Gwen Tennyson
Gwen Tennsyon (Dimension 54)
General Information
Species Human
Age 20
 Gwen Tennyson is the Dimension 54 counter part of Gwen Tennyson that appears in Ben 10: Dimensional Warriors.


Gwen looks exactly like Gwen but with yellow eyes.


Gwen grew up similarly to Peter Parker. Her parents were on a plane, on their way to Paris for their anniversary, only for it to get caught in a storm and crash, killing them. She was then brought up by her Grandfather.

When she was ten, the Prototype Omnitrix crashlands on Earth seeking out Max. Gwen found it, and put it on.

Years after taking on most of the same threats as Ben, she joins the Dimensional Warriors to fight off Warlock.

Powers and Abilities

Gwen mostly just uses the Zetamatrix to complete tasks, though she has all of her normal Anodite abilities.


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