Gwen Tennyson

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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is an Anodite Plumber, the paternal cousin of Ben Tennyson, and is a main member of his team.

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Gwen wears a ponytail, alongside her glasses. Gwen now uses a black version of her original cat T-shirt, with a red jacket on top. She wears blue jeans and white shoes.

Lucky Girl

As Lucky Girl, Gwen wears a black and pink mask. She wears a skin-tight suit with a loose pink belt, white gloves, pink and black shorts and white pants with black sandals. In her Anodite form, her mask is now part of her face.

Ultimate Gwen

Gwen is now a full-time Anodite, with white body marked with pink magical runes. Her hair also extends to the the bottom of her feet.


Gwen has an even shorter temper, and tends to be very impatient with Kevin. She know spends most of her time studying and practicing with her magical abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Gwen's magical powers are of alien descent from her grandmother Verdona, a member of a free-spirited alien race of pure energy beings known as Anodites, from the planet Anodyne. Gwen didn't inherit the powers, but shares a knack for mana manipulation, possibly because Verdona manipulated mana in her human form. Gwen can create energy blasts, streams, waves and bolts, as well as energy force-fields, shields and barriers. Her powers are mainly used like energy constructs, allowing her to make many different types of structures like, hammers, protective helmets, battering rams, beams to grab and throw enemies, stepping stones/platforms to carry her and others though air, safety nets, magic weapons: swords, blades, punches, etc.. It also turns out Gwen can also synchronize her martial arts styles with her energy manipulation abilities.

Gwen has more mana-related powers: She can find any person she wants by detecting the traces of mana that he/she left. She can distinguish Ben and Albedo by reading their auras. She can also draw in mana from everything around her. She also has a degree of enhanced strength and durability.

She also has the abilities of telekinesis, teleportation, heat vision, clairvoyance, telepathy and healing herself and other living beings. She can also transform into an Anodite. In her Anodite form her powers are greatly enhanced, giving her the abilities of flight and size alteration.

Gwen is seen using magic through casting magical, mystical spells, and reciting spoken incantations thus enabling her to use various magical powers and abilities.Gwen is less knowledgeable than Charmcaster and Hex, having been self-taught, but she is also more powerful than Charmcaster, and she has also learned to astral project through magic, like when she found Ben inside the Ultimatrix. Gwen's spells seem to react to Gwen's emotional desires.

Gwen is a capable gymnast and martial artist. Even in the original series, she was occasionally shown to be quite good in hand-to-hand combat fights against enemies who had normal strength levels. She was part of her school's Jujutsu team. At the age of fifteen it is revealed that she has already received a black belt in Taekwondo. When preferring to use her athletics during fights or when she cannot rely on her magical and Anodite powers, she is shown to be highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Gwen is very intelligent and knowledgeable. Before discovering her dormant Anodite powers, she would often use her superior intellect to help Ben solve problems. She is shown to be a bit of computer and tech wiz as well. She has her own laptop which she uses to research enemies she meets.



  1. And Then There Were 10 Again
  2. Quicksand
  3. Double Trouble
  4. It's Cool in the Cold


  • Gwen is the reason their travel was delayed by two years, despite her graduating very early.


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