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"It's just a gadget, you're the hero."

-Gwen Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson is a star student at Phillips Private High School while taking on Karate and French class. However, she still makes time to help out her cousin and grandfather save the universe from destruction.


Gwen has orange hair, lime green eyes, and caucasian skin.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: She knows much about magic and many spells.
  • Mana Manipulation: Gwen can create energy blasts, shields, and barriers out of mana.
  • Mana Detection: She can track mana.
  • Anodite Transformation: She can change into her Anodite form.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: She is very smart, especially with magic.
  • Flight: She can fly in her Anodite form.
  • Size Alteration: She can grow taller in her Anodite form.
  • Fighting Skills: She is an expert in karate.
  • Multilingualism: She has been learning french for three years.


  • Human: In her human form, she has regular human weaknesses.


  • Archamada Book of Spells: She stole Charmcaster's Spellbook and uses it to perform spells.

Charms of Bezel

  • Luck
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Keystone


June 7, 2006

The Tennyson's stop Dr. Animo from turning Washington D.C. into Washington B.C.

June 20, 2006

He met a 10 year old Ben and Gwen at the Total Zone Arcade. They hung out and eventually went back to his place. Ben revealed that he had alien super powers by turning into Heatblast. Gwen went back to the RV to tell Grandpa that Kevin and Heatblast went to stop a train robbery. When they got there Kevin said they were going to make the trains drive into each other and steal all the money. Heatblast says that they can't do that because innocent people would die. Kevin said he thought Ben was joking about being a hero, thinking nobody would use their superior powers for good and get nothing in return. Kevin ended up absorbing the Pyronite DNA and gaining Heatblast powers. They fought and Ben timed out after stopping the trains from colliding. With his new fiery powers, Kevin goes to scare a few teens that picked on him. Ben, as Four Arms, gets there to stop him in time. Kevin's Pyronite powers fade away and he absorbs Tetramand DNA to get Four Arms powers. They fight and Four Arms wins. Kevin's Tetramand powers fade away and Ben offers to help Kevin by providing him with food and a motor-home to sleep in. After a moment Kevin agrees. Ben, Gwen, Max, and Kevin are now living in the Rust Bucket.

Kevin forms a small romance with Gwen.

July 2006

The Tennyson's stop Dr. Animo and fix the Omnitrix.

August 2, 2006

Later that same summer Vilgax returns to take the Omnitrix from Ben. At this time Kevin and Ben were messing with the Omnitrix and accidentally access Master Control. Ben is constantly in alien form and fights Vilgax alone because he thinks he's unstoppable. Max opens a portal to the Null Void to send Vilgax there. Vilgax grabbed Ben and Kevin before going in the portal. Vilgax removes the Omnitrix from Ben. A surge of energy hits Kevin which mutates him into all of the accessed aliens. Kevin's mind is clouded with rage and fights Vilgax in the Null Void. During the confusion Ben escapes with the Omnitrix. With the portal only being able to be open for a few more seconds Ben leaves Kevin in the Null Void. Ben concedes this his greatest failure.

March 2012

ZombozoCharmcaster, Vulkanus, SevenSeven, and EightEight team up to kill the Tennyson family. Gwen stops them.


  • She owns all of the Charms of Bezel other than the Charm of Resurrection as Bezel himself owns it.