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Haisley Brooks
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 41
Affiliations New Hope Elementary School
Occupations School Principal
Powers and Abilities
Voice Actor Meagan Tandy
First Appearance Ways to Say Goodbye

Principal Haisley Brooks (born 1964) is a character in Ben 10: Missing Pieces. She first appeared in Ways to Say Goodbye. She is a human from the planet Earth and the principal of New Hope Elementary School.


Principal Brooks is a middle-aged African-American woman who wears a blue blouse and black pants.


Principal Brooks cares about her school and can sometimes do unethical things to ensure that its reputation is not tarnished, such as bribery.


Prior to Missing Pieces

When he was 10, Kevin accidentally used his powers to destroy his school's computer lab. Although nobody was hurt, Kevin's parents were forced to tell Principal Brooks about Kevin's powers, though they did not tell her that it was due to his alien heritage.

One day, when Kevin was 11, Kevin's classmate named Cody harassed him. The two eventually started fighting physically, and Kevin used his powers to hurt Cody, resulting in him inflicting burns on his right arm and being admitted to the hospital. Principal Brooks paid Cody's family so they would not reveal the circumstances of his injury, then called Kevin's parents for a meeting.

Missing Pieces

In Ways to Say Goodbye, on the same day as the aforementioned event, Principal Brooks told Kevin's parents what had happened, and that she had no choice but to expel him.



  • Kevin Levin: When Kevin was a student of hers, Principal Brooks felt sorry for him but also feared him due to the powers he possessed.


Missing Pieces