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Haathee are a species from the planet Shataran.


Haathee are humanoid elephants with long trunks, large ears and bishop-like hats. They have small but strong teeth and long vertical eyes.


Haathee fight alongside Shataranjans and Meenaars, depending on the side of Shataran they originated from.

When not involved in war, Haathee are very religious and primitive, due to their non-full sapience.

Powers and Abilities

Haathee have impressively powerful trunks. They can crush materials like wood or stone. This also grants them enhanced strength, being able to stand on two feet and still beign able to walk or run, however they are better at running in diagonal lines and on all four.

Haathee's large ears aloow them to use sound to navigate. They have poor eyesight, but as the planet is either too luminous or too dark, they have adapted to this.


Haathee have sensitive ears, which causes a threat when hearing loud sounds. There is also a limit of how balanced is a Haathee on two legs.

Notable Haathee

  • Gray Trunk (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Haathee)


Haathee is the Hindi translation of "elephant".


  • Earth elephants, unlike Haathee, do not have enhanced hearing, contrary to popular belief.