Hallow Fire
General Information
Species Anima Devorantum
Home World Unknown Anur System Planet
DNA source N/A
Body Humanoid skeleton wearing a carved pumpkin.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Soul Absorption


Equipment Napoleon's Sunglasses

Leather Boots

First Appearance Fright Another Day

Hallow Fire is an alien from Not Applicable.


Hallow Fire's abilities include:

  • Soul Absorption
  • Hellfire
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Durability

It's notable that while his Soul Absorption works through his Hellfire, he can use the Hellfire independently to drain life force from something while keeping it's soul intact.

When he does absorb souls, he gains the life energy and memories of the person he drains.



Hallow Fire takes the appearance of a humanoid skeleton with his head obscured by a carved pumkin, somewhat resembling the Headless Horseman. His fire burns a bright blue, and his uniform pretty much just consists of leather boots. He wears Napoleon's sunglasses on his ribs.


Hallow Fire's exposed bones are somewhat brittle, and are prone to snapping.

Planet and Species Information

Not much is known about the Anima Devorantums, as their souls were all devoured by their leader, Kucorbian, thousands of years ago. Kucorbian was caught and banished to Earth for his crimes, leaving their planet completely devoid of sentient life. The planet itself, name unknown, rests somewhere inside the Anur System, and is mostly covered by a dark, ominous forest. Many things live in the woods, but exactly what they are is as of yet unknown, as all expedition teams sent to the planet have never returned.

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