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"You guys really ARE doofuses. Just as much as Ben."

Gwen Tennyson
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General Information
Species Human/Anodite
Age 14
Birthday December 27th, 1970
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Dimension "The Rightside-Up"
Timeline Stranger Things Timeline
Affiliations The Plumbers

Camp Know-Where

Occupations Hero
Portrayal Haley Ramm

Sophia Lillis (Galaxy's Rage)

Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Mana Manipulation

Mana Absorption
Mana Detection
Mana Field Communication
Portal Creation
Dimensional Travel
Object Creation
Object Dissipation
Anodite Transformation
Hacking Skills
Coding Ability

Equipment Charm of Bezel
Alias Lucky Girl (herself)
Relatives Max Tennyson (grandfather)

Ben Tennyson (cousin)

Friends Will Byers

Jane "Eleven" Hopper

Dustin Henderson

Kevin Levin (crush)

Enemies The Lich





Billy Billions

Dr. Animo

Steam Smythe


The Galactic Enforcers

Gwen Tennyson is a supporting character in Stranger Things 10.


Gwen is a 14-year-old girl with red hair and a blue hairclip. She used to wear a cat-themed t-shirt, but her taste in fashion has branched out. She wears a blue t-shirt with a white long-sleeved undershirt, and her white capris.


At first, Gwen came across as stubborn and smart-mouthed when it came to talking with Ben. After four years of adventuring with her cousin and grandfather, however, she's matured quite a bit and is a more responsible figure when it comes to dangerous situations. With her street smarts and good instincts, she can easily get herself out of a mess.

While not a Plumber because of her age, is respected and seen as a potential recruit for the future.

Powers and Abilities

Gwen can create energy blasts, streams, waves and bolts, as well as energy force-fields, shields and barriers. Her powers are mainly used like energy constructs, allowing her to make many different types of structures like, hammers, protective helmets, battering rams, beams to grab and throw enemies, stepping stones/platforms to carry her and others though air, safety nets, magic weapons: swords, blades, punches, etc.. It also turns out Gwen can also synchronize her martial arts styles with her energy manipulation abilities.

She also has the abilities of telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy and healing herself and other living beings. She can also transform into an Anodite. In her Anodite form her powers are greatly enhanced.

Gwen is seen using magic through casting magical, mystical spells, and reciting spoken incantations thus enabling her to use various magical powers and abilities.

Gwen is very intelligent and knowledgeable. Before discovering her dormant Anodite powers, she would often use her superior intellect to help Ben solve problems. She is shown to be a bit of computer and tech wiz as well.


Using her magic and or mana powers extensively can tire her out, however, and leave her vulnerable.


The events of Ben 10, Ben 10: Race Against Time, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, and some flashbacks seen in Ben 10: Omniverse are canon within this Gwen's timeline, with some alterations.

Over the four years in her travels with Ben and Grandpa Max, she has fought against villains that Ben Prime and her counterpart have not faced at the time, or at all. Ben has faced villains such as Steam Smythe, Billy Billions, and Xingo alongside the traditional line-up of villains.

Attended Camp Know-Where around June 1985 before joining Ben and Gwen on their adventures, and has a bit of a rivalry with Dustin as a result.