Yet Another Alien
General Information
Species Ani phor Ani
Home World M'sopot
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Damage equalization
First Appearance The Omnidevice is Found, Part 1 (first appearance)
Hammurabi is an Ani phor Ani from the planet M'sopot in Nayvin 10.


Hammurabi is a black humanoid with wavy, white lines that divide his body into individual parts.

Powers and Abilities

When a body part of Hammurabi is damaged or harmed in any way, then the body part will glow light orange. After that, whoever hurt him will suffer the same damage or harm to the same body part.

Hammurabi's body is intelligent, as they can track instantly who did the damage, even if they did not touch him. Say a person creates a tornado and the tornado throws Hammurabi against objects and hurls him to the ground. Each time he was slammed into an object, the tornado creator will suffer the same pain Hammurabi did.


Hammurabi is not a good alien to start a fight, he is more of an alien to survive one.


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