Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date January 15th, 2012
Written by The Awesome Jack
Directed by The Awesome Jack
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Unlocking more ultimates
Ultimate Gwen

Note: This a sequel to the episode prior. Also this episode is similiar to Vengence of Vilgax.


Fasttrack: It's Hero Time Vilgax!

Vilgax: Mock me while you still can Tenyson. For I am Ultimate Vilgax. Conquer of 90 Worlds!

Fasttrack: I thought it was ten.

Vilgax (Smirking): It's been a while since I've seen you. (Transforms) Echo Echo!

Echo Echo flies up and duplicates himself. Fasttrack creates a tornado and they fly away. Fasttrack turns back to Ben. And he hacks the Fusetrix. Another green flash. Ben is seen rubbing his head.

Ben: Wow! I'm missing Toepick, Wildvine, Icepick and Overflow!

Overflow and Wildvine were fighting each other.

Ben: Here Overflow. Good Overflow here boy! Ah forget it!

He sets the Fusetrix to capture mode and he captures the two. Then he saw Toepick licking Gwens foot.

Gwen: Eewwwww!

Ben captured Toepick. Then he saw Icepick shooting at all fires. He captured him. Ultimate Vilgax returned, angrier than ever.

Vilgax: I will destroy you Tenyson! Zombozo get out here!

Ben turned his watch to Scan Mode and he scanned Zombozo and Vilgax.

Ben: (Transforms) Boozo! This clown won't work! (Tranforms) Bengax! Aw sweet!

Bengax beat up Zombozo with his laser vision.

Bengax: Best alien ever!

Ult Vilgax: Yes but I am the evolved version.

Bengax: So (Evolves) Ultimate Bengax!

They were equal so in the end neither were winning.

Ultimate Bengax: Time to go Waybig! (Transforms) Goop! Goop is good.

Ult Vilgax beat Goop.

Ben: Alien X (Ultimates) Ultimate Alien X! Oh no Villy! I'm at max power now with full power! (Waves Hand) Make Ultimate Vilgax freeze!

Ultimate Vilgax froze.

Ultimate Vilgax: Free me Tenyson!

Ultimate Alien X: Then yield!

Ultimate Vilgax; I... I yield.

Ultimate Alien X picks up Ultimate Vilgax with his mind and then tossed the warlord out into space. Ben revert back to normal

Ben: I am awesome at this! (Unties everybody) (Looks at Zombozo) Get out of here!

Zombozo runs away.

Gwen: Nice to see you cuz.

Ben; Same here.

Kevin; Hello mystery here. Gotta question Myaxx!

Gwen: Okay bye Ben

Ben: Did he just say Myaxx?

Kevin (Starts flying away on Rustbucket |||) Maybe! I won't tell ya Tenyson! (Smirks) Later!

Ben: Later (Transforms) Fasttrack!

Fasttrack runs back towards Earth in a couple of minutes.

Rex: What took you so long?

Ben: Tell ya later! It was a long day!



Sevenseven is flying in his ship with the Vreedle Bros.

Octagon; I see him.

Pretty Boy: Ya do brothers?

Rhomboid; Yes we do

Ma: Reel him in!

Pops: On it!

Pretty Boy: Oh who is that guy frozen in that ice?

Octagon; It's uh...

Sevenseven: Ragh Ugh!

Pops: Right it's Ultimate Vilgax!

Back on Vilgaxia...

Gwen to Plumber Badge: Ben come here and bring Rex!

Ben to Fusetrix: On it!

Ben: (Transforms) XLR8! Still a speed alien but not as fast! Rex let's go!

Rex jumps on XLR8's back.

They get there and asked Gwen what is wrong.

Gwen; I found Ultimate Vilgax's mana in a spaceship about nine hundred kilometers away.

Ben: Then it will take a while for them to get here.

Rex: Might as well relax for a while.

Kevin; Yeah I wish, I'm gonna go utie the others. Tack Junior is puking his head off!


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