts off.]

Steven: I know right!

Hugh: Alright, just for that, now I slightly forgive you for puking on me.

Steven: Hell yeah!

Hannibal: Aw, man. Thanks for doing this, guys, I needed it.

Isaac: See, it’s just as we said. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea, and I can’t believe you got that girl’s phone number! Wooooo!

Steven: You gonna call her?

Hannibal: I don’t know.

Isaac, Steven: Aw, come on, dude!

Hugh: Don’t be such a pussy, Hannibal.

Hannibal: You know what? Fine! To prove I’m not a pussy.

[Hannibal grabbed his phone and started to dial.]

Isaac, Hugh: Wooooo!

Steven: Hannibal! Hannibal!

Steven, Isaac, Hugh: Hannibal! Hannibal! Hannibal!

[Before Hannibal can finish dialing, his phone started to ring. It was revealed to be Nikki’s. Hannibal surprised, he grabbed his phone, accepted the call. Hannibal signaled them to stop chanting.]

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 7)

Nikki: Hey, Hanny.

Hannibal: Hey, Nikki? What’s-

Nikki: Listen, I need you to go pick me up.

Hannibal: Right now?

Nikki: Yes, please. I don’t feel safe here.

Hannibal: Where you at?

Nikki: I’m right outside Verdian Lake at some abandoned surface area. Look, just please help me.

Hannibal: Give me 20 minutes, I’m on my way.

Nikki: Thank you. [Hangs up]

Hannibal: Guys, I need you to take me back to my house immediately.

Isaac: Come on, dude! The night is just starting!

Hannibal: I’ll join you guys later, but Nikki’s in trouble, and she needs me right now.

[The scene then shifted to Nikki waiting outside on the sidewalks. Everything around her looked dark and leaves were falling down from the trees. Soon, headlights pulled up, and it was revealed to be Hannibal’s car pulling over. Nikki made a smile as her face showed a sign of relief. She went inside the car, and Hannibal resumed driving.]

Nikki: Thanks, Hanny.

Hannibal: Don’t mention it. Here you go.

[Hannibal was carrying his jacket, and he handed it over to her.]

Nikki: Thank you.

Hannibal: Are you okay? What happened?

Nikki: I don’t wanna talk about it right now.

Hannibal: Alright.

[Hannibal stopped at the traffic light. A few seconds later, Nikki snapped.]

Nikki: Jamal stood me up. Even before, he was just using me to get close to this other bitch I don’t even hang with.

Hannibal: Oh, man.

Nikki: What’s worse is, I actually thought he cared about me. I know I’m silly to think that in just two weeks, but we had something…

Hannibal: He doesn’t deserve you Nikki.

Nikki: No he doesn’t, he’s never gonna have this! I’ll make sure of that next time.

Hannibal: So you two did…?

Nikki: No... But, I wanted to.

[Hannibal’s eyes widened and once the light turned green, Hannibal continued to drive.]

Hannibal: Well, he was just a guy who wasn’t worth your time, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

Nikki: Right, that’s what they always say.

Hannibal: No, really! Look there’s always going to be some guy who will want to use you for things, whether they’re out for your friends, or money or for sex. But one day, there’s going to be that special guy that comes around who only wants you for you and won’t ask anything from you.

Nikki: You really think so?

Hannibal: Yes! You just have to be careful and make sure you don’t let those other guys get what they want. You deserve better, Nikki. I believe it.

Nikki: Pull over…

[Hannibal without any reaction, he pulled over and stopped the car. Nikki turned over to Hannibal as she cried on his shoulder. Hannibal then raised his arms around her and comforted her with a hug.]

Hannibal: It’s okay, Nikki, I’m here. Let it all out.

Nikki: I can’t believe I let something like this happen to me again! Why can’t I find someone who’s as sweet and caring as you?

Hannibal: Because guys only come like that once in a lifetime.

Nikki: Yeah, I guess that’s true...

[There was a pause between as the two smiled at each other. Hannibal remembered something.]

