Hacker is a Spambot from the moon Computer in EBFA. He is confirmed for season 2. He is one of Evan's most used aliens.


  • He looks like Biohazard combined with a robot, without a mouth.
  • He has two silver squares on his chest.
  • He has four cord arms, and two tentacles on his back.


  • Hacking anything easily
  • Shooting and absorbing electricity
  • Kinda durable
  • Entering computers to spam
  • Invulnerable to any mental powers
  • Good with computers
  • Shooting 0s and 1s
  • Reprogramming robots
  • Elasticity in his arms
  • Cloning
  • Super strength
  • Super speed while in computers
  • Invisibility
  • Shooting lasers that make stuff disappear
  • Recreating stuff he made disappear
  • Stinging things to steal their powers
  • Healing robots
  • Changing all kinds of data
  • Shapeshifting. He grows black with green 0s and 1s, then turns into the shape, and the blackness and 0s and 1s disappear.


  • Cannot talk
  • Water
  • Being banned or deleted
  • Very dumb
  • He sees in white


Season 2 of EBFA.

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