General Information
Species Developed Lycosidian
Home World Insetoz
DNA source Dr. Malador
Body Humanoid/Insectoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technokinesis
Laser Projection
Hacking Abilities
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us

Hackoid is an alien transformation in Brandon 10.


In Aliens Among Us, Hackoid is a green and black colored humanoid. He has wings on his back, two eyes and a second pair of arms on his side. Hackoid also has a circuit board design.

In Ultimate Hero,  Hackoid remains as a humanoid figure with a color pattern of green and black. He has green circuit patterns on his chest, arms, legs and stomach. His wings are a light green variation and are also rectangular. His lower set of arms are now retractable which affects his appearance slightly. Hackoid also has overlapping, grey shoulder pads of some sorts and, now, has two pairs of rectangular, green eyes. There is a black stripe coming from his leggings. His feet have two toes and a darker shade of black and grey while his face is a light grey. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest seemingly connected to the circuit patterns on his chest as well.

Powers and Abilities

Hackoid has the ability to hack into computers, devices, machines and nearly any type of machinery and technology. He can also fly.

As seen in Playtime, Hackoid has an ability to not be detected by sensors and scanners which makes him technically invisible to technology. He can also disable technology with physic connections to objects.

Hackoid can also create a charged EMP attack to disable machines as seen in Welcome to Atlantis.


Hackoid is affected greatly by water. Also, as seen in Aliens Among Us, Hackoid was doomed to falling under the control of Lord Abraxo and very nearly close to killing him which would've made him into a sentient monster; however this only happens under a high telepathic (Lycosidian) force and when the Omnitrix's safe guard is disabled, weakened or not-strong-enough to handle an even larger force.


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  • Hackoid had originated from a contest for the movie, Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us.
  • Hackoid was originally going to be called Hackpod.
    • His name was going to be based on Hack and Arthropod (Higher class name for Spider)
  • Hackoid's name comes from Hacking and Lycosoidea (lower class name for Spider)
  • Despite being the same species as Lycosidians and having Lycosoidea in his name, Hackoid barely resembles a spider alien and has a lack of spider-like abilities.
    • This is a coincidence since Hacking has more of an influence on Hackoid's name than Lycosoidea
  • It is confirmed that Hackoid will be in Alien Force Comics.
  • Unlike other developed Lycosidians, Hackoid doesn't need to grow his wings as they are out all the time. However it is unknown if he can also not be able to put them away.
  • Hackoid is the first alien to be rebooted into a series from a special.
  • Hackoid, as revealed in Playtime, is a living being as well as living technology.
  • Hackoid was meant to be considered as a part of the new alien playlist in Ultimate Hero but due to the fact that five aliens were already selected and his sudden appearance was without much planning, he is an additional alien from the Alien Force playlist but considered an Ultimate Hero additional alien despite appearing in an Alien Force special.


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