Hallo-Weeners is the 17th episode of Omni-World and the first Halloween special.



Dritula - Eyemummy - Creature from the Black Jungle - Ultimate Cannonzombie - Bride of Dritula - BRAINZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS!

Guest starring

Buzzshock (Mr. Shocks, Buzzshock Kid)


Ultimate Big Chill

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The episode starts over a simple lane in Omni-World. The gang, inclusive Dittie, was dressed as several Halloween characters. Ditto was dressed as Dracula, Eyeguy as a mummy, Ultimate Cannonbolt as Frankenstein, Wildvine as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Dittie as the Bride of Dracula.

(Eyeguy): Alright guys, I got the perfect schedule to go trick-or-treating! If we start at 5 AM, take 2-5 minutes at each house, we will get 25 pounds of sugary goodness in 2.5 hours!

(Ditto): Or we can go trick-or-treating.

(Eyeguy): That works too.

(Ditto): This is the first house.

They walk to the door, as Buzzshock opened the door.

(Ultimate Cannonbolt, whispering, to Wildvine): Oh no, it's one of Buzzshock's clones.

(Wildvine, whispering): And it's Mr. Shocks, too. He's crazy!

(Ultimate Cannonbolt, whispering): I heard he's the first Buzzshock clone ever?

(Shocks): Hello, children! Do you want some CAN-DY???

(Ditto): Yes, please!


He started throwing grapes at them.

(Ditto): These aren't even grapes! They're raisins!


They ran away, to the second house.

(Ditto): Alright, this is Wildmutt's house.

They walked to the house, and ringed the bell. Wildmutt opened the door.

(Wildmutt): Woof.

He put candy in their bags, as the screen zoomed out, and slowly became black. We then see a kid Echo Echo, and a kid Buzzshock walking to the gang's appartment. We zoom in on Brainstorm inside.

(Brainstorm): Haha... This'll scare them enough to never visit my house again!

Meanwhile, the two kiddies are now at Brainstorm's door. The moment they press the bell, a HUGE spider is released from above! Two cardboard cutouts of random monsters appear from the left and the right. And the kids... totally not scared at all.

(Echo Kid): Cool!

(Buzzshock Kid): That was awesome!

Brainstorm opens the door, and comes out of it.

(Brainstorm): Haha! I am the king of monsters! Never return to this place again, or be captured by... BRAINZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS! HAHA-

(Echo Kid): Can we have candy now?

(Brainstorm): NO.

Now back to our heroes.

(Ditto): The last house...

(Dittie): ... Ultimate Big Chill's.

They walk to the door, and ring the bell. Nothing happens. They ring the bell again, but this time, the door opens.

(Voice): Proceed...

They walked in the house, as everything is covered in cobwebs. They walk up to a portrait of Big Chill, as the portrait is suddenly set aflame! Out of the flames, came Ultimate Big Chill.

(Ult. Big Chill): Boo!

(Rest): AAAHH!

(Ult Big Chill): Haha! Have some candy guys.

(Ditto): Thanks.

They started eating the candy from the bowl.

(Ditto): Hey, how did you do that with the door and the voice?

(Ult. Big Chill): What voice?

(Ditto): The voice at the door?

(Ult. Big Chill): I didn't do no voice.

(Ditto): But who did-

(Ghostfreak): BOO!

(Rest): AAHH!

(Ghostfreak): You thought I wouldn't come to visit on Halloween?

(Ditto): Ghostfreak! Did you do that voice?

(Ghostfreak): What?

(Voice): BOO!

(Rest): ...

(Voice): Oh come on!

Suddenly, Nanomech came out of one of the cracks.

(Nanomech): I did it! I was the voice!

(Ditto): But why?

(Nanomech): REVENGE! You almost squashed me to death! I wanted revenge by trapping you in a haunted house!

(Ditto): Oh yeah.

Ditto squashed him on the table!

(Nanomech): OH COME ON!

The gang returned to the appartment.

(Ditto): Hey Brainstorm! How was Halloween for you?

(Brainstorm): My name is not Brainstorm! I'm BRAINZILLA!

(Eyeguy): Yup. He's still normal.


(Ditto): Well this was a good Halloween.

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