Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson begrudgingly followed her cousin Ben and Grandpa Max on that summer road trip when she was 10, a road trip that would change her life forever. Little did she know she would become a proficient magic user who fights aliens alongside her superpowered cousin.


Gwen, at Age 16, has grown up a lot.

She's swapped out her cat shirt for a long dark blue sleeve shirt, and wears a small black mini-cloak over it, attached at her neck by a clip in the shape of her iconic cat insignia.

Her white pants and shoes have been replaced by some kind of combination of pants and shoes. She wears a loose belt around her waist where one of the Charms of Bezel is attached.


Gwen started off very cold and often served as the foil to Ben's antics, she mellowed out over time though. She's not afraid to help Ben out of a jam with her magic powers.

She also has a personal quest of her own, to recover all of the Charms of Bezel. She has one but needs the other four. 


Gwen is equipped with a Spellbook she recovered from Charmcaster in her younger years, as well as the Charm of Telekinesis, which grants her abilities such as flight.

Powers, Abilities, and Weaknesses

Gwen is very skilled with her magic abilities, as well as hand-to-hand combat, and often teaches Ben things too. She is also very intelligent.

Equipped with the Bezellian Charm of Telekinesis, she gains telekinetic powers and flight.

In terms of weaknesses, some spells can be draining for her to cast. Also, being a human, she is susceptible to general injury.


  • Ben 10 (2005)
    • Every Episode
      • Except "Gwen 10" because that episode is noncanon.
      • This Gwen technically does make an appearance in "Ben 10,000" and "Ken 10", she just is that version of Gwendolyn.
  • Ben 10: ExOS
    • Season 1
      • "Hello Again, Ben 10: Part 1"
      • "Hello Again, Ben 10: Part 2"
      • "Haywire"
      • "Forevergreen"


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