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Hadria Carter is a former citizen of Ateria in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. She currently lives in Teviv due to her home city being overrun by To'kustars. She is also an Esper, but her powers are still developing.

Physical appearance

Hadria has medium length blonde hair, usually kept straight back. She is 5 foot 4, with brown eyes. Her typical appearance has been light brown pants, short white socks, black athletic shoes, a sky blue shirt, and a black jacket. She doesn't have any piercings, and she has no need for glasses or braces. Once the team begins training, she wears the standard military uniform.


Hadria is somewhat impulsive, not willing to listen to her father at times, which is mitigated by her tactful decision-making and intuitive nature. Having been home-schooled by Lawrence before joining the team as a original member, she is rather sheltered, and has only a few, strong friends.

Important history

Early life

Breach of Wall Via

Learning about Espers

Battle of Teviv


Lawrence Carter

Hadria appears to value her relationship with her father very highly, especially because of the absence of her mother. Though they disagree at times, they both appear to care and worry about each other greatly.

Lily Scott

Lily is Hadria's best friend, and one of her few friends, considering she didn't go to public schools unlike many of the other children. Despite being a year older, Lily respects Hadria for her intellect and her ability.

Tuesday Smith

Hadria is very quickly developing a strong bond with Tuesday. Both of them appear to be very skilled in using Skywings, and they respect each other's abilities. One of the reasons Tuesday befriends Hadria is that she is envious of her decisiveness and intuition.

Nathan Loretta

Like Tuesday, Nathan is quickly developing a strong friendship with Hadria, though for different reasons. Hadria is one of the few people who know about Nathan's status as an Esper, and the fact that he told her she was also an Esper caused her to seek information from him. Their relationship goes beyond their similarities, however, as they appear to share a similar sense of humor.



  • So far, in two of Hadria's appearances, she has only been seen sleeping; these two episodes were Knight and Flame, with the former being part of a long flashback.
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