Hannibal: So, I’ve been meaning to ask you, but now is probably not the best time.

Nikki: Just say it, Hanny. It’s okay.

[Nikki turned away to dry her tears.]

Hannibal: What were you and Ethan talking about earlier?

[Nikki’s eyes widened and she turned back to him with a surprised look on her face.]

Nikki: I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long, I think it’s best if you asked him yourself. But for right now…

[She wiped her last tear, and made a small smile.]

Nikki: ...Don’t spoil this moment.

Hannibal: Okay, Nikki. I won’t.

[Nikki leaned onto Hannibal again, and she looked up to see their eyes were meeting. The two leaned closer to each other. Before anything could happen, a rumbling noise was made nearby, soon to the point an explosion blasted from beside them. It sent the car sliding backwards. Hannibal and Nikki had held onto each other for dear life. Soon, they saw a red and silver robot appear in front of them.]

Robot of Dimension 12: Destroy all flesh and the works of flesh!

Four Fists, No Waiting (Episode 7, Part 1)

[The Robots of Dimension 12 started roaming towards them.]

Robots of Dimension 12: Destroy all flesh and the works of flesh!

Hannibal: Wait, we’re flesh!

Nikki: Drive!

[Hannibal tried starting the ignition.]

Hannibal: C’mon! We are not doing this like in the movies!

[The robot began approaching their car. Nikki watching from the window, her face turned scared.]

Nikki: Hanny…

Hannibal: Screw it.

[Hannibal ran out of the car and went over to Nikki’s door, opened it, and dragged her out of the car. They managed to escape as the Robot from Dimension 12 drove over Hannibal’s car.]

Hannibal: Granny’s not gonna be happy.

[Hannibal and Nikki continued to run away from the robot as it tried to blast them with its laser beams. They attempted to dodge the direction of the blasts as every time the robot hit, smoke blasted from the ground. Just as they found a place to hide, another robot appeared from the side and they ran the other way.]

Nikki: What is with all these robots?

Hannibal: You’re asking me?!

[Soon they made their way towards an outdoor power plant as they had finally managed to get away from the two robots. They two stopped and took deep breaths. Nikki looked up and her eyes widened.]

Nikki: Uh, Hanny!

[Hannibal looked up and saw an army of Robots from Dimension 12 on one end, with portals appearing from the background. From the other side, near the two, they saw Ethan standing before them messing with his watch. On his end he continued trying to slam down with nothing happened, the core was colored red.]

Ethan: Come on, you stupid watch!

[We shift back to Hannibal and Nikki.]

Hannibal: Is that… Ethan?! C’mon, we have to protect him!

Nikki: Wait a minute!

Hannibal: Girl, are you crazy?! That thing is going to kill him!

Nikki: I know, but just wait. Trust me, if you wanna find out what I’ve been keeping a secret from you, you’d stay back here and watch.

Hannibal: Okay…

[The scene shifted to the Robots of Dimension 12 making their way towards Ethan. The watch’s core turned green.]

Ethan: Yes!

[From Hannibal’s point of view, he saw Ethan messing with his watch.]

Hannibal: What’s he doing?!

Nikki: You’ll see.

[He saw Ethan raised his arm up and once he slammed down, a bright green light surrounded his entire body. Hannibal gazed at the light, as everything blinded in front of him.]

[FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: In a spinning background, Ethan’s upper body began to grow muscles and we zoom up to him raising his head up, smiling with his mouth wide open. Ethan’s face had changed. Ethan’s left arm finished growing muscles and a second pair of arms formed. The same happened to his right. Four Arms then stretched his arms out to strike a pose. A green light blinded the screen.]

[The light faded and Hannibal saw Four Arms with his arms raised up.]

Hannibal: Ethan… Did he just…

Nikki: Yes, he did.

[Hannibal, in shock, turned to Nikki who had a serious look on her face. They both turned back to watch the fight. Four Arms then threw a punch at the killer robots, which managed to throw some back. Four Arms continued landing punches, to which it tore some apart. Lasers reflected off of him as Four Arms continued to fight.]

