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Gwendolyn Catherine Tennyson is an Anodite and Ben Tennyson's cousin. She is currently in a relationship with Kevin Levin.


Gwen is kind-hearted and loyal to Ben. She loves Kevin Levin deeply.


Gwen can control magic, mana and other energy substances.

Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil[]

Ben 10 Omniverse: Good VS Evil

  • New Beginnings: She appears through the episode arguing at Ben because he thinks he is a solo hero. She later fights Khyber and wins.
  • A Plumber's Betrayal: Gwen encourages Rook to be confident when meeting Nova. She later fights Kalibur and succeeds when Magister Laxine helps.
  • Piscciss Under Attack: Gwen fights the cyborgs and is later injured. She is later healed and leaves.
  • Dr Animos Mutation:: Gwen fights Dr Animo.


  • New Beginnings
  • A Plumber's Betrayal
  • Piscciss Under Attack
  • Dr Animo's Mutation


  • Her powers have grown in the new series.
  • She always misses Kevin whilst he is on Osmos V.
  • Gwen appears to have mentioned that she wants Kevin to propose to her.
  • Gwen will play a big part in the Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil Movie.