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The Hacker-Bot.01-X or "The 10th Hacking Robots" species were created by the Brainium Maximus. They have DNA from an unknown specimen that died out eons ago.


These creatures are Half-DNA and Half-Hacking Geniuses. The Brainium Maximus created this species after studying the variety of technology in the universe. Since the Brainium Maximus was unable to make better technology himself, he made a race to do his dirty work, out of jealousy. Hacker-Bot.01-X's soon enjoyed their new life.

Instead of rejecting their creator or finding their own lives, they let the Brainium Maximus become their leader. Within mere months, this species had additional features implanted in their new DNA, hacking any type of device. With this features power, the species run amok in the universe as specialized hackers.

Most are criminals, while some have bettered their life and devoted it to stopping other members of their species from causing more harm.


This species cannot improve technology, they can only destroy, disable, or hack it.

If hacked themselves, they will malfunction and be at the control of whoever hacked them.


  • Hacker-Bot.01-Xs are a mystery to science, as their genetics are puzzling and mysterious at best.
  • This is the second known species to be created by a genius, with the first being Galvanic Mechamorphs by Azmuth.