Part 1-4



when she was a kid she was walking then a metro strike her arm and it would let go so see tap in and form then she became a hero and start saving lives as the public starts to find out she is the mysterious aliens

BTO (beyond the omniverse)

As she grows older she needs to become a team leader and she has to work with kevin levin a former bad guy working to redeem himself with Ben and Kevin by her side they form a team

Alternate watch user

Ben 23

Mad Ben

Ben Prime


With the current watch she have being the ultimatrix Azmuth is working on another Omnitrix just in case the ultimatrix get Destroyed which by his calculations is pretty soon so he is rushing the project just encase



Gwen 10k

She encounters her future self is episode 4 of BTO Where there is a Tim traveler going back in time trying to kill bens so she tags along with her future self and the other bens so she obviously she would join because she obviously counts as a ben so she tags along to stop the person who is reveal to be jokko 86 all along



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