How about an upgrade?

–Gyobu's quote.

Gyōbu Yamamoto (山本行部) is a 10 year old 5th grade student who becomes Upgrade with his Upgrade DISK. His Exo-Hero code is X-9.

Form, Powers, and Abilities

Exodus Upgrade

Accepted. Materializing: Galvanic Mechamorph Identity.

–Upgrade DISK's transformation annoucement

Upgrade! Disk Mash!

–Gyobu's transformation annoucement

Exodus Upgrade.

As Upgrade, Gyobu is not completely solid, as he can be both liquid and gelatinous. The nanites in his body are what allow Upgrade to reshape and move like liquid even though he's a solid being. Due to this, he can reshape himself to let projectiles or blows pass through him by creating a hole in his body at will. His physiology also makes him extremely flexible. Upgrade's shapeshifting abilities allow him to grow technological spikes and tentacles, even when merging with technology. He can also alter his body shape to match the body structure of Tetramand, as well as grow an extra pair of arms.

Gyobu's DNA is "programmed" with blueprints of every alien technology, allowing him to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it. The size of the device is not significant and he controls it as naturally as he would his own body. When he merges, he upgrades the technology, making the technology he possesses far more advanced and futuristic, causing new features to form. After he separates from a machine, it returns to normal.

Gyobu's technological possession can work on non-electrical machinery, such as a row machine in a gym. This ability extends to even sentient beings that are mechanical in nature, like Chronosapiens and probably Nanochips.

Gyobu can reconfigure technology to suit any situation, like transform the Rust Bucket into a battle armor, with an arsenal of heavy energy weapons, or even retractile robotic manipulator arms.

Possessing technology allows him to transform it with seemingly no limit, such as merging with a baseball pitching machine and turning it into a tripod-like robot that fires a seemingly infinite amount of baseballs.

Gyobu can make his head or face appear anywhere on the machines he possesses.

Gyobu can merge with organic beings, as long as there is machinery integrated within them.

Gyobu can enhance certain devices, just by touching them.

By energizing his biomechanical blood, Gyobu can launch a powerful green plasma blast from his eye.

Gyobu can form energy constructs such as an energy spike and can generate a beam of light that can harm an Ectonurite, though mostly while merged with machinery and upgrading them into weapons.

Gyobu can travel through electrical currents and phase through most technology.

Gyobu can reshape his body to resemble a parachute in order to gently descend and glide through the air before landing safely.

Being inorganic, Gyobu is able to survive in the vacuum of space.

Due to being made of living metal, Gyobu is able to regenerate himself.

Gyobu possesses enhanced strength.

Gyobu is durable enough to withstand a blast from the Proto-Tool without physical damage.

Gyobu can generate electrical charges capable of shocking his opponents into submission.

Gyobu can separate and release a part of him into technologies and control them without fully merging to them.

Due to being technological, Gyobu possesses digitalized vision.

Gyobu can repair damaged machinery with ease and come out unscathed.

Gyobu can turn into technology he has touched before, or improvise a device to transform into. He can also turn into non-eletrical items such as a bookshelf or a tennis racket.

Gyobu can turn his hands into weapons, such as maces, as well as tools, like a flashlight, and extend parts of his body into cable or hand-like structures.


Gyobu's control over machines is not absolute.

Gyobu is sensitive to electromagnetic pulses/fields and magnetic fields.

Gyobu can be hurt if he is pulled and stretched hard enough.

If he is being continuously attacked, Gyobu cannot regenerate himself.

Gyobu can be affected by technorganic viruses and a Nemuina's sleeping dust.

Despite his enhanced durability, Gyobu is weak against acid and intense heat such as lava.

Being living metal, Gyobu is weak against electricity.

Gyobu is unable to merge with organic beings.

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