Hacknid is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Arachnoid from an unknown planet.


Hacknid is a small metal spider, about the size of a small dog. He has eight legs, four on each side, four green eyes, mandibles, and a blue screen on his forehead.

The Omnitrix is located on a patch on his back.


Hacking: Hacknid's main power, as his name suggests, is hacking. Any device can be hacked by Hackid, but any sentient electronics, like other Arachnoids, are harder to hack. To hack sometimes, Hacknid needs to insert his legs or jaws into the device.

Sharp Limbs and Jaws: As part of his hacking ability, Hacknid's legs and jaws are very sharp, able to puncture steel. In a pinch, these can be used as self defense.

Acid Spit: When nervous, Hacknid sometimes vomits up a corrosive acid-like substance. This liquid is similar to battery acid.

Electric Webbing: Hacknid can fire off strings of red, blue, and yellow webbing which, when connected to something, can deliver a electric pluse.

Forehead Screen: Hacknid can speak any language with his forehead screen.

Enhanced Durability: Hacknid's metal body can take more punishment then something his size usually could.


Hacknid is quite small, not making him the best for melee combat.

Hacknid's acid spit only works while he is stressed. He cannot activate it mentally.

Hacknid cannot verbally speak. He can make squeals and other noises, but to speak any language, he must use the screen on his head.

Firewalls or a strong A.I can deny Hacknid's hacking attempts.


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