Hannibal: I can’t believe this… I can’t believe you would keep a secret like this from me!

Nikki: Hanny, it’s not that simple.

Hannibal: I trusted you to tell me everything, and you went behind my back!

Nikki: Hannibal, if I told you, that would’ve just made you more worried.

Hannibal: Oh, me? Worried about my best friend’s safety? Why wouldn’t I?! I don’t wanna hear it right now.

Nikki: [Her eyes widened.] Hanny...

Hannibal: I told you I don’t wanna hear it right now!

Nikki: Then you might as well move it.

Hannibal: What?

Nikki: Duck!

[One of the robots tried to raise its chainsaw arms at them, and they ran away from the Killer Robots, leading them towards the danger.]

Computron: Destroy all flesh and the works of-

Four Arms: Yeah, yeah, we get it. Would you stop shouting your evil motives and get to the fight part already? You’re sounding like Technus wannabes!

[Four Arms slammed his fists against Computron’s. Computron stood back then raised its chainsaws at Four Arms. Four Arms ducked and the chainsaw ended up slicing one of its own. It exploded and fell back in the distance.]

Four Arms: Hah! You just sliced up one of your own! You’d have to be an idiot to-

[Computron’s eye laser began to glow as it was preparing an attack.]

Four Arms: Uh oh...

[Computron fired a large laser blast at him.]

Four Arms: GAHHHH!!!

[Four Arms went flying into the ground, as his body was covered in smoke. Hannibal and Nikki tried running from all the laser beams and explosions in the background.]

Nikki: Come on, Hannibal, can’t we just talk about this?

Hannibal: Oh, now you wanna talk? I’ve been trying to get up the courage to talk to you about something for the last few years, and you wouldn’t even give me a chance.

Nikki: I’m sorry about that, Hanny. But we need to talk about this first.

Hannibal: Fine, you wanna talk? We’ll talk, after we get out of this!

[To Nikki’s surprise, she was grabbed by one of the Killer Robots.]

Nikki: Hanny!

[Hannibal turned around, surprised and his eyes wide open.]

Hannibal: Nikki!

[Four Arms, fighting Computron, he turned his head over to see Hannibal and Nikki were in the background.]

Four Arms: Aw, man. I’m getting sick of having an audience!

[Four Arms struck Computron with a punch. Meanwhile, the same robot tried to grab Hannibal and he dodged the arms. Soon he eventually jumped on top of the arm and ran upward.]

Hannibal: Hang on, Nikki, I’m coming!

[The robot shot eye lasers at him, and Hannibal jumped to dodge, and it ended up blowing one of its arms off. The robot moved a little, taking the damage.]

Hannibal: Missed me!

[It stood back and continued trying to blast Hannibal off it. Hannibal stood right on its shoulder, he then jumped again, dodging the blast and it destroyed its right shoulder, with electricity sparking from the right side of its body.]

Hannibal: Sorry, try again!

[Hannibal stayed on the shoulder that had its arm grabbing Nikki. The robot’s eye glowed again, and it then blasted its other shoulder off, and the arm holding Nikki dropped towards the ground. Hannibal jumped off, and the robot exploded behind him. Nikki screamed and Hannibal flew onto the remainings of its arm. He grabbed Nikki and jumped to the ground, as the robot’s arm shattered into pieces. Hannibal then launched themselves to the ground, holding Nikki in his arms.]

Nikki: Oh, Hanny.

Hannibal: I’m still mad at you.

[Nikki gave him a pouty look. Without them noticing, a robot sped towards them, but was suddenly thrown back and exploded. Four Arms wiping the dust off his arms, the hourglass symbol on Four Arms chest started beeping and he transformed back to normal. Hannibal noticed and sat Nikki down as Ethan walked up to them. The track ended.]

Ethan: I’m guessing Hannibal saw everything?

Nikki: Uh, huh.

Ethan: Well, so now you know… I suppose I owe ya an explanation.

