Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Tennyson is an 18 year old political science major, minoring in history. She also just so happens to be a superhero.


Gwen has red hair cut just above the shoulder, with green eyes, freckles, and pink lips. She is caucasian and usually wears a two toned blue hooded t shirt. Below her torso, she wears black jeans and blue converse.

As Lucky Girl

Gwen has dark purple skin with glowing pink hair in a ponytail. Her eyes glow pink with white irises, with a black and blue cat mask over her face. Her costume is black and blue with a black cat logo, and on the back of her hand she has the Charm of Telekinesis.

Gwen Tennyson Lucky Girl.png


  • Gwen shares a birthday with her cousin Ben Tennyson. The birthday is in December.
  • Gwen went to an Ivy League college when she was 16, but after one school year there, she decided to take 2 years off, returning just in time to room with her best friend Emily.
  • Gwen wears contacts.
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