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General Information
Species Hacker-Bot.01-X
Home World None.
DNA source Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts None.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hacking any Technology
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Biological Mainframe
First Appearance The Chaos Continues

Hacker.10 is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Hacker-Bot.01-X created by The Branium Maximus.

Powers and Abilities 

Hacker.10 can hack all sorts of technology at will. It could be something as simple as a cellphone, or something as complex and advanced as a Galvan Super-Computer. Hacker.10 is also very intelligent and knowledgeable over almost all forms of technology.

His body is made of metal, making him highly durable.


Hacker.10 cannot improve technology, he can only destroy, disable, or hack it. Despite his muscular-built, he isn't strong at all. 

Due to his anatomy, his body can be hacked himself, if done properly. This would cause Hacker.10 to malfunction and be at whoever hacker him, under their control. The Branium Maximus has enough experience with Hacker-Bot.01-X's to where Hacker.10 stands no chance of beating him.  

Hacker.10 is basically useless in situations not involving technology.  


Ben 10: Galactic Legends


  • Hacker.10's name is named off of what he does and the number 10, which is from Ben 10.
  • This alien's working name was Megatech.
  • His powers are similar to Jury Rigg and Upgrade.
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