Hannibal: Yeah, I suppose. [Crossing arms.]

Ethan: [Deep breath] ‘Ho Boy...

[The scene shifted to Ethan’s house. Alice arrived inside to see Terence and Hannibal sitting on the couch, Nikki sitting beside a green chair and Ethan leaning against the couch.]

Alice: Sorry I’m late. I got held back in traffic.

[Alice stroked her hair sat her purse down on the table.]

Ethan: Glad you come.

Alice: So, Hannibal knows now?

Hannibal: Uh, huh.

Ethan: Guess I should start explaining. Ugh… Alright... [He took a deep breath.]

It Started When An Alien

It started when an alien device did what it did.

[The scene portrays a meteorite crashing down into Earth’s orbit, creating a green flash.]

It stuck himself his wrist the secrets that it hid.

[Ethan stood over beside the glowing pod to the watch jumping on Ethan’s wrist.]

Now he’s got super powers he’s no-

[The watch glew around his wrist and Ethan raised his arm up in the air with green energy circulating the area. Suddenly the montage and song was stopped by a record scratch. We cut back to the conversation.]

Hannibal: Wait, what?! Hold up, I don’t need 5 hours of hearing how your whole origin story went. Just give it to me straight.

Ethan: Buzzkill...

Let's Watch the Sunset (Ep 7)

Ethan: So, I don’t know anything about this device, except that it appears as a watch and it lets me turn into a bunch of different aliens. I don’t know how many, I’ve only been 9 of these guys. Anyway, when I got Horizon, I met you guys and Alice was the one who first to find out about my secret.

Alice: I also had to ask him several times to tell me because I knew he was hiding something from me.

Ethan: Then Terence found out and tried to blackmail me into letting him in on the action, and then Nikki found out due to the Hex situation a couple weeks ago, and now… you.

Hannibal: So, when were you all planning on telling me? Or were you going to take this secret to your graves?

Nikki: It’s not that easy.

Alice: See, Ethan also works with an alien hunting government agency that’s asking him to keep this a secret.

Ethan: That way, I can live a normal life and not have to deal with them running tests on me. Meanwhile, I’m busy hunting bad guys, using my aliens to do the dirty work no other agents can. That or run across a supervillain and try to knock some sense into them. That or send them to jail. It’s one or the other.

Alice: That was like four different things you just said...

Hannibal: Then what about those guys you were fighting?

Ethan: Oh, from what I can gather, they were just a bunch of robots trying to destroy all organic life in the multiverse. That is, until I stopped them.

Hannibal: And you’re okay with that?

Ethan: Eh, not the worst thing I’ve done compared to getting XLR8’s tail stuck to the door or having to clean up Heatblast’s scorch marks across the living room floor.

Alice: So that’s what that was, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.

Terence: I’m still waiting for you to let me smoke a joint with Heatblast’s flames.

Ethan: Never happening. [Glaring.]

[Terence cleared his throat and turned away. The song shifted.]

My First Friend at Horizon - Episode 7

Hannibal: I don’t understand, if everybody else got to know in the group, why couldn’t I be in on the action.

Terence: See, under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have found out. But, because of Ethan not being able to keep his mouth shut, or his watch turned off, we found out in our own ways.

Hannibal: So you were only going to tell me only if you had to.

Ethan: That’s right. I never intended to tell any of you. But because the rest of the group found out, we were planning on telling you eventually.

Hannibal: When?

Ethan: When I was sure that I could trust you, which I can, and when I was sure that if I can keep you safe.

Hannibal: Safe? You wanna talk to me about safety? Look at what happened tonight, you not only threatened my safety, but you threatened my friends too. If you had told me, things would’ve gone completely different, I would’ve made sure that Nikki would never have gotten anywhere close to you.

Nikki: Excuse me, but I can take care of myself.

Hannibal: Even so, has it ever occurred to you that maybe cutting off someone just for their safety is not a good idea? I’m not some child who constantly needs supervision! I’m an adult! I can defend myself! I care more about our friendship than this bullshit, but obviously you don’t.

Ethan: Then what am I supposed to do? You guys are the ones who keep coming to me every time I go on a damn mission! You think this is easy for me? I had to make sure no one else found out, that’s why I’ve done my best to make sure that I was a good friend, because best friends have each other’s backs! Which is why they didn’t tell you. The last thing I want is to watch one of you die, because of me.

[Slowly tears started dripping down Ethan’s face.]

Alice: Ethan...

Ethan: We wanted to tell you, Hannibal, but the last thing I want is to watch one of my friend’s die right in front of me. The second you find out is the second you have a painted target on your back! I’ve almost lost everyone else because they were dragged into my fights, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Hannibal: Ethan, I don’t care if I have a target painted on my back! I want to be able to trust my friends! Most of mine are leaving college this year, so I won’t have anyone else left but you guys. But if I can’t trust you to tell me everything, then what’s the point?!

[Hannibal storms off outside and slams the door behind him. Nikki quickly gets up.]

Nikki: I’ll go talk to him.

[The song shifted. Nikki stepped outside to see Hannibal standing on the deck, thinking to himself.]

After All This Time (Episode 7)

Nikki: Hey, Hanny.

[He didn’t respond.]

Nikki: Listen, I’m sorry we had to keep this from you. You know how hard it was to keep this a secret from you? I was just trying to do what you always do for me, you know, keep me safe- Hannibal: Oh so now you are going to give me that crap?

Nikki: Hey! You’re the one who always gave that to me.

Hannibal: You don’t get it. You were the one person I could count on for everything, we’ve known each other since the second grade, and I’ve been your best friend since the seventh. How could you keep this from me? I thought we could tell each other everything.

Nikki: It wasn’t just your safety I was accounting on, I was accounting on his too! I wasn’t just going to rat him out like that, you know me.

Hannibal: Are you sure we can even trust him? Who knows what else he’s harboring from us?

Nikki: So, we’ll work through it together.

Hannibal: No, we won’t. I thought I could you trust with everything. Maybe now, I’m not so sure anymore.

Nikki: We wanted to tell you-

Hannibal: Then why didn’t you?

[Tears shed down Nikki’s eyes.]

Hannibal: [Turns away] I’m going for a walk. I’ll see you all tomorrow, I guess.

[Hannibal left the deck and walked away from the house.]

Nikki: [To herself.] I’m so sorry, Hanny…

[Hannibal with his hands in his pocket continued walking down the sidewalks at night. He soon passed a light post and the shadow of a mysterious figure appeared surrounding the light. Everything then faded to black with the sounds of a bang.]


E-10 ED 1 - Kekkai Sensen
E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

Episode 8 Preview

Major Events

  • Hannibal reveals to have feelings for Nikki.
  • Hannibal learns of Ethan's secret.
  • Hannibal is kidnapped.


  • Alice, Terence, and Nikki are aware of Ethan's powers.
  • Ethan still doesn't know how many aliens he's currently carrying.
  • Ethan still carries the lesson he's learned from Inspire Me.


Hannibal's Friends

  • Steven
  • Hugh
  • Isaac


Aliens Used


  • Okabe and Takagi’s characters are based on Okabe from Steins;Gates and Takagi from Hikaru Jozu no Takagi-san.
  • Hannibal quoting “Little girl” is a reference to when Josh calls Megan “Little Girl” in Drake and Josh.
  • Warrior Fighters C is based on Dragon Ball Fighters Z and Mortal Kombat
  • The ending is a nod to when Lars was kidnapped by Aquamarine and Topaz.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Reshiram, The Legendary Pokemon
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True
    • The Village of the Earth
    • Secret Sword 2


  • The Pillows - White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar is used as an insert song.
  • Blur - Song 2 is used as an insert song.
  • The setting for Four Arms vs the Robots of Dimension 12, is the same setting used for the Ultimate Alien episode, Girl Trouble.
  • Ebomnitrix thought it would be fun to incorporate Okabe and Takagi into a combat game.
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