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H6-009 is the home world of the species Herosapiens (Nova Hero's species) in the series BATO. It is a star.


It is a power core itself and the sheer power of it powers all Herosapiens across the Galaxy. So if it were destroyed all Herosapiens would lose their power. 

H6-009 is a star with enormous amounts of crystalized gases around it, with several orbitals being small planets of crystal as well. 

H6-009 is full of molten gold, and crystalized gems, which later evolved into the Herosapiens.

It has a massive electric field around it, that protects it from certain attacks and pulls it together.


This star is inhabited by various energy based species, such as Herosapiens.


  • Herosapiens would lose their powers if this was destroyed.
  • The star itself is said to be self-aware, and that its telekinesis is the gravity keeping it together. This could however be a myth.
  • No sound can pass in this star, due to lack of a gaseous medium, with all the gases being crystalised.
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