Gwen is a Human/Anodite from the planet Earth in Alienated: A Hero Reborn.


Gwen is a 16-year-old tall girl. Gwen has short red hair held by a blue hair clip and green eyes and wears a blue shirt with a cat logo on her chest and white capris. She wears a blue hairclip in her bangs.


Gwen is a quick thinker and an instinctive person. At times she trusts others too quickly, and that may be a disadvantage or even injure her. She can handle dangerous situations, despite their often unfavorable conditions. Gwen is at times shown to be very concerned with the well-being of things around her, such as her surroundings, the people around her, and those she cares about. She is very strong (physically and mentally) and well mannered, despite her inflating sarcasm and ego at certain times. Gwen is a very caring, compassionate person